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first half.
The difference is that this ball determines the outcome.
All the fans at the scene held their breath.
The ball was spinning in the air like a century.
Then, amidst the excitement 西安桑拿按摩网 of the fans, he entered the net!
“The ball has been scored! The ball has been scored! Sun Hao has completed the lore! The Mavericks have won!” In the
commentary, Su Qun was excited and shouted.
The next second, the arena also fell into a boil.
Sun Hao beat the Raptors!
He sat on the court for more than half a quarter, was substituted in the last 5 seconds, and then hit the most critical lore!
In the first game of his rookie season!
“Unbelievable!” The
home narrator also exclaimed.
Sun Hao is just a rookie with the 24th overall pick, but he doesn’t even play like a rookie!

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ning camp with the mentality of coming on vacation and playing. Do you understand?”
“Understood!” The little players replied loudly, and Zhou Yi answered very loudly.西安桑拿夜网
, let’s start training.” The coaches of the coaching staff stood up and started to lead players in different positions for different training. They have all warmed up before the start of training, and now they can start training directly.
But no coach came to ask Zhou Yi to train. Sun Pan followed the goalkeeper coach first, and Yang Muge also followed the defensive coach. When the offensive coach came to lead, Zhou Yixing rushed to follow him, but he was caught by the assistant coach. Xu Yang stopped: “Wait a minute, Zhou Yi.”
Zhou Yi didn’t understand why he was asked to stay. He looked at the teammates who had left with the offensive coach, and felt a little bit disappointed. His new roommate He Ying was inside.
The other players also found Zhou Yi staying in place. Everyone left. He stood there alone, lonely.
Both Sun Pan and Yang Muge were a little strange, why they kept Zhou Yi alone.
Xu Yang stood in front of Zhou Yi and said to him: “Don’t train with the team for now. Within two weeks, your task is to conduct physical training and strength training in the gym.”
Zhou Yi widened his eyes and opened his mouth. , Looked at assistant coach Xu 西安夜网论坛Yang in surprise.
Not training with the team for two full weeks, but training in the gym alone?
This is not the “training” he wants!
“Which coach, I have no problem with my physical fitness. I can play for 90 minutes in every game at school.”
“That was a football match between schools.” Hao Dong, who had been standing next to him before, shook his head and interrupted. I don’t think that China’s campus football can be compared with professional football. The former is simply playing home. “The requirements for physical fitness are completely different grades. You are the only amateur among the sixteen people. You have never received systematic training, including p

中国天眼 3月31日起对全球科学家开放 向全世

He hurriedly braked and wanted to turn back to chase. In this case, perhaps he had to barely push the ball to the outside. The Salden is here, but, this damn snow! He slipped and fell to the ground after braking. How could he catch the ball if he got up again?
Just when Hener was about to give up, he suddenly saw Zhang Jun’s left toe thrust into the snow and brake!
Maxwell took the opportunity to post and interfere with Zhang Jun, but he saw Zhang Jun without turning his head back. He quickly pulled out his right leg and twisted his upper body and lower body together. The action was like
“Kung Fu!” There was an 西安桑拿夜网 exclamation from the stands.
That’s right, just like the kung fu shown in the movies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, a roundabout kick!
And he actually kicked it!
Zhang Jun’s right heel hit the football in the air! He added the rotational force of his turn to the heel of his right foot. The football 西安洗浴网 suddenly turned in the air and flew to the far corner of the goal. After a parabola, it fell to the goal!
Robonte hurriedly reversed the center of gravity and wanted to fly to pounce, but the ball fell into a theoretical dead corner-the junction of the goalpost and the crossbar. In any case, he could not stop the ball without slipping under his feet. Just now because of the slip of the foot, Wen made a pass error, now it is Ajax’s turn to be unable to keep the goal due to the slip of the foot!
The football fell slowly and crossed the goal line as a whole!
Zhang Jun also landed at this time, splashing a piece of snow.
“God in?!” The commentator said in a hell of a ghost.
“Go in?!” Wang Hua jumped up from his seat, unable to believe his eyes.
“The ball went in?!” The assistant’s notebook fell to the ground with a “pop”, but he 西安桑拿按摩网 couldn’t pick it up anymore. At this time, he stared at the TV, for fear of missing any suspicious details.
Basten got up from his seat at some point, what did he see? The new version of “Scorpio” he demonstrated for Zhang Jun in


ularity in China to open up the Chinese market.
Since there is no impact, Rongguang doesn’t care about the national team at all.
He continued to train in Munich.
Every national team match day, Magath would like to thank the leaders of the Chinese Football Association for not calling for glory, otherwise he would definitely have a big headache.
He had already experienced the skills of the Chinese Football Association when he was coaching in Frankfurt.
At the beginning, Yang Chen was the main striker in Frankfurt, but he always had to return to China to participate in various competitions. Magath was very dissatisfied with this.
Later, after Yang Chen was injured in a national team game, Magath beat Yang Chen into the cold palace in a rage.
So much so that at that time, the Chinese 西安桑拿夜网 media rumors that Magath discriminated against Chinese players and did not like Chinese players.
In fact, Magath does not dislike Chinese players, but rather dislikes the Chinese Football Association’s practice of requiring overseas players to return to China to participate in the game regardless of the game.
Of course, it is not clear who is right and who is wrong. The Chinese Football Association must have their own considerations. From the standpoint of the Chinese Football Association, it is only natural for me to ask my own players to return to China to participate in the game. Chinese fans also want to see Chinese overseas players. Come back to play football.
But from the position of the club’s coach, it is natural to hope that his love will be able to stay away from the impression and interference of the national team. Look at the state of Bayern Munich a long time after the World Cup.
This is really a different position, there is no so-called right or wrong.
Rongguang stayed at Bayern Munich’s training base to continue training, preparing for the next league and the Champions League group stage.
And Sun Fengyang also finished his plan during this 西安夜网论坛 time.
Rongguang specifically interrupted his

广东化州:踏军旅征程 铸热血青春

Football Association. Sichuan Maocheng Club publicly stood up to the media and “exposed” the Football Association for the smooth progress of the Super League, forcing them to make false accounts! And the act of making false accounts is very, very common in clubs everywhere, which can be said to be an “open secret”. They are clearly losing money, but the Football Association requires them to make profitable accounts!
What is even more sensational is that the rumors of the close contact between Dalian Wande Club and Beijing are finally on the table, led by Dalian Wande, seven Chinese Super League clubs have risen to attack the Football Association. Request the Football Association to disclose all accounts, including the accounts of its Ford Bo company; separate from the National Sports General 西安桑拿按摩论坛 Administration; immediately stop the chaotic Chinese Super League until everything is resolved; establish a Chinese Super League Committee, and all affairs of the league will be handled by the committee The final decision, and the committee members are mainly selected by the clubs. It was almost impossible to directly say that Luo Wenqiang got out.
Early this morning, the Football Association had a meeting again. Chen Wei came out of the small office building of the Football Association and crossed a wide road. It was the venue of the meeting: Wanfu Hotel.
Today is different from usual. He found a middle-aged fan of more than forty people standing in front of the hotel. He was wearing a national flag and holding a sign to show it to all the people passing by and reporters. It reads: “Football reform, listen to the opinions of fans! Lower ticket prices! Prohibition of counterfeiting and black whistle! Severely crack down on gambling! Strengthen youth football training! Improve the quality and treatment of grassroots coaches!” The weather in Beijing, the early morning in mid-October, has already begun. It was cold, but the fan only wore a shirt and a thin 西安夜桑拿论坛 jacket. Chen Wei was moved by this fan. He also


Every reporter 西安耍耍论坛 who asks questions repeats this topic, which is tantamount to deepening the pressure on Manchester City’s head.
Just keep reminding them-you are only one game away to tie Arsenal! You still have a game! It’s really just one! In just one game, you will be on par with the greatest Arsenal in history!
Such repeated reminders will turn into a hypnotic spell in the eyes of the Manchester City players, making them sleepwalking in the next day’s game.
Such pressure is enough to crush any team, and George Allen believes that Manchester City will be no exception.
Pay attention to this record as much as possible!
The more you care about this record, the closer you are to the finish line!
Chapter 292: Resolutely not to be a stepping stone.
Facing reporters who only care about records, Benitez did not escape this time. He answered 西安耍耍网 this question head-on.
“Yes, I know that if we can win this match, we will be able to tie the Arsenal record. But what I want to say is that this match is not the last match before the finish line. Because of our goal. It’s to create a new record, not to tie the old record.”
Benitez’s answer surprised many people, including George 西安夜桑拿论坛 Allen, who originally thought Benitez would avoid this question. Come to decompress your players, but in fact, this method of decompression has no effect.
Avoiding problems will only make people care more, so what should be nervous is nervous.
But George Allen did not expect that Benitez not only did not evade, but gave such an answer, he straightforwardly exposed their ambitions to everyone.
In answering reporters in this way, he was telling everyone-how could we fall before the finish line because we are about to succeed?
George Allen frowned. He didn’t understand where Benitez’s confidence came from.
A head coach, saying this before the game, will only put more pressure on the players. If it is not for the purpose of fighting reporters, it is meaningless to say that. But Benitez is not the kind of person


a defensive formation of three central defenders to strengthen the defense in the penalty area, especially the high-altitude ball.
Godin is also a central defender who is good at using his head to make relief.
After another minute, he replaced Sabaletta with Richards and continued to strengthen his defense.
On the other hand, Bayern Munich replaced Olic and Tymoshchuk, but these were useless.
The game quickly entered injury time.
The scores of the two games have not changed.
Bayern Munich trailed 西安足浴spa Manchester City 0:1 at home, while Bordeaux still led Real Madrid 2:1 at home.
Bayern Munich gave four minutes of injury time in this game.
At this time, there was a huge boo in the stands.
I don’t know if these fans are dissatisfied with the four minutes of stoppage time, or are dissatisfied with the team’s performance. Or both.
The last four minutes is also the last madness of Bayern Munich.
“No matter how hard it is, Bayern Munich will only have the last four minutes left in the Champions League this season!” Marcel Leif shouted anxiously.
The Bayern Munich players are also aware of this. They are desperately attacking. At this time, they don’t care about whether the huge space behind the defense can let the glory gallop.
If you can’t score, what’s the point of not conceding it?
However, in the first three minutes, 西安夜生活论坛 their siege did not yield much effect.
In the fourth minute of injury time, Manchester City got the ball.
Sneijder quickly passed the football to glory.
An exclamation sounded from the stands.
“Rong–!” Marcel Leif’s voice was terrified.
He thought that Rongguang would take the ball to Huanglong.
But this time, 西安桑拿按摩论坛 Rongguang did not go straight to the goal.
He didn’t even fight back quickly.
After receiving the ball, he stopped the football at his feet and walked forward in no hurry.
After Bayern Munich’s players were back in place, he passed the football back to Sneijder.
Sneijder realized Glory’s intention, so he did not continue to pass the


Now he is not my player. I don’t know anything. Don’t ask me what I think of what my ex did. It is 西安桑拿按摩论坛 disrespectful to others. I have nothing to say, thank you !”
Magath was quite strong in front of the media.
“It seems that Rong is giving him a headache.” Beckman teased in a later TV news program.
“Who would have a headache if it was replaced? Bayern Munich would be particularly energetic Rong, really incomprehensible,” Gunter 西安桑拿夜网 Netzel said with an open hand. “Fortunately, they only need a headache this season. After this season, Rong should return to Bayern Munich Werder Bremen. It must be very fragrant to stay with Rong, but unless they pay 50 million euros for breach of contract. , Otherwise they can afford the money? Obviously impossible!”
“Gunt, you mean that Bayern Munich might lose the league title this season?” Hrade Dilling asked.
“I did not say that, I’m just saying that if Bayern want to get rid of headaches caused glory, that they have to wait until next season to go As for this season, not now just beginning, who said for sure?”
Netzer Er shrugged.
Since he was slapped in the face of swearing on Rongguang last season, he rarely draws conclusions with a certain tone now.
Since the glory came, the Bundesliga was full of chaos. Bayern Munich, 西安耍耍论坛 which was originally the overlord, could be beaten so embarrassed by Werder Bremen. So what else can’t happen?
Chapter 151 The Ambition of Joe Denver
After Deborah answered the phone, she knocked on the door of the glorious room with the little notebook that was always full of things.
At this time, Rong Guang was lying on the floor and the author did sit-ups and did some simple fitness training.
“There will be a magazine cover shooting the day after tomorrow.” Standing at the door, Deborah said to Rongguang.
“Magazine cover?” Rong Guang talked to Deborah while doing sit-ups.
“Well, the cover of “Sports Pictures” magazine.”
“How long will it take?” Rong Guang asked with a frown.
His time is precious now, and he is just about to


sten has been watching Zhang Jun’s changes, and he smiled. The child has figured out some problems, and the rest is to strike while the iron is hot.
“In fact, after being seriously injured, there will be a period of fear. I dare not do any movements and are afraid of physical confrontation with others. In fact, this is all about frightening myself. Your surgery and postoperative recovery cooperate very well and are very successful. Your body is completely It’s no different from before the injury, so you don’t have to worry about anything and just play as before. You must know that football itself is a game that tests your abilities. Are you going to be a deserter now, Zhang?”
Zhang was Bath Teng asked with enthusiasm: “No! I’m not a deserter!” He replied loudly.
“That’s good! Basten laughed, 西安夜桑拿网 “Come with me, let’s play a game.” He took Zhang Jun to the football field behind the nursing home.
This time it’s not a four-on-four game, it’s eleven-on-eleven.
“It’s all some of my friends. It’s just a game. Go up and play with them. Think about what you learned just now and remember that you are healthier now than before you were injured!” He patted Zhang Jun on the shoulder and gave him encourage. Then he shouted to the court: “I’m sorry to be late, he is my friend-Zhang Jun, let him play for a while.” After speaking, he used force behind Zhang Jun.
Zhang Jun, who was pushed onto the court by Basten, waved to everyone embarrassedly. Some of them he had seen before came to play here last time. After he said hello, he was pulled by the dean of the nursing home: “It seems that the wind is very successful, okay! You are the center and go 西安夜桑拿论坛 to the front. Don’t worry, we will pass the ball to you, all kinds of things. Such a ball!” He blinked at Zhang Jun.
This game was actually arranged by Basten specifically for Zhang Jun. The Stadtson team is his old friends, and the opponent is an amateur team in Utrecht. Basten greeted them beforehand and asked them to move a little bit smaller. Basten did not te


by step? The hard work of the past four years is for this moment! We survived without the money to pay! We survived without using the name Fiorentina! We also survived after losing a crucial battle in the play-offs! Now, what is in front of us that can stop us Tell me, did you?”

“No!!” The answer was unanimous.

“Very well, nothing can stop us from returning to the first class! In the second half, tell the Turin team with practical actions that we will definitely upgrade in advance! Defeat them and defeat them!

” Oh!!”

This remark made everyone excited. Several people stood up from their seats, gearing up to rush out of Turin. Only Zhang Jun feels a little awkward, but professional football is like this. Who cares about how brilliant you were, you can’t do it now. When it’s time to succumb, you must not be soft. As a professional player, it is not 西安桑拿网 his turn to come. Make grievances for the opponent.

Rigano patted Zhang Jun hard: “Goal in the second half! We win!”

“Do you assist me?” Zhang Jun asked with a smile.

“I’ll give you an assist!” Rigano replied very seriously.

This moved Zhang Jun, because he was just joking. He stood up and said to Rigano: “Well, we both scored, 2:1, defeated them!”

“The Torino team played in the first half. They are very proactive. While defending steadily, they also have a sharp counterattack. They caught a mistake made by the Fiorentina team and scored a goal. Now the Torino team leads 1-0 at home. Fiorentina clearly did not in the first half. Entering the state, whether it is a forward or a defender, they seem to be heavy on their feet. Perhaps the Torino team’s home court has put them under tremendous 西安夜生活论坛 pressure. Today is a special day, and the Torino team desperately needs a victory more than ever. Maybe Florence ahead of intention to upgrade wasted ”

Di Livio pat hand, against Fiorentina players shouted at the players inside the channel:”!! the second half is the battle we can not lose even if it is on the road, we have to win! ”

side Turin team c