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ke there was nothing in front of her, but she touched 西安夜生活论坛 a thin layer of leather, with bones in it, which was very hard.

Hermione was experiencing this magical feeling.

Suddenly, both of them felt something was licking their hands, and the back of their hands felt slippery.

Hermione was startled at first, but fortunately she quickly realized that this was Ye Qi’s tongue, guessing that the other party might be showing goodwill to them.

It seemed that this creature was not as terrifying as Ivan had said before, Hermione thought to herself.

“Okay, I’ve touched it, let’s go.” Ivan withdrew his hand, stared at the empty surroundings, and said.

“Yeah, it has been delayed for so long! Harry and Ron, they were still cars do.” Also realize that Hermione looking for a change, quickly took Ivan’s arm and ran toward the castle …

first Chapter 西安桑拿网 One Hundred Sixty-Nine Why didn’t we think about driving a car?

Ivan took Hermione all the way back to the castle, and met Professor McGonagall who was welcoming the freshman. Hermione hurried forward and reported the matter anxiously.

“What? You said Porter and Mr. Weasley drove a Muggle car and were about to fly to school?” Professor McGonagall was surprised, almost thinking that Hermione was joking.

As far as she knew, Muggle cars could not fly!

But noticing that the worried look on Hermione’s face did not seem to be fake, Professor McGonagall immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

“I think Harry Ron may be in some trouble, so that he missed the train and drove over in a Muggle car .” Ivan added.

“That’s not okay. If you miss the train, you can send a letter and 西安夜生活网 let us find someone to pick it up. How can they do such a dangerous thing?” Professor McGonagall rebuked, his lips trembling uncontrollably.

What if the Muggle car that Harry and Ron drove had a problem, or it crashed halfway?

Thinking of this, Professor McGonagall said anxiously.

“I’m going to your principal Albus now and ask him if he can do anything.”

“As for you,


ind out who gave him this nickname. .

“well, if you do not intend to Miss Cass Lanna Checheng two, each table when a wonderful reflection of the doll, then I suggest you better not Duzaimenkou up.”

Snape said softly, his voice band With deep mockery and coldness.

“I saw for the first time that two girls were arguing to snatch another girl. Maybe we should offer an extra love course?” The

voice was soft, but inexplicable It makes people feel a

bit of suffocation and cold depression. Hermione’s face instantly turned red, and Hannah’s face was also a little blush. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

“We were wrong, Professor Snape”

“Sorry, Snape Professor. ”

stab in the back to be caught on the spot, plus a little poke in some they do not understand each have a small mind, let a two-year small LORI instantly potions teacher places deterrence air.

the next moment , The two of them let go of Elena in unison, and lowered their heads hesitantly, afraid to look at Snape’s face.

Huh? This is over? Elena, who

has been pretending to be dead in the beautiful shame field, opened it. Eyes, stopped ravaging the small reserve

in her hand, and curled her lips with regret. In fact, she still enjoyed the feeling of being snatched as sweet and sour pork. In this

case, it is good to verify a guess by the way.

Elena turned her head and looked at Professor Snape who was about 西安桑拿网 to go to the classroom seat. She stretched out her hand to hold the wizard’s robe sleeves, her tone was indescribably cute.

“Respect Professor Snape. , I also have a question to ask you”


Feeling the sleeve being pulled, Snape turned around and frowned slightly. This was the first student who dared to pull his sleeve over the years. .

“If there are questions about potions, you can ask me in class, and if old habits, please find your class long talk.”

“in fact, is about potions, only you can The pre-question to answer.”

Elena’s eyes flashed with a bright light called “trouble”, and she asked curiously.

“Excuse me if I am wearing a Gr


rmione Granger frowned, quickly raised his hand in disbelief breath and asked, “So over the years, do not have a magic of their own community on the magic era it?”

“Might have been There have been, but they are just a flash in the pan.” Professor Bins said in a somewhat annoyed tone.

“History has proven that not so many wizards are willing to spend their energy to create a set, and can 新西安夜网 only use the dating system of two or three generations at most. Under the circumstances, Muggles who are less talented are more likely to continue the tradition even if it is the wrong calendar year, and the precipitation of time will gradually replace the real history.”

With Professor Bins’s dry, 西安夜生活网 hurried voice, the body of the old wizard Vaguely it seemed to have become more transparent again, and a faint sigh sounded again in the classroom, but the students who were immersed in the question and answer did not care.

Hearing Professor Bins’s answer, Elena did not act. There are too many accidents.

The chronology system in history is not the same as magic spells and potions.

Its formation and development require more than just a subtle idea or an outstanding genius, it needs to go through dozens of generations, even hundreds of people. The inheritance of generations continues, and it expands to enough people and regions to be truly formed.

Undoubtedly, with the expansion of religion in the Middle Ages, the AD era from the Holy See was spread to all corners of the world through the army and ships, and it has become so far. The most widely-covered 西安夜生活第一论坛网 universal chronology so far.

However, this is not the basis for the magical world to obey and use this chronological method, just like even today, whether it is a currency exchange system or a daily metric, the magical world still uses it. (For more details, click here to view →)

“Well, so far, these are the changes that have occurred a long time ago.” Professor Bins clumsily opened the notes and said, “Let’s continue to learn About the history of the dem


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Chapter 11 Money is OK Earn more money, but 西安桑拿网

quietly in the abandoned classroom, the sun setting sun happened to pass through the clouds and reflected from the window, and the orange afterglow suddenly spilled over half of the classroom, covering the silver-haired girl with the grand piano.

Elena sat on the leather sofa and stool, lowered her eyes, and concentrated on digging a spoonful of lemon ice cream in the cup, as if the meaning of the whole world was in her palm.

Dumbledore took a look. She became a cute little silver-haired girl like a cat. She shook her head with a wry smile. She didn’t expect that the prompt that Professor McGonagall brought back worked. The

old wizard raised the wand in his right hand and shook dexterously, and moved the wooden desk and stool at the back of the classroom Moved to the front, used magic to remove the dust, stood up and sat down.

“Hello, Elena, introduce myself again. I am Professor Dumbledore, the principal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Elena Nodded slightly, indicating that she was listening to Dumbledore’s words, and she murmured silently in her heart. Fortunately, she didn’t follow the character card of the chocolate frog, otherwise she really had to reconsider the average IQ of the magical 新西安夜网world. (Click here for details)

Deng Bledo cleared his throat and looked at Elena sincerely and continued.

“About the magical world and Hogwarts, I don’t think I need to explain it again. This time I invite Miss Elena to visit our school. The main purpose is I want to send you an admission invitation again.”


The metal spoon in Elena’s hand poked on the porcelain plate, making a crisp sound,


it. , He still has a lot to ask this old guy, he 西安桑拿网 doesn’t want him to die so inexplicably.

Shermans is also a little confused, he doesn’t even have time to feel the pain, so he can only hold his notes tightly, if If you say you are going to die, you must at least save this note. No matter who your successor is, you will eventually be able to lift the hazy veil of this world. But

besides that, the feeling at this moment is actually a bit strange, and he can’t say it. The

god of death knocked on the door, and it was visible that someone jumped in from the window and shot a shot at the door. Although Shermans didn’t know his purpose, it felt like doing things in Lorenzo. Before the solution, please wait for the trouble.

Lorenzo did not expect Shermans’ nonsense thoughts, he just felt that he was in a bigger trouble.

Not long after Lorenzo sneaked in, He 西安夜生活网 saw these demon hunters, they did not hide, and directly and generously broke in from the front. With the blessing of the secret blood, Shermans’s guards had no resistance at all. They cut melons and vegetables. The

old order has been completely destroyed after the night of the Holy Prophet. Even if there are surviving demon hunters like Lorenzo, most of them are hiding in the corners of 新西安夜网 the world, enjoying the hard-won peace, so these are in front of you. The identity of the Demon Hunter is easy to confirm.

they are hunting magic Protestant groups, it can be seen that they totally inconsistent with Lorenzo understanding of warfare, as well as the body of the plug is not tied to silver.

Sure enough, the threshold of the Holy gospel night to hit the church until now Without recovering, these demon hunters seem to be 西安夜生活网 powerful, but they are still far from Lorenzo who came from the old sect.

Lorenzo is very clear about what it means to have no silver-binding bolt. As long as the demon hunter wants to, his demonization can be carried out without restrictions. It will be a more terrifying existence than ordinary demon. The best way to deal wit


estions are actually divided into two types, some are really urgent, some are not so anxious, you can wait for things. Calm down,西安夜网论坛 and then do an in-depth investigation. Well, when people are in a hurry, they are easy to make mistakes. You’d better distinguish them.

Audrey thought for a while, and solemnly said:

I understand.

After responding, she suddenly laughed:

I I thought you called me at the end to bless me. May I still love the world after seeing all the truth.

西安桑拿网Klein was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and asked:

You seem to have seen a lot of Emperor Roselle’s?

He is an outstanding family, and also a very complicated and contradictory person. Justice Audrey said with a smile.

Klein nodded his head invisibly and spoke slowly:

If I want to bless you, it won’t That said.

I would say, I hope you still love your family and friends after seeing all the truth.

Audrey 新西安夜网 was startled, her lips moved slightly, as if repeating those two words.

After a few seconds, she closed her eyes and said in a slightly hoarse voice:

Thank you

Sunya Sea, the waters of the Rhodes Islands.

—— Luen has issued a wartime prohibition of alcohol to save food, but for the sailors, alcohol is indispensable. Therefore, in places dominated by the Storm Church, the enforcement of this prohibition is not too strict, and Rosde 西安夜生活第一论坛网 The islands are rich in products, the population is not too large, the maritime communication lines are also under control, and food is still available.

Avenger led a pirate fleet through the battlefield filled with smoke. .

suddenly, a group of huge fireball do not know where to fly over, a Road tangled white sharp Mans separate the sea, creating a channel that 西安耍耍网does not exist originally, on both sides, surrounded by majestic waves, the faint revenge directed at Number.

Standing on the bow of the ship, Alger Wilson raised his right hand with a constant expression. The

violent tornado suddenly appeared, rolling up the blue water, and rolling up the silver white sharp


derly because there are many organizers and leaders? Damn, MI9 and the major churches Didn’t you find any signs? How could a parade of this scale be organized overnight? Even if Backlund has become a powder keg, if you want to ignite it, you have to draw a lot of matches! Earl Hall’s mind flashed 西安桑拿网 After one thought after another, his expression became more and more solemn.


We want bread!

The shouts became more and more orderly and louder, as if there was a tsunami in the city.

At this time, the man in the mansion of Earl Hall The servants and maids were aware of the movement and came to the window and looked out the door.

Their complexions immediately turned pale, as if they had encountered a flood that broke the bank and could not avoid themselves.


We want bread!

Count ! The unclear voices converged, and the black and crushed human head brought a strong sense of oppression.

Earl Hall Suddenly awakened, he subconsciously wanted to find someone to send a telegram to the royal family 新西安夜网 so that they could organize an army to suppress it. But

when he made further observations, he found that many people in the parade were wearing military uniforms and were physically disabled.


We want bread!

The soldiers who maintained order watched the parade sympathetically while guarding their guns. Looking at the sky.

Among those people are their past comrades-in-arms, their parents, wives and children, their friends and neighbors, and a large number of living, like them, people who only want to starve to death. How can they not

Feeling compassionate and full of sympathy? This sentiment may only be generated in the hearts of five or six soldiers and policemen, but it soon spread to almost everyone. In the

past, under the supervision of the officer’s pistol, 西安耍耍网 they would definitely be numb. Accept all orders, and now, many people are thinking:

Which bitch dare to let me shoot, I will shoot him to death!


We want bread! With

a shout, a large crowd gathers In


God said so, that

thought I was a sequence 4, there is really nothing doomsday ability to fight, Klein sensibly end of this topic, the Holy Road to the knowledge of 西安桑拿网 the Church of Lucca:

so be it.

he What I really want to ask, the other party does not know the probability, like what the pollution from the starry sky is, whether Russell can return, and what is the state.

Luca Brewster nodded and said:

If you need help later, you can Come to me, specifically through Edwina.

He remembers that Dawn Dantes sold the arms to Mesanjes by Edwina Edwards.

The iceberg lieutenant of Edwina? Audrey was stunned for a second, 西安夜网论坛 then suddenly,

she glanced at Mr. World next to her curiously. She remembered that she had read a newspaper with the serialization of Gehrman Sparrow and three female pirate generals. Story.

Okay. Klein never worried about too many helpers. After

nodding to the justice Audrey, Luca Brewster’s figure quickly became transparent, as if he merged with the spiritual world.

Then, he just disappeared like that. .

looked at the place of Lucca. Brewster just standing, no longer looked at the hall of gold, Klein cry in my heart uh, two seconds of silence.

he then let justice Audrey secret even look to the next Lidao:

I originally thought it would be more troublesome.

It is the saint who saved himself in time and is willing to believe me, so that I can plant psychological hints. Audrey responded with a smile, trying to make herself be sincere and humble.

Dawn Dantes nodded and said. :

This will be counted in your accumulated contribution, go back as soon as possible, it is dangerous here.

Seeing a demigod almost out of control, Audrey has no doubts about Mr. World’s words that are dangerous here, and immediately uses the creeping hunger, transferred back to the spirit world through the north mainland.

When she would sacrifice human bird leather gloves to Mr. fool, deal with the rest of the thing, Earl Hall and his eldest son Hibbert before returning home.

Audrey po


angel of the Holy Word left the ancient city of Nos in silence, distinguished the direction, and walked into the depths of darkness.

After half a day, a figure 西安夜生活第一论坛网 approached from another direction After this city-state relic, it was Klein

who had circled a long way. He had not had time to inspect the ancient city of North before, and he returned at this time in the hope of finding clues to the original existence of the true whereabouts.

At a far distance, Klein repeated the process of entering into the gray fog to observe, summoning historical projections, 新西安夜网 hiding in ancient fragments, and using historical projections to summon historical projections.

After completing the preparatory preparations, he once again set foot on North, in In absolute silence, I returned to the previous church.

Along the way, the corpses that fell to the ground were either ashes or only a piece of coke remained, completely losing the sense of horror and

strangeness. The guy is not 西安夜网论坛 dead. It seems that the residual storm power here can also damage an angel Klein who stopped at the ruins of the opened church, and he said to himself with a

little regret . Of course, he was only a little sorry, and he didn’t. expect an angel can be solved so easily.

eyes sweep between, Klein saw a few remaining fragments of statues Mo Lang.

they skin deep black, dark red inside, not like 西安桑拿网 common stone.

be the other end Ukraine The Dark Demon Wolf is used to carve his own idol. These stones are definitely not simple, and they are not like nearby products. Perhaps by tracing their origins, we can find out where the Dark Demon Wolf hides before coming to the ancient city of Nos. ‘Miracle Master’ or even’Secret Waiter’, the Udark Demon Wolf is definitely good at removing traces. It is difficult to 西安耍耍网 track his whereabouts directly, but if I can find out most of the places he has hidden before, I can spy on him. Habits and styles

Mastering a person’s past can predict his future! Klein took two steps forward thoughtfully, bent his bac


em of the Dragon Academy: But now it is different. The contradiction between us and the Titan has completely broken out. I will strengthen the protection of the Dragon 西安夜生活论坛 Academy. Just like we plan to attack the Titan colony, the Titans are also thinking about our dragon colony, gathering these young dragons for protection, which can greatly guarantee their survival. There is another advantage to doing so, the White Dragon Lord continued: Three sires, according to past experience, our battle with the Titans 西安桑拿网 ended the fastest in 300 years, and this battle only passed less than one. century. This means that there are at least two batches of young dragons that are now invested in the Dragon Academy that can become the new blood of this battle. The White Dragon Lord looked at Tiamat: Your Majesty the Dragon Queen, you have also seen the fighting power of the Dragon Legion. They can fight against twice their own Titan team, which is vital for us to win the battle. Seeing the three dragon kings showing thoughtful expressions, the White Dragon Lord released his final killer: When these students graduate, in addition to joining my dragon army, I will also offer three options, that is to join Three majesty’s guards. The three dragon kings were a little surprised, Since the establishment of the Dragon Academy, a tacit understanding has been formed 西安夜生活网 between the White Dragon Lord and the two dragon gods. The Yafei Ivy Empire has harvested the dragon army, and the two dragon gods have gained faith. In the short term, the white dragon collar mainly takes advantage of it. After all, so many dragons have joined the Yafei Ivy Empire to serve it. From a long-term point of view, the two dragon gods 西安夜网论坛 do not lose at all, because the soul of the dragon will eventually go to the kingdom of God after the death of the dragon, and the life of the dragon family in the state of soul is much longer than the life span. It is precisely because the Gem Dragon King has no gods and cannot share the benefits of the Dragon Academy, so the G