gman family, Bell is a real figure who has lived in fine clothes and food since childhood, and has been accustomed to dignity since 西安桑拿网 childhood.

The Junker nobles and the Teutonic nobles are also different. Most of the children of the Teutonic nobles received rigorous martial arts training and rigorous military education from an early age. They were even thrown into the army at the age of twelve or thirteen. It was an iron man who had survived the storm, the wind and the waves.

Junker 西安夜生活网 nobles… they are all small pigs raised in the splendid pile!

Delicate and tender, all ten fingers do not touch the sun!

Bell froze in the velvet mattress, his screams hoarse, his white face instantly turned blue-gray.

He looked around in horror, especially for a long time on the long knife in Big Ivan’s hand.

Big Ivan grinned’chuckling’, rubbing the flint in his hand harder and harder, releasing more and more brilliant sparks, 新西安夜网 illuminating the dark night around him.

Bell almost fainted.

His memory still remains after dinner. He chose two charming little maids, and after a profound exchange with them, he entered the deepest dream with indescribable comfort and comfort. .

But suddenly awakened by the severe cold, he actually came to this ghost place like a hell of ice. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

There was no light in the sky.

There was the sound of mighty water around him.

There are dozens of cruel men with big cows and horses and big faces all around.

Bell’s body trembled violently, his eyes moved up and down with the flint in Big Ivan’s hand, he opened his mouth with difficulty, and stammered: “I…I…you…what… People…”

“Your Excellency Bell, long time no see… Thanks to your concern, let me stay in the blood 西安夜网论坛kapok for a while… Thanks to your love, I lost a lot, a lot, a lot… and brought me more In a huge trouble!”

Joe turned and walked two steps forward, barring his teeth and smiling at Bell.

Bell’s pupils suddenly condensed.

With the light from the sparks from the flint, he could see Joe’s face clear


ings… You, you… You are…”

A low-end, third-rate inn The bosses of, the sailors and coolies with the lowest status on the wharf are the ones who usually communicate with each other. In terms of management, they must not touch some shady gray areas.

However, the top days are things 西安耍耍网 like fighting, hurting people, and lending money to usury. The old Tuozi has no courage and does not have the strength to do more evil deeds.

On weekdays, at most there are patrolmen coming to rant and rant, and Lao Tuozi can easily fool these policemen. Everyone eats food at the docks, bowing their heads and not seeing the people who are looking 西安夜生活论坛 up. As long as there is nothing serious, who will be all right?


Old Tuozi dared to swear with the heads of all his ancestors that all the shameful deeds he did in the past would not allow his inn to be surrounded by the imperial team!

Not to mention… Surrounded by these royal knights in gorgeous costumes!

Especially, they also played the Hydra shield pennant that represents the will of the royal family… The old camel really wanted to cry and cry in front of 西安耍耍网everyone present-did he offend the royal family members? Even if he has the courage, he must have this opportunity!

Here is a muddy pond. On weekdays, there are countless kinds of frogs, toads, tortoises, and old tortoises, but members of the royal family…that are all high white swans. How could he come here to make him offend and Opportunity to offend?

Joe coughed.

The old Tuozi was about to bend lower, and he said with trepidation, “Sir, what do you want, just tell me… even if it’s broken, I’ll do it for you.”

Joe looked at the people around him.

The centurion of the Daedra Knights and the centurion of the Royal Knights who were next to Joe, both of them had their heads drooped, motionless, silent, and even a little reddened. .

Joe sighed…I can’t say that.

In front of so many 西安夜生活第一论坛网 people, can he say something like-‘Please hand over the imperial crown prince’?

Qiao sighed, and the old Tuozi


shouts were all washed away by 西安桑拿网 the heavy rain.

On the road leading from Old Pier No. 2 to Palm Street, Joe’s half of his body came out of the carriage window, letting the storm beat himself wet.

“Hurry up, Uncle Ya, hurry up… Damn Palm Street, I have a grudge with it, and I declare that I have a grudge with it. Don’t let me find a chance in the future, otherwise I will put it on Palm Street All of his houses were demolished!”

Just now in the warehouse No.9, Qiao Zheng was very interested, wanting to appreciate the legendary Golden Oak Church purification ritual and to see the methods of Archbishop Laurent purifying heretics.

As a result, while Archbishop Laurent was still preparing various artifacts, someone from the Caban’s Manor sent information.

Fu Del finally spoke and asked him to help meet and hide these heretics. 西安耍耍网 It was Zahir von Schiller, the editor-in-chief of the “Tulum Post”. The Grimace Shopkeeper immediately told Joe that Zahir had spent the night at 99 Palm Street every night for more than a year.

The power of the “Sparrow Gang” is undoubtedly unfolding again, because an orphan adopted by the Grimace Shopkeeper that year is now a small helper at No. 99 Palm Tree Street, who is responsible for taking care of the furnace water room at night.

Duke Ross just pointed to Joe lightly. Joe, who was about to watch the excitement, set off again with his team to arrest Zahir at 99 Palm Street.

Because of the heresy involved, Archbishop Laurent also appointed several high-ranking priests to accompany him.

The torrential rain was loud, and Joe finally took the team and visited Palm Street for the third time 新西安夜网 in just two days.

“Ninety-seventh, ninety-eighth…” Qiao muttered to the house number of a house on the side of the road. Suddenly at this moment, he heard two gunshots from the violent storm and thunder.

“Be alert! Be alert!” Joe raised his throat and yelled suddenly.

Chapter 80 Taunting

Joe’s movements were so fast, and as soon as he heard the gunshots, he kicked th


the policemen are not doing their job well and that they are too incompetent?”

Mark Police Academy and several subordinates looked at 西安夜生活论坛Joe dumbfounded.

This asshole was so reasonable, they couldn’t find any refutation!

According to Joe’s inference, Billy’s group of police officers are so chubby that they seem to have excellent work performance, good social security, and a very low incidence of malignant cases, so they can eat meat as much as they want without being too hardworking. Long fat?

It seems to make sense!

But it seems unreasonable?

西安夜生活网 Joe smiled triumphantly, and he applauded vigorously in his heart for these words.

“Well, here we go I hate air Ruhr city, how the air here has a smell sour?” Joe loudly complained: “! We quickly began to complete my task, I would return to Tulum harbor”

“ah , The old bastard of Seak is dead? Where is his body? Let’s take a look at his body first!”


206 The Morgue The gray stone streets are densely covered with 西安夜网论坛 mottled marks.

Just after a light rain, the ground was damp; as Joe said before, the air in Ruhr was filled with a sour smell. This is a large factory surrounded by huge factories year after year and month after month. The unique atmosphere formed by burning coal.

Looking around, you can see towering chimneys everywhere.

Even at night, the chimney was emitting black 西安夜生活第一论坛网 smoke, and the workshop below was emitting red fire, and there were constant dull steam hammering and sharp metal friction.

The power of industry!

Industrial aesthetics!

As the most important traditional industrial base where the Durham Empire started, the Ruhr City Region is thick and hot, just like a lava lake hidden deep underground, containing powerful and violent power.

Joe was riding on Xiao Bai’s back, looking curiously at the streetscape that was very different from Tulum Harbour.

Ruhr city in the middle of the night, the streets are still lively. Workers who had just switched to work busily walked out of the factory gates, gathered together fo


s pouring.

“It’s raining?”

Above the wasteland, the old woman stretched out her hand blankly, looked at the wet traces in her palm, and pressed her head up against the sky in disbelief. A drop of rain fell 西安耍耍网 on her face, washed away the turbidity in her eyes, and slipped like tears.

“It’s raining!”

She danced and shouted vigorously: “It’s raining! It’s finally raining!”

Chapter 321 The true meaning of this

Oz, in a desolate village.

“It’s raining! It’s raining!” The

ragged villagers screamed, worshipping the panting young man like a god.

The young man had short hair, sharp edges and dark skin.

He stared at the torrential rain falling in the sky, and sat down in the dust on the ground with all his strength, the mud splashed all over him.

“What are you doing so happily and poorly? From the movement of “The Tempest Sonata”, I only learned something that is not in the essence. This rain consumes the water vapor in the sky, and can only last for a few hours. Water is stored in things.” The

villagers were taken aback, suddenly scattered, ran to the house and started looking for pots and pans.

There was only the young man left in the very lively clearing just now.

“Hey, help me up anyway.” The

young man murmured and got up with difficulty from the ground.

When I saw the complex and huge alchemy matrix around, my expression twitched, distressed: it was enough to buy the 西安夜生活论坛 chanting supplies for such a whole village, and it was all consumed for this rain.

But seeing these people as if they were redeemed, he didn’t know how to withdraw money.

“Sure enough, as the teacher said, doing things at a loss for a while, but a painful life. Why did the borrowed money disappear in a blink of an eye?”

He patted the mud on his body, and soon the mud dried and fell off, and his clothes Clean as new. The torrential rain fell on him and turned into faint mist. Disappeared without a trace.

“Fortunately, only half a day is left from Auschwitz. Otherwise, I am afraid



The glazed violin shone dreamily. Bain held the piano, put the bow on the strings, 西安夜生活网 and exhaled an irritable breath in his chest:

“It’s time for them to do the real exam questions.”

Amid the faintly faint music, his eyes were dark.

In the examination room, Ye Qingxuan whispered and sang the hymn, and wrote the last question smoothly.

After rechecking the roll and all the answers, he nodded in satisfaction: it was perfect.

If you don’t do the questions seriously, you will simply live up to 新西安夜网 such a big backdoor that the academy has shown yourself! I’m so embarrassed to let everyone take care of me

like this. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but want to laugh three times when he thought of this. But considering that it was still an examination room, I had to sullen my face and did not laugh.

Finally, he looked down at the only blank test paper, and couldn’t help but wonder: 西安夜网论坛 What exactly was this test paper without any questions written on? The

time was approaching the afternoon, and there was the noise of cicadas in the distance. The voice came. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but yawned, feeling a little blurred.


In the hands of the blank papers seem vaguely flashed a silver pattern, he stunned a next, looking down, they found a piece of paper on top of that is really in the pattern. The fine 西安桑拿网 and inconspicuous complex patterns are like watermarks, and the stripes slowly appear from the examination paper like tangled thorns. The complex makes people dizzy.

Ye Qingxuan looked carefully, but found that his sight seemed to be swept away by those patterns, and he involuntarily fell into it, falling into the depths, deeper, and deepest

in the blur, and a series of low voices sounded in his ears. The examinees fell on the table as if sleepy.

Immediately afterwards, he knew nothing.

In the examination room that was once full of pain and confusion, it seemed that there was a sudden silence at this moment. Everyone was silent and fell into a sudden deep sleep.

In front of them, a slight silver li


ed a lot of money.”

Edmund blew off the lingering cold air at his fingertips, and chuckled softly: “Next, I will let you and the bastards outside know who is the talent. It’s the master here.”

Ye Qingxuan stared at his palm silently, and after confirming that he had not made a mistake, his eyes finally became more cautious.

“Instant notes?”

He muttered to himself softly.

“The leaves are bad this time.”

Off the court, Charles’ brows slowly frowned: “The opponent started to hit people with money.”

“You mean 西安夜生活网 runestones?” Bai Xi finally reacted.

“You know?” Charles’s expression was surprised: “Fortunately, I have prepared a lot of commentaries!”

“”Bai Xi didn’t even bother to turn his eyes to him.

Runestones, one of the products in the dark world. There are different opinions on its source, but there are only two main ways of output. One is to dig ground veins in areas that are too thick, and use super-large detection equipment to find traces of runestones.

The other is the favorite way of many pioneering musicians in the dark world


In the etheric frenzy area, most of the living creatures would be killed by the rioting ether, but a small part of the creatures were not killed, but survived.

The surviving creatures became stronger, more violent, and hideous under the erosion of the 新西安夜网 ether. Like the heirs of the mother of darkness, they degenerate into demons.

After some monsters are killed, there is a certain probability that they will be found in their bodies.

The so-called runestones are ether crystals with rune structures formed in the natural state. Because of its stable structure and pure nature, it can be preserved under special conditions.

This kind of stone, which has the power of musical notes, is one of the important 西安耍耍网 alchemy materials, and the power of many alchemy equipment comes from it. Of course, there is also a more luxurious method-melting meditation.

The musician and the’runestone’ are in the same tune, and by consuming the power in the runestone, they rapidly inc


It was raining in the sky late at night.

In the dark street, the man in the coat stirred up the lantern.

The rain seemed to be endless, and fell on the man’s long clothes with a greedy 西安夜生活论坛 chill, which was thorough.

The cold air frosted on the shell of the wind lantern, and the light was dim. This dim yellow light illuminates a few feet in front of him. Where the light is not bright, it is all dark in the rain.

The surroundings were distorted by darkness and rain, and only when the lightning flashed by, could it illuminate the towering fortress behind him. On the fortress, the stone beast squatted on the dripping mouth, spitting out rainwater with green moss marks.

When the wind lantern is stirred up, it will illuminate the man’s face.

He looked very old, with green eyes and a short white beard.

There is an abnormal breath in the air, because whether it is rain falling on the ground, electric lights gleaming in the clouds, or the low breath of the old man, and the whole city, the same weirdness.

Because there is no sound here!

In such a silent world, even the real sense of breathing and heartbeat was gradually stripped away. The fainthearted will not be afraid when they come here, because fear has long been frozen by the silence.

Gaius has been here many times, but every time he feels that this ruined city is assimilating himself, making himself indifferent, like walking dead.

――Even ghosts can’t 西安夜网论坛 survive in this silence, right?

When he lifted his head to breathe, he could feel that this abandoned city was full of invisible things, that was the’ether’ scattered in the atmosphere and soil. Resonate with his lungs, and then take out all sounds coldly.

When he looked down and looked down, he could see the rain on the ground fluctuating with the ether. The ripples overlap, gorgeously like oriental silk. The’silk’ spread out from under his feet and spread to the dark streets.

This is a gorgeous prison.

The sound is swallowed by the barrier here, and the ether is sleeping here, even if the musi


er, was abruptly beaten out of the demonized state, restored to his original appearance, and fell 西安耍耍网 violently to the sky.

Ye Qingxuan stepped on his broken chest, pressing his cane against his face, and his voice was cold:

“You lose, Naberis.”

In the pool of blood, the bloody Nabelis struggled to open the remaining eyes, narrowed his pupils and stared at the boy, distinguishing his patterns.

When he heard the voice of the boy, he couldn’t help 西安桑拿网 but laugh. Broken to the heart twitching, vomiting blood, the laughter was particularly embarrassing and stern.

Also extraordinarily mocked.

“You haven’t understood yet.” In the

slit in his throat, he could see the vocal cords trembling hard and bloodshot. “For a hundred eyes, I am just a clown. Mr. Holmes, who can

Pin the victory on the clown?”

“Have you forgotten something?” Naberis squeezed a self-deprecating smile on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his bare broken bones, and laughed at Ye Qingxuan: “The real winner is one step earlier. Going up the tower. And the Royal Orchestra that you have given high hopes, I am afraid that the entire army has been

killed by now.” Ye Qingxuan was stunned, and his expression was furious.

Seeing Ye Qingxuan’s anger, Naberis laughed and sprayed bleeding foam in his mouth: “We have already held our power in our hands hahaha, hahahahahaha!!!” Amidst the

wild laughter, his heart suddenly shattered with blood. The mist gushed out, melted his body, and melted into the cracks in the floor with his laughter.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t have time to stop the change in a flash.

――This bastard still has a retreat until now!

But he was completely unable to stop him. He dropped most of the medicines and bandages for 西安夜生活网 the wounds, and he didn’t even have time to take care of the badly wounded butcher.

He was already distraught.

The butcher just waved his hand, motioned him to ignore himself, took apart the broken armor, and skillfully gave himself emergency bandaging treatment.

Ye Qingxuan had already pushed the door and rushed all the way.



own at him, and repeated:

“I want that.”

This time, he pointed with a knife.

In the mountains where no one is left. Sometimes, the identity of hunters and robbers is always so 西安夜生活网 vague.

But in front of the blade, the boy who was supposed to have no face was stunned and smiled: “This is good, I like it too, I want this.”

A minute later, the boy was riding a horse, carrying a knife, and humming from Ava. Long’s minor tune, set foot on the road again.

Two hours later, Ye Qingxuan’s biggest feeling was: The horse is really hard to ride, and the butt hurts

Even if he controlled 西安夜生活论坛 the horse to cooperate with him carefully, his lower body was still going to be numb. Had it not been for Ren Du’s armor to still support his body, he would have slipped off the bumpy horseback.

Fortunately, the generous hunter provided a good horse, otherwise so many thorns and obstacles along the way, I am afraid he will be half-life.

The lesson for Ye Qingxuan from this incident is: Don’t overestimate your physical strength, especially 西安夜生活第一论坛网 when you are a weak chicken that can’t even run a marathon.

Fortunately, it finally arrived.

The brown horse hissed and stayed in front, unwilling to move on.

In the front place, the dense forest has disappeared. The vegetation is sparse, and there is a faint tendency of crystallization in the dark soil, and the more you move forward, the more obvious 西安夜网论坛 the tendency.

The entire area where soil and dust crystallized is hundreds of kilometers long.

Between the layers of hills, on this plain, fine crystal particles can be seen scattered almost everywhere.

And in the most central place, is a huge cave.

The pitch-black cave is no bottom, only huge crystals criss-crossed. It is like a moist tree hole for growing mushrooms, except that what grows out of it is transparent and beautiful crystals.

A wind lantern was thrown down and rolled in the dark. The dim light was 新西安夜网 refracted on the edges of those huge columnar crystals, which then reflected the magnificent light.

The color