d to have a certain defensive power. Some arrows are clearly in the eye sockets, but after passing through the bandages, they don’t have enough strength, and hang on them softly, shaking with the mummy’s ups and downs. The Centaur of Alpine Castle now has a tendency to show off skills that can be solved with three points, even if it uses four points, it will be considered as insufficient skill and lack of skill. At first, they didn’t pay much attention to these enemies who were only wrapped in cloth strips, so two rounds of volleys were quick and insufficient. But even so, it is enough to show that the defense ability of those cloth strips is not weaker than ordinary armor. Shit! This kind of result is undoubtedly very embarrassing for the arrogant Centaur Rangers. Hutt made a rare swear word and led his family to make another round of shots. Stay alive. Richard said. This time, even if the Holy Light God descended to the earth, he couldn’t save the mindless undead who didn’t even know how to evade and only knew how to rush. Arrows shot into the eye sockets, directly destroying the fire of the soul, and they suddenly fell down like losing power. Only the one that ran in the front was particularly cared for, and all the centaur that had freed up bowed at its limbs in unison. The continuous sound is like a woodpecker cutting wood. With the joint efforts of dozens of centaurs, the mummy’s limbs were shot one by one. Although this injury is not fatal to the undead, it is inevitably deprived of all mobility. Several centaurs put their bows and arrows away and walked over, dragging back the two corpses and the lucky one who survived by fluke. Untie the bandage on it. Richard pointed his chin to the mummy with severed limbs. It was obviously unconscious, and at this point, it was still struggling to attack, and was crushed to death by a few horseshoes and could not move on the ground. Although for the undead, attacking living creatures is their most direct instinct, but the lord is still full of fire. For h