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s in the Raptors are in open positions on that field!
except for Nash who was overthrown!
You said that being chased by Pierce at this moment, and Su Feng, who has two brawny men Martin and Williams in front of him, are not empty seats?
brother, do you understand ball?
Who told you that one V and three cannot be empty?
On the flanks, before hitting Martin and Williams, Su Feng forced the brakes, 西安耍耍网 and then flung out a drift dry pull!
And with the basketball passing through the net
At this moment, Su Feng is only one point away from the NBA historical single-quarter scoring record set by “Iceman” Gervin back then!
Continental Route Center Arena
Although New Jersey has always been a remote place that New Yorkers don’t want to see, it’s the same root
as the saying goes. Therefore, facing the temptation that historical records are likely to be born tonight, there are so-called Nets fans on the scene. ?
MVP, MVP, MVP! ! !
TNT TV station, at this time, Smith and Derek both got up and left their commentary booth.
In front of the TV, it is worth mentioning
that two friends of Su Feng chose to turn off the TV at the same moment.
On the court, after Pierce’s dry draw missed, Daben handed the ball to Su Feng’s hand.
Immediately after dribbling for the half-court, Su Feng started his 西安夜桑拿网 back hitting mode directly from the three-point line.
At the top of the arc, even though he always felt that he was a scapegoat for Pierce tonight, Kittles still made up for Su Feng without 西安夜生活论坛 hesitation.
come on!
If everything is dead, at least, it is better to die standing than kneeling!
On the field, Su Feng, who noticed that Kittles was attacking him, did not dare to neglect.
I saw him dribble the ball to the clearing for some distance.
there is no more!
In the chase of Kittles and Pierce,
a world-famous painting named “Even if one, two, two, I have to draw”, was created by Su Feng!
With 13 seconds left in the third quarter, Su Feng shot hi


rf was a little slippery, He lost his balance and squatted directly on the ground.
At this time, if there is laughter laughing at the glory in the stands, it means that there are still people paying attention to the glory.
But in fact, there is no such situation. No one laughed at glory. Because no one paid attention to the glory at all, everyone’s eyes fell on Kaka. Whether it is fans, media reporters, players on the court, and coaches on the sidelines.
Everyone is applauding for Kaka’s breakthrough.
“He is in good shape.” Osvaldo said to the coaching staff around him, feeling calm.
“Kaka’s condition is really good!” The media reporter in the stands sighed.
The breakthrough just now was powerful and rapid, indicating that 西安足浴spa there was nothing wrong with his body. If there is still an injury, the force will not be so good.
Only Rico noticed the appearance of Rong Guang sitting awkwardly on the ground.
“Rong” he frowned, with a bitter expression on his face, worried about glory.
He was worried that this would hurt the morale and confidence of Glory.
Although 西安耍耍论坛 this is the actual gap between him and Kaka, this is reality.
But the reality is too cruel, that’s not a good thing. Especially those who like fantasy, when they find that reality is completely different from their fantasy, how many people can withstand such a blow?
He worried that glory was the same.
After Kaka broke through the glory, he used his speed to break into the restricted area. Faced with the interference of the defender, his upper body swayed and made a fake move.
This shaking made the defensive player unable to guess his intentions and did not know how to defend.
When he was stunned, Kaka suddenly kicked and shot!
With little power, the football ran directly past him.
The sight of the red team goalkeeper was blocked by his teammates. When he saw the football rolling over and making a save, it was too late. 西安耍耍网 The
football rolled into the goal!
When the football rolled into the goal, the cheers in the stan


words guaranteed, ask for a monthly pass, subscribe!)
After the Charlotte PUBG, back to back, the 76ers flew to Atlanta, the “stimulating battlefield” overnight.
In order 西安夜网论坛 to avoid being confessed by Ewing and Uncle Mu that he had done it in the future, after the team arrived in Atlanta, Su Feng refused Stackhouse’s proposal to play together on the grounds that he needed a rest.
Because Su Feng has been feeding the cake with a tortoise pass recently, in Stackhouse’s view, he should take the opportunity to mend his relationship with Su Feng.
At this time in 1996, the “Golden Club” was not well-known, but in Atlanta, which had just hosted the Olympic Games, where is not a place to play?
At present, with the rising popularity of Su Feng, coupled with the fear that Su Feng will apply for a heads-up, Stackhouse’s life trajectory is also different from that of Su Feng’s previous life, ushering in a 180-degree turn.
As an “old driver” Stackhouse decided to take Su Feng with him. No, after the team arrived 西安洗浴网 in Atlanta, Stackhouse wanted to show Su Feng the different customs of the Mi Li family.
It’s a pity that even if it is Young Master Jerry who pays the bill tonight, Su Feng is not interested in the local customs of Atlanta.
Thinking of the Shura field he had encountered in his previous life, Su Feng, who had finally lost his waist for two years, was so unpretentious and boring.
On the afternoon of the 14th, when the team was going to the arena, looking at the sleepy Stackhouse, Su Feng knew that for tonight’s game against the Eagles, this bench man would definitely be useless.
“Wait.” After returning to Philadelphia, it’s time to reap the iron value of Post Stackhouse.”
While watching Stackhouse, who kept showing off to his teammates how cool he was last night, Su Feng touched his chin. Thought.
For the current 76ers, the importance of Stackhouse is self-evident.
After all, regardless of the main force, with the decline in physical fitness, even a “marksman” like Su Feng coul

《若你安好便是晴天》引发观众关注国潮时尚 徐璐

ve me, I can send some screenshots to your mailbox. You can decide if you don’t want them after you read them!”
Timo Brauer did not expect the other party to be so sure. After 西安洗浴网 a daze, he nodded and agreed: “Okay, you can send it here.”
Rong Guang followed the cart from one examination room to another. He took the temperature, took blood, and performed almost all the examinations that he could do. , And even the electrocardiogram was done for
a long time before finally settled down in the ward.
With the help of the female nurse, Deborah had changed into a medical gown and was lying quietly on the hospital bed.
The last nurse retired and closed the door smoothly.
Only Deborah and Rongguang were left in this ward.
Deborah was lying on the bed, and Rongguang sat on the stool beside the bed.
He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and this running around made himself sweat.
He looked at Deborah, this should have come to an end, and just waited for the inspection results to come out.
But he always felt 西安足浴spa that he had forgotten something.
Rongguang just looked at Deborah and thought about it, and then suddenly patted his forehead—training!
I should go training!
So Rongguang began to reach out to touch his trouser pocket, trying to get his mobile phone.
But he felt empty.
I changed my pocket, and there was nothing but a wallet and keys.
It seems that I forgot to bring my mobile phone
. I can’t even ask for leave now.
He rushed out, dialed the public phone of the hospital with a coin, and got through Sun Fengyang-he wanted to call Magath, but he couldn’t remember Magath’s phone number. Sun Fengyang’s phone number was the only one he remembered. The other one is
“Hello, Brother Sun? I’m Rongguang. Why do I use a strange number to call? Cough, this is a long story. Anyway, can you come to the Black Forest Hospital?” That’s right, that’s it. We are in Ward 11 on the third floor. Let’s talk about it later.”
When Timo Brauer saw some screenshots of the photos sent to him by the o


tered to herself in front of the TV.
“After all, it’s his first Serie A game. It’s not normal to be nervous.” Dad took over.
Yang Pan’s second touch was a tackle and he shoveled the ball out of the sideline. His performance won the applause of the home team fans this time, and everyone did not hesitate to dedicate their encouragement to the Chinese boy who made his debut.
Immediately after Bologna began to counterattack, they kept the ball in front of the opponent’s penalty area. 西安夜网论坛 Unfortunately, Locatelli’s cross pass was interrupted and Ancona immediately counterattacked. At this time, Bologna only had three goalkeepers in the backcourt, and Ancona made a quick counterattack, and it was possible to face the goalkeeper directly with three passes and two tricks.
Yang Pan started to run backwards the moment Locatelli passed and lost the ball. He expected that the opponent would counterattack, and it was very likely to be on the right. Bologna’s right back went up to assist and did not return to the defense. There was a lot there. Of space.
Sure enough, the opponent made a long pass to the left, and forward Maurizio Ganz quickly jumped in to chase the ball. At this time, Yang Pan’s speed had already risen.
The football hits the ground and bounces forward high, and Gunz decides to stop the ball with his chest 西安足浴spa when he waits for the ball to fall again. But he didn’t know that Yang Pan was only two meters away from him at this time
Bologna was close to Ancona’s bench at halftime. At this time, Ancona’s substitutes were loudly reminding Gunz to pay attention to behind, but their reminders were all drowned in the exclamation of the home fans.
The football fell, Gunz opened his arms slightly, jumped up slightly, and raised his chest to catch the ball.
Yang Pan sprinted forward in high-speed running.
Gunz felt a gust of wind blowing by his side, and a figure jumped in the air, stopping the football with his chest high up! He only saw the number from the back, a big “7”.
Ten secon


cious on the sofa. Out of the door
As the most popular star of Bayern Munich, as the biggest star of the Bayern Munich team, Rongguang’s performance on the court is the focus of much attention, but at the same time his private life is also highly regarded.
This is a problem that any star in the “Bundesliga Hollywood” will face. So when Ballack joined the team, he specifically chose a 西安桑拿夜网 house away from the noisy city. On the lakeside, he and his family can enjoy the situational life without being disturbed by the media.
After Glory returned to Munich, he did not choose a mansion away from the city like Barack, but continued to rent the apartment he had rented before. This apartment is an old house in Munich. It is located in the city and is surrounded by a forest park. The traffic is convenient and very lively.
It is also convenient for reporters to peep.
So just after he came to the team, many media have rented houses near the apartment where Rongguang rented. They pointed their binoculars and cameras at the windows and the big mouth of the apartment where Rongguang rented. I can take some interesting pictures and create sensational news.
But soon, these reporters ran away 90%.
Because they found that 西安桑拿按摩论坛 Rongguang’s private life is simply boring and unimaginable-every day you enter the house, you can’t see him, and apart from training, you never go out. He never stayed home at night, nor was he helped back drunk, nor did he see him walking into the apartment door with one or several sexy beauties.
After squatting for two months, the reporters 西安耍耍网 discovered that there was no explosive news in Rongguang.
Then squatting becomes a meaningless thing.
But there are exceptions.
There are always people who hope to catch big fish.
Uvien Kohler is the “fisherman” who sticks to his post and hopes to make a blockbuster one day.
Today, when he pointed his camera at the entrance of Rongguang Apartment as usual, he did not report much hope, because it is like this every day. During this time period,


tch, which would be too worthwhile.

You must know that these players are the absolute core of their respective clubs!

Injury to any one of them is a major loss.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the end, but some people looked tired.

After the game, Rong Guang and Park Ji-sung, leading all the players wearing commemorative T-shirts cheering on Wenchuan, took a group photo in front of an enlarged check. This check worth 3 million euros will be donated to the earthquake-stricken area to support 西安夜生活网 the reconstruction of the disaster area.

This is also the theme of this game, this is a fierce confrontation, let everyone forget this.

After the game, everyone went back to the locker room to change 西安夜网论坛 clothes, and then they were going to go to their own things. Basically, it was the day when the various clubs gathered to report.

These people have to go back to their respective clubs.

After returning to the 西安耍耍网 hotel, Rongguang stood in the lobby, seeing off his friends one by one.

Everyone will say goodbye to him when they leave.

When Rongguang saw Lucio farewell, he found that Lucio’s mood was not very high.

“This game is really hard. Go back and take a good rest. I think you are tired too.” He said to Lucio.

Lucio smiled bitterly and shook his head: “It’s just a game, it won’t make me tired.”

“Then why do I look at you listless?” Rong Guang asked strangely.

“When I think of going back to Bayern Munich, I feel very troubled. The club is unwilling to renew my 西安夜生活第一论坛网 contract. Van Gaal does not guarantee my main position. There is only one year left in my contract with the club. I renewed my contract and stayed there. Bayern Munich retired, but they didn’t give me such a chance.” Lucio sighed, and he was annoyed 新西安夜网 when he talked about it.

This time I came to participate in the charity competition, and I thought I was out to relax.

“Hey, but what am I telling you for? It’s no use.” Lucio shook his head and turned to leave.

But Rongguang suddenly stopped him: “Wait, wait, Lucimal. I suddenly have


, then went on to say” It appears that only one possible – your luggage is to change the people. ”

Chapter 140 inquiries

youth nodded, apparently feel the same way.

And, he quickly went on to say” down, I put the suitcase on the floor in front of the unit, first 西安夜生活第一论坛网 went off to throw the garbage, Then I went to the side to buy a bottle of water, and when I came back, I dragged my suitcase to this side. ”

Qi Yuan asked suddenly, “Laptops, shouldn’t they be regarded as valuables?” Shouldn’t you drag it with you? How could it be such a big mess at the door of the unit building? ”

Maybe my temper is like this, anyway, the suitcase is packed, who can 西安夜生活论坛 think of what it is there.” “The young man said, “The key is that there was a heavy rain last night, and there was dirty water on the side of the garbage pool, which is disgusting. If you drag it over, the suitcase will definitely get dirty.

I thought about it. There were not many people in the early morning anyway, and I was not far away, who could steal it? No, when I came back, the suitcase was still there, and it was exactly the same as mine, but it was placed. The position is the same, I just walked away directly. “

“So, did you notice that someone was dragging a suitcase downstairs behind you?”

“No, I didn’t notice.” The young man shook his head. “Police officer, please, you must give that person as soon as possible. I found it, let’s not talk about being wronged or wronged. The computer in the suitcase is 新西安夜网 precious. The 17-inch prodigal eye, I bought it at the beginning of the year, and it cost more than 30,000 yuan!”

“Huh?” Brother Song was taken aback. “How much? Thirty thousand?”

“Yes, it’s thirty thousand yuan short of one yuan. He just bought it soon.” The young man said anxiously, “I can’t afford to pay for it, please be sure. I have to catch people and get me back the computer.”

Brother Song took a deep breath and said, ” Yes , you can rest assured, we will do our best to solve the case as soon as possible and get the people cau


ew back to the Criminal Investigation Detachment.

Afterwards, he arranged for Qi Yuan to report these things to Su Ping, and gave 西安桑拿网 the video to the Map Investigation Department for a thorough investigation, and then brought Zhou Jincong and Zhou Daichang to the inquiry room.

Feeling that the atmosphere is not right, Zhou Daichang couldn’t help swallowing his saliva: “Comrade police and police, what’s the situation? Didn’t I

tell you everything, the knife was sold by me” “Tell me, these years, before and after After adding up, how much money was stolen? 西安夜生活论坛 Honestly, try to be lenient.”

“Ah?” Zhou Daichang didn’t react.

Zhou Jincong was also taken aback.

But soon, a little struggling appeared on his face.

Earlier at home, although the things he said were indeed angry, in the bottom of my heart, he did not have the idea of ??sending Zhou Daichang to prison.

Year after year, he really couldn’t bear Zhou Daichang.

When he was young, Zhou Daichang did take 西安夜生活网 care of him very much. He often took him out to play, stole his father’s money to buy him snacks, and

went to the playground. Speaking of which, he was also emotional.

But in the years after growing up, Zhou Daichang’s behavior really wiped out the feelings in his heart a little bit. The reason why he has been enduring it all the time is that on the one hand, he is still 西安夜网论坛 thinking about old love and relatives. The relationship is more, but I don’t want his dad to be too embarrassed.

At this moment Song Brother talked about this, and even said the words “Frank and lenient”, it was obvious that Zhou Daichang was about to be dealt with.

On the one hand, he was a little moved. After all, it is hard to guard against the thief, but on the other hand, he is also a little unbearable.

“Mr. Zhou,” Song 西安耍耍网 Ge saw Zhou Jincong’s hesitation, and couldn’t help but said: “The suspect Zhou Daichang has a large amount of money involved and has already reached the standard for criminal cases. Criminal cases are all public prosecution cases. The



in, gargling, went into the toilet and poured it out, and all the remaining liquor was poured into the toilet.

When he was finished, he came out of the toilet and 西安耍耍网 said, “I have to drive in the farmhouse, so I can’t drink. It’s reasonable. It’s still annoying to come back now. It’s logical to walk around and buy some wine back to the hotel to drink. “

“Uh,” Qi Yuan opened his mouth. “You are really thoughtfulbut, you are back to the room. Who do you smell about the alcohol on your body?”

“Wait later, buy a bucket of instant noodles and get it. A quick pot, smell it at the front desk of the hotel.” Brother Song said with a smile, while taking out another can of beer, opened it, took two sips, and breathed out, “Wow, it’s been a long time since I drank, it’s really bitter, I’m not used to it …Well, there’s a bit of wine in my stomach here, so I’m sure.”

Then, he walked to the window sill again, raised a corner of the curtain, glanced at it, walked to his bed, opened the 新西安夜网 backpack, and turned out a black box from inside. At the same time, he said, “Okay, Xiao Qi, you go to bed and get up early to work tomorrow. At that time, there will be tasks to be handed over to you.”

Chapter 89 Task

Qi Yuan nodded.

Although I didn’t actually absorb much alcohol, my head was still a little groggy. After drinking the hot milk, I went to the bathroom to wash my face and leaned on my feet. Then I lay on the bed, watching Brother Song turn off the light, smearing and tampering with something. After watching, fell asleep.

When I started to pee at two in the morning, I saw Brother Song was not asleep, sitting on the bed holding something like a tablet, and the ground was lined with all kinds of lines. I couldn’t help but wondered, “Brother Song, what are you? What are you doing? If you don’t need 西安夜网论坛 to monitor the target, just go to sleep.”

“Isn’t this being monitored.” Song Ge smiled softly, and deflected the tablet in Qi Yuan’s direction.

Qi Yuan looked at him, a little stunned.

What was display