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Without hesitation, Cattleya raised her right hand and condensed the terrifying spear stained with 西安耍耍网 blood. It was thrown at Butis, the Secret Saint.

This time, Butis could no longer evade and dissolve, and his chest was directly penetrated by the gun of Longinus.

His body stiffened for a while and then quickly collapsed and collapsed. It became a series of shining star worms.

Some of these star worms disappeared directly, some swallowed each other, some merged in the distance, and regrouped into Butis.

Butis’s 西安夜生活网 eyes were completely irrational. body keeps crashing, showing not about to complete a very weak form of mythical creatures.

at this point, he suddenly appeared around the door to a fantasy, gray-blue, there is the illusion of seven brass keyhole of the door.

this The door of illusion opened quickly, and a silver-black three-layer jewelry box inlaid with various gems came out. 西安夜网论坛 The

banished old box returned.

Buttis with crazy eyes caught the box, revealing cruel bloodthirsty The smile on the face suddenly opened it. The

third layer!

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Chapter 49 The Ominous Box

Regarding the return of the Buttis Level 0 Sealed Artifact, or the normal situation, Cattleya the Hermit and Audrey the Justice have made certain plans. After 西安夜生活论坛 all, they are not sure to kill a demigod in such a short period of time.

If it hadn’t been for Butis to fall into the trap, they would encounter a spiritual plague and sleep continuously. Beauty, frenzy, and fatal blow are in a state of madness and dementia.In fact, he has many opportunities to teleport away directly, and there is no way to stop it.

In that case, Cattleya and Audrey can only wait for Butis to return to the safe house, 西安桑拿网 release Forsi, wait for the Secret Eye on Forsi to give feedback, and then exert remote influence on the magician. The young lady created the opportunity to summon historical pore images.

At this moment, facing Butis, who is obviously in the out of control channe


bite the bullet and go down”

“Actually, everyone in life has more or less time to become a clown, so don’t be too repulsive.”

“It is necessary to figure out what the core elements of a clown are as soon as possible.” 西安夜网论坛

Various thoughts are emerging. Klein suddenly took out a brass-colored penny with a denomination of one-half.

He habitually wanted to foretell whether there were extraordinary factors in Maynard’s death.

Perhaps this is the occupational Klein shook his head laughing, 西安桑拿网eyes turn dark, and listening and said:

. “Extraordinary factors affecting the existence of the death of John Maynard”


lying in his rocking chair on the pop-up egg and a half pence coin, watching Its brass-colored body rolled and shimmered in the dark.

The coin was falling on Klein’s palm, and the one-half number was facing upwards.

“Negative means that John Maynard’s death is not affected by extraordinary factors. This guy seems to have died suddenly under extreme joy. I don’t need to laugh at him in Chinese sayings.” Klein put away the coin, deep in black. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 With my brain empty in the fainted room, he almost fell asleep.

Boom, boom, boom.

In the slow and rhythmic percussion, Klein sorted his clothes, put on a soft hat with a police emblem, left the recliner, and walked slowly to the door.

As soon as his right palm touched the armrest, a picture suddenly appeared in his mind:

Inspector Toller, like a brown bear, stood outside the door and 西安夜生活论坛 pulled off his neckline, his expression revealing obvious confusion and helplessness.

Turning the handle, Klein unhurriedly opened the door.

Inspector Toller appeared in his eyes and pulled the collar and said:

“I’m very sorry for making you wait too long.”

“We have already found Mrs. Sharon, recorded the statement, and you can return to Zotland Street. ”

I’m really sorry for the delay of your precious time.”

Klein didn’t ask the reason 西安桑拿网 of the other party’s current emotions, and instead smiled:

“Mrs. Sharon admitted that he was with Congressma


西安桑拿网 seems important but has no meaning. intelligence in exchange for rewards and trust? Hanged people have Ming Wu nodded.

free exchange continued for a while, until the sun wearing Rick finished school this week, part of the ancient Hermetic language word, everything was completely over.

watched salute state After Miss Justice and others left, Klein turned his attention to “Grosser’s Travels” on the table.

PS: 西安夜生活网 Last night, I thought about it again and felt that changing the idiom without historical allusions would be a bit contrary to Chinese readers. , So I plan to deal with it in another way, instead of expanding or translating the content relatively cleverly, and abandon the form. For example, if you are hungry and thirsty, you can use it as if someone who has been hungry for a few days sees food instead. This 新西安夜网 may be better. .

two hundred and thirtieth chapters characters in this book

feeling itself is not too tired, Klein rubbed his forehead, the Shouyi Zhao, let a debris pile of metal bottle fly over.

This is a small tube of blood that he had taken a lot of effort to withdraw from his vein before, and it had been brought above the gray mist, waiting for the spiritual body to enter the “Grosser’s 西安耍耍网 Travels” and the opportunity to explore the world in the book.

After unscrewing the lid, Klein was not in a hurry to smear the blood on the dark brown cover of the book, but summoned all the items that had been brought into this mysterious space before the Tarot meeting from the pile of debris and placed them in front of them. .

Taking into account too compelling appearance black emperor, under the 西安夜生活论坛 premise of the book do not know the specific situation of the world, Klein decided not to carry the card goes on blasphemy, conversion Azi Ke copper whistle strengthening spiritual body, so that was inexplicable force The second kill, it was too late to return to the gray mist.

As the ancient and exquisite copper whistle blended in, Klein’s spirit body seemed to swell a little, but it was actua

d to have a certain defensive power. Some arrows are clearly in the eye sockets, but after passing through the bandages, they don’t have enough strength, and hang on them softly, shaking with the mummy’s ups and downs. The Centaur of Alpine Castle now has a tendency to show off skills that can be solved with three points, even if it uses four points, it will be considered as insufficient skill and lack of skill. At first, they didn’t pay much attention to these enemies who were only wrapped in cloth strips, so two rounds of volleys were quick and insufficient. But even so, it is enough to show that the defense ability of those cloth strips is not weaker than ordinary armor. Shit! This kind of result is undoubtedly very embarrassing for the arrogant Centaur Rangers. Hutt made a rare swear word and led his family to make another round of shots. Stay alive. Richard said. This time, even if the Holy Light God descended to the earth, he couldn’t save the mindless undead who didn’t even know how to evade and only knew how to rush. Arrows shot into the eye sockets, directly destroying the fire of the soul, and they suddenly fell down like losing power. Only the one that ran in the front was particularly cared for, and all the centaur that had freed up bowed at its limbs in unison. The continuous sound is like a woodpecker cutting wood. With the joint efforts of dozens of centaurs, the mummy’s limbs were shot one by one. Although this injury is not fatal to the undead, it is inevitably deprived of all mobility. Several centaurs put their bows and arrows away and walked over, dragging back the two corpses and the lucky one who survived by fluke. Untie the bandage on it. Richard pointed his chin to the mummy with severed limbs. It was obviously unconscious, and at this point, it was still struggling to attack, and was crushed to death by a few horseshoes and could not move on the ground. Although for the undead, attacking living creatures is their most direct instinct, but the lord is still full of fire. For h