Of course, the way Shinji Kagawa and Zhou Yi play are not the same kind, and there is no direct comparability.
But if you want to be the core of Dortmund, 西安足浴spa Shinji Kagawa may be difficult to compete in Zhouyi.
So after a few warm-up matches, Chinese reporters discovered a new situation. That is, when they met Japanese reporters outside their training camp in Dortmund, the other party would take the initiative to mention Zhouyi to them, and then give them a thumbs up: “Zhou Sang, Sbarasi!!”
These 西安夜生活论坛 words made Chinese journalists feel as cool as drinking a bottle of cold beer in summer.
Everyone knows that the Japanese admire the strong, and they are willing to praise Zhouyi so naturally because they were conquered by Zhouyi’s performance.
This has greatly satisfied the national pride and vanity of Chinese journalists.
In the past two decades, in the field of football, China needs to look up to Japan. The Japanese people’s eyes are not even in Asia, but in Europe. Back then, there were rumors that the Japanese Football Association was planning to leave the AFC and apply to join the European Union. The Football
Association will go to Europe to participate in competitions to improve one’s own level. Therefore, it is not easy for Chinese football to get praise from Japanese football.
But now something like this has 西安耍耍论坛 happened.
Because of Zhouyi’s good performance, these Chinese reporters also felt “prosperous with each other.”
On August 10, after finishing the training camp in Austria, the Dortmund team returned to Germany and began preparations for the new Bundesliga season.
The first round of the Bundesliga will start on August 20. The opening match will be last season’s league champion Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg.
The Dortmund game is the last game of the first round, playing against Bayer Leverkusen at home.
After returning to Germany, Zhou Yi received the first personal award of his career at the Brakel training base-last season’s Bundesliga best rookie award.
When Chinese r


first half.
The difference is that this ball determines the outcome.
All the fans at the scene held their breath.
The ball was spinning in the air like a century.
Then, amidst the excitement 西安桑拿按摩网 of the fans, he entered the net!
“The ball has been scored! The ball has been scored! Sun Hao has completed the lore! The Mavericks have won!” In the
commentary, Su Qun was excited and shouted.
The next second, the arena also fell into a boil.
Sun Hao beat the Raptors!
He sat on the court for more than half a quarter, was substituted in the last 5 seconds, and then hit the most critical lore!
In the first game of his rookie season!
“Unbelievable!” The
home narrator also exclaimed.
Sun Hao is just a rookie with the 24th overall pick, but he doesn’t even play like a rookie!

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ning camp with the mentality of coming on vacation and playing. Do you understand?”
“Understood!” The little players replied loudly, and Zhou Yi answered very loudly.西安桑拿夜网
, let’s start training.” The coaches of the coaching staff stood up and started to lead players in different positions for different training. They have all warmed up before the start of training, and now they can start training directly.
But no coach came to ask Zhou Yi to train. Sun Pan followed the goalkeeper coach first, and Yang Muge also followed the defensive coach. When the offensive coach came to lead, Zhou Yixing rushed to follow him, but he was caught by the assistant coach. Xu Yang stopped: “Wait a minute, Zhou Yi.”
Zhou Yi didn’t understand why he was asked to stay. He looked at the teammates who had left with the offensive coach, and felt a little bit disappointed. His new roommate He Ying was inside.
The other players also found Zhou Yi staying in place. Everyone left. He stood there alone, lonely.
Both Sun Pan and Yang Muge were a little strange, why they kept Zhou Yi alone.
Xu Yang stood in front of Zhou Yi and said to him: “Don’t train with the team for now. Within two weeks, your task is to conduct physical training and strength training in the gym.”
Zhou Yi widened his eyes and opened his mouth. , Looked at assistant coach Xu 西安夜网论坛Yang in surprise.
Not training with the team for two full weeks, but training in the gym alone?
This is not the “training” he wants!
“Which coach, I have no problem with my physical fitness. I can play for 90 minutes in every game at school.”
“That was a football match between schools.” Hao Dong, who had been standing next to him before, shook his head and interrupted. I don’t think that China’s campus football can be compared with professional football. The former is simply playing home. “The requirements for physical fitness are completely different grades. You are the only amateur among the sixteen people. You have never received systematic training, including p


dunked the ball!
There was a burst of cheers at the scene.
James this dunk is still domineering!
The camera was given 西安桑拿按摩网 to the judges, and the judges gave points one after another.
49 points!
Thompson, gave another 9 points!
Sun Hao, a little confused.
Thompson, is this going to be a “9-point man”?
But this also proves Thompson’s requirements for dunking, he prefers to look at creativity.
Although 49 points is not a perfect score, it is almost the same as a perfect score.
Unless Sun Hao deducts two full marks, James still has great hopes of winning.
It is not easy for Sun Hao to get a full score again, after all, he has already used both technology and creativity in the first round.
If he relies solely on creativity, he will lose as much as last year.
In the curious eyes of the fans, Sun Hao appeared on the stage.
Well, O’Neal also played with him.
Somewhat similar to last year, Sun Hao’s dunk action is gradual.
It’s like O’Neal’s appearance in the preliminaries is an introduction.
O’西安夜桑拿网 Neal brought the props to play again this time.
However, unlike the preliminaries, the props can be seen at a glance.
He brought a stool.
He took the stool and sat two steps away from the free throw line.
By this time, the fans had probably guessed what Sun Hao’s first 西安洗浴网buckle was in the final.
This is going to leap O’Neal dunk!
At this moment, the scene could not help but began to agitate.
Leaping over O’Neal, even if it is sitting O’Neal, this is already exciting enough!
Moreover, this is not the most exciting.
After O’Neal sat down, he asked the staff to give him the ball.
This is not just a leap, but an air-to-air leap!
Even Owen, the judge seat, couldn’t help but move his hips and sat up straight.
This dunk hasn’t started yet, but it has completely mobilized people’s appetite!
Sun Hao, after making gestures with O’Neill, he started to rush!
He stepped into the air from the free throw line.
O’Neal’s pass was also passed almost at the same time.
The various


d, yelling at pickled peppers.
And what about the mighty and mighty little shark?
After seeing Pierce being buckled, the little shark turned his back and covered his mouth… chuckled!
Well, watching the teammates being deducted, even if they don’t help out, they just snickered.
Only NT talents like Bynum can do such NT things.
This scene was naturally filmed by reporters and circulated wildly on the Internet.
Of course Pierce saw it too, and some reporters asked him how he would evaluate this incident.
Pierce chuckled.
what can I say?
I’m so straightforward and speechless!
Whenever asked this question, Pierce said that I have the right to remain silent.
And Bynum responded like this: “I suddenly thought of something happy.”
Although everyone didn’t get rid of 西安桑拿按摩论坛 their skins directly, it’s impossible to say that Pierce had no idea at all.
Originally, Green Kai traded his good brother hard, Pierce was a little unhappy.
As a result, the smelly brother who was traded was really a neurosis.
If it hadn’t been for Bynum’s performance on the court, Pierce would have been torn apart.
All 西安足浴spa in all, Green Kai is still a very strong team.
But it is not as united as before.
In the past, once Lukai had a fight, everyone would go together and carry on together.
But the choice, if Bynum is beaten, Wayne probably no one will help him.
This is simply God’s help!
Brother Wei is excited, he hasn’t been active properly in these two seasons.
Bynum, this guy is not a good person himself.
He elbowed Elvis Wallace and almost killed him on the court.
In the original history, this product also maliciously elbowed Barea in the 11-year playoffs.
Well, the man of 2.13 meters and 130 kilograms elbows a defender who is 1.83 meters and weighs less than 80 kilograms.
Even a mountain in Puerto Rico can’t stand it.
That elbow almost sent Barea away.
Although the tragedy of Barea has not occurred in this history, it does not mean 西安品茶网 that it will not happen.
Because Bynum’s malicious el


s in the Raptors are in open positions on that field!
except for Nash who was overthrown!
You said that being chased by Pierce at this moment, and Su Feng, who has two brawny men Martin and Williams in front of him, are not empty seats?
brother, do you understand ball?
Who told you that one V and three cannot be empty?
On the flanks, before hitting Martin and Williams, Su Feng forced the brakes, 西安耍耍网 and then flung out a drift dry pull!
And with the basketball passing through the net
At this moment, Su Feng is only one point away from the NBA historical single-quarter scoring record set by “Iceman” Gervin back then!
Continental Route Center Arena
Although New Jersey has always been a remote place that New Yorkers don’t want to see, it’s the same root
as the saying goes. Therefore, facing the temptation that historical records are likely to be born tonight, there are so-called Nets fans on the scene. ?
MVP, MVP, MVP! ! !
TNT TV station, at this time, Smith and Derek both got up and left their commentary booth.
In front of the TV, it is worth mentioning
that two friends of Su Feng chose to turn off the TV at the same moment.
On the court, after Pierce’s dry draw missed, Daben handed the ball to Su Feng’s hand.
Immediately after dribbling for the half-court, Su Feng started his 西安夜桑拿网 back hitting mode directly from the three-point line.
At the top of the arc, even though he always felt that he was a scapegoat for Pierce tonight, Kittles still made up for Su Feng without 西安夜生活论坛 hesitation.
come on!
If everything is dead, at least, it is better to die standing than kneeling!
On the field, Su Feng, who noticed that Kittles was attacking him, did not dare to neglect.
I saw him dribble the ball to the clearing for some distance.
there is no more!
In the chase of Kittles and Pierce,
a world-famous painting named “Even if one, two, two, I have to draw”, was created by Su Feng!
With 13 seconds left in the third quarter, Su Feng shot hi

走近冬奥|陈巍5个四周跳夺花滑世锦赛三连冠 羽生结

ife, a dribble guard, and a spot shooter?
In fact, Dougreeves has always felt wronged by Popovich’s criticism. As Ron Howard’s elder brother, he has always reused Ron Howard as a cronies.
Dogreaves felt that he was using it right, and sometimes he kept complaining in his heart. You have the ability to use Ron better than me?
Although Dougreaves didn’t explicitly say it outside, that was what he meant all the time.
Ron Howard finally came to Popovich this season. I have 西安夜生活论坛 to say that Popovich is looking at Ron Howard and he really has something.
At the very least, everyone agrees that it was a waste of the Magic to make Ron Howard a dribble guard and spot shooter on offense last season.
Ron Howard can be a jammed version of Jordan on offense.
Well, after all, the Spurs’ little gang leader, Joe’s leaning back after the three laps from the left and three laps of ecstasy is very distinctive.
It’s just that, even if Dougrives knows Ron Howard has this offensive potential, I am afraid that he would not dare to use him in the Magic.
After all, the Magic was McGrady’s team last season. How can there be room for you to give you a rookie and let McGrady accompany you in circles?
Of course, Ron Howard’s offensive potential is really not seen by anyone except Popovich.
Even at Marquette University, Ron Howard has never been used like this.
At Marquette University, Ron Howard has more organizational responsibility and rebounding responsibility than when he was in the Magic, and he is not like a jammed version of Jordan playing in the Spurs now.
So, seeing Popovich use Ron Howard in this way, Dogreaves was actually 西安洗浴网 convinced. He felt that he wanted to break his head, and he would never have thought that Ron could be used in this way.
Indeed, Ron’s IQ, the ball quotient, the ball-handling ability, the height, the wingspan, and preventing him from going round and round on the court is really a waste of his talents.
In this matter, Popovich did have an idea, his eyes were like a torch


fact, from this round, we can also see the difference between McGrady’s play and previous 西安品茶网 seasons.
His previous style of play was still more inclined to dry draft, but this season, using a quick first step, the combination of sudden shots was almost perfect.
Just like Finley before, you will become hesitant when making defensive choices. Once hesitated, you will be prone to fouls when defensive.
Old Nelson could only be forced to replace Finley with Body Loga.
McGrady’s penalties also came in, and the individual opened the game with five points in a row.
Nowitzki missed a wave of offense in the frontcourt.
The Magic played a fast break, McGrady turned himself into an afterimage after receiving the ball, and immediately hit the frontcourt.
The interference from Bell’s jump didn’t work at all, and McGrady dodged the ball directly into the basket with an air lever.
The ultimate talent!
7 to 4!
McGrady scored 7 points in a row after the opening!
Sun Hao made a sudden point in the frontcourt, and Bell’s bottom three-pointer missed a bit.
Fortunately, Dampier suppressed Camp and picked off offensive rebounds inside.
Sun Hao gave the ball to Bodi Loga.
Bodilloga faced McGrady with an iconic whip.
It’s a pity that McGrady 西安耍耍网 has never been lost.
In his peak season, McGrady was also very strong defensively. The reason he was not selected for the first team was because more energy was put on the offensive end.
However, Bodi Loga is obviously not only at this level. After he was stopped, he turned around and took the fake action to fool McGrady, and then turned around and hit the board.
Unlike Nowitzki’s style of play, Body Loga’s style of play is more biased towards a clever word.
McGrady’s dry pull after the frontcourt pick and roll.
And there!
He has scored 9 points in a row!
This is so awesome!
Sun Hao unconsciously looked at Jordan in the stands.
You said it’s okay if you don’t practice at home and go to Oakland to watch a game.
Sun Hao continued t

中国天眼 3月31日起对全球科学家开放 向全世

He hurriedly braked and wanted to turn back to chase. In this case, perhaps he had to barely push the ball to the outside. The Salden is here, but, this damn snow! He slipped and fell to the ground after braking. How could he catch the ball if he got up again?
Just when Hener was about to give up, he suddenly saw Zhang Jun’s left toe thrust into the snow and brake!
Maxwell took the opportunity to post and interfere with Zhang Jun, but he saw Zhang Jun without turning his head back. He quickly pulled out his right leg and twisted his upper body and lower body together. The action was like
“Kung Fu!” There was an 西安桑拿夜网 exclamation from the stands.
That’s right, just like the kung fu shown in the movies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, a roundabout kick!
And he actually kicked it!
Zhang Jun’s right heel hit the football in the air! He added the rotational force of his turn to the heel of his right foot. The football 西安洗浴网 suddenly turned in the air and flew to the far corner of the goal. After a parabola, it fell to the goal!
Robonte hurriedly reversed the center of gravity and wanted to fly to pounce, but the ball fell into a theoretical dead corner-the junction of the goalpost and the crossbar. In any case, he could not stop the ball without slipping under his feet. Just now because of the slip of the foot, Wen made a pass error, now it is Ajax’s turn to be unable to keep the goal due to the slip of the foot!
The football fell slowly and crossed the goal line as a whole!
Zhang Jun also landed at this time, splashing a piece of snow.
“God in?!” The commentator said in a hell of a ghost.
“Go in?!” Wang Hua jumped up from his seat, unable to believe his eyes.
“The ball went in?!” The assistant’s notebook fell to the ground with a “pop”, but he 西安桑拿按摩网 couldn’t pick it up anymore. At this time, he stared at the TV, for fear of missing any suspicious details.
Basten got up from his seat at some point, what did he see? The new version of “Scorpio” he demonstrated for Zhang Jun in


Sao Paulo! Look at Rong’s performance in this game. He has proven that he is an indispensable and important player for Sao Paulo! His injury, It will be a great loss to S?o Paulo!”
The voice of the understanding speaker came from the TV.
“He won’t have anything to do, right?” Corell in front of the TV couldn’t help blurting out his worries.
Her father frowned and said nothing.
Gersino’s shovel just now is not light, and it is not easy to say whether there will be any problems with glory.
Godot in the stands also had the same worry, but instead of frowning and 西安桑拿按摩论坛 remaining silent, he yelled: “Damn! Damn it! Gersino son of a bitch! Why the hell don’t you die! Fuck it! You fucking dare to hurt one of my players’ hairs, I killed you!!”
Rongguang’s performance is so good, he is more and more looking forward to Rongguang, for fear that there are some shortcomings in Rongguang.
If 西安耍耍网 anyone dares to hurt glory, it is no different from killing him.
When Baptista and others went to trouble Gersino, the other players on both sides surrounded Glory.
Sao Paulo’s players are extremely worried about the pros and cons of glory.
After a few months of getting along with each other day and night, everyone has feelings for him, and I don’t want such an excellent teammate to be attacked by injuries. They are all professional players and they know what an injury means to a player.
Rong Guang is only seventeen years old. It is in a period of rapid growth. If he encounters an injury, it will have a huge impact on his future, and it will be negative.
Seeing Rongguang lying on the ground, motionless, everyone was very worried-they had never seen a player behaved like this after an injury. Generally speaking, they would clutch the 西安耍耍论坛 injured place and roll on the ground crying bitterly.
What is going on with this motionlessness?
“Uh, it won’t be dead,” said a flamenco player.
Fabiano glared at him immediately: “Shut up! Almost pooh!”
At this moment,
“Fuck it!” Rong Guang suddenly cursed and jumped from