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The glazed violin shone dreamily. Bain held the piano, put the bow on the strings, 西安夜生活网 and exhaled an irritable breath in his chest:

“It’s time for them to do the real exam questions.”

Amid the faintly faint music, his eyes were dark.

In the examination room, Ye Qingxuan whispered and sang the hymn, and wrote the last question smoothly.

After rechecking the roll and all the answers, he nodded in satisfaction: it was perfect.

If you don’t do the questions seriously, you will simply live up to 新西安夜网 such a big backdoor that the academy has shown yourself! I’m so embarrassed to let everyone take care of me

like this. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but want to laugh three times when he thought of this. But considering that it was still an examination room, I had to sullen my face and did not laugh.

Finally, he looked down at the only blank test paper, and couldn’t help but wonder: 西安夜网论坛 What exactly was this test paper without any questions written on? The

time was approaching the afternoon, and there was the noise of cicadas in the distance. The voice came. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but yawned, feeling a little blurred.


In the hands of the blank papers seem vaguely flashed a silver pattern, he stunned a next, looking down, they found a piece of paper on top of that is really in the pattern. The fine 西安桑拿网 and inconspicuous complex patterns are like watermarks, and the stripes slowly appear from the examination paper like tangled thorns. The complex makes people dizzy.

Ye Qingxuan looked carefully, but found that his sight seemed to be swept away by those patterns, and he involuntarily fell into it, falling into the depths, deeper, and deepest

in the blur, and a series of low voices sounded in his ears. The examinees fell on the table as if sleepy.

Immediately afterwards, he knew nothing.

In the examination room that was once full of pain and confusion, it seemed that there was a sudden silence at this moment. Everyone was silent and fell into a sudden deep sleep.

In front of them, a slight silver li


hone Support!

Albert noticed that there was a person sitting there, and walked over with the cat. It was a little girl in a pink dressing gown.

西安夜生活论坛”Don’t sleep here. Be careful of colds, Miss Granger.”

Hermione listened. When the ringing sounded, he raised his head in confusion and was a little flustered when he looked at Albert.

Albert looked at the little girl in front of him. This was the first time he had carefully observed the legendary Hermione Granger. Normal, it’s no different from the little girl next door.

“You don’t quarrel with your roommate?”

“No!” Hermione said dryly.

“Then go back and rest!” Albert glanced at the side The oil lamp said calmly, “Don’t hide here to be scary, or are you planning to go out for a night tour?”


Hermione smelled the faint fragrance of the body lotion on Albert’s body, a little bit uncomfortable, fortunately The surrounding darkness concealed the change on the girl’s 西安桑拿网 face.She hesitated for a moment, but told Albert that she overheard Harry and Ron were going to a duel with Malfoy.

“This fits the character of Gryffindor very well.” Alberta took a chair, sat down next to Hermione, put Tom on her knees, and helped it smoothly. “So, you want to stop them. . ”

” Yes, wander at night in the school, if they are caught, how many points will make Gryffindor lose ah, and I think they’ll be caught Filch, who I heard administrator The sir knows all the secret roads in the school.”

“I dare say that they will definitely tell you: this matter has nothing to do with you.” Albert looked at the change in the expression on the girl’s face, nodded, and said again, “Don’t I care too much, Gryffindor’s students have this character, and they have never regarded school rules as a thing.”


Hermione opened her mouth and stared blankly at the boy with a faint smile in front of her. “Should you not stop them?”

“Stop? It’s hard to stop them, unless you are Professor McGonagall. However, you are obviously not.” Albert shook his head and said, “Don’t expect t


ody, as the warm water flows through the body, bringing out a faint red color into the sewer pipe.

In terms of the physique of the witcher, many non-fatal injuries will be cured in a short time, the only thing is The worry is that some residues, if they are not taken out in time, will grow with the hyperplastic flesh and blood.

Most of the wounds that have been healed are roughly torn apart by Lorenzo, and along with the pain, the iron pieces broken in the body are taken out. 西安桑拿网 With scarlet blood stains, he threw it into the jar aside.

Humming an out-of-tune melody, Lorenzo recalled what happened today, Herk Li did bring him enough surprises, and his appearance may have a new breakthrough for the tracing of the Apocalypse, but just like Hercule said, Lorenzo has his own careful thinking.

Lorenzo traded that dark knowledge in exchange for Hercule’s assistance, 西安夜生活论坛 which is very cost-effective, and Hercules must also know this. Now Lorenzo The only thing to think about is when to activate Hercules. After

dealing with all this, Lorenzo sighed, washed the utensils and put them away, and inadvertently saw the dim mirror with attached to it. A faint mist of water, a vague figure behind the fog, looked at Lorenzo in this small space.

Suddenly a strange feeling surged into her heart, as Lorenzo’s 西安夜网论坛 slow movements, the figure behind the fog also There was a slight change, Lorenzo could not describe the strange feeling, and then he raised his hand like a ghost, and the person in the mist also extended his hand to Lorenzo, his hands slowly approached, the moment he reached the mirror. It stopped

abruptly . Like an error in perception, the mirror surface was extremely cold, and 西安夜生活网 immediately after Lorenzo’s touch, the condensed water on the fingertips gathered together, and they rushed and fell, like a curtain of washing water, and the mirror The fog dissipated.

Behind the fog was a familiar face. His eyes were tired and strangely pale, as if he had been immersed in the cold ice sea for a long time.



close attention to what else was worth paying attention to.

After walking for dozens of seconds, his eyes suddenly dimmed a lot. The

dim light of the lantern was mostly swallowed by the area in front of him!

Klein took a closer look and found that there was a cliff two steps away.

That part of the institute collapsed into the ground. , The darkness was deep and nothingness, and there was no end in sight.

Vaguely, Klein seemed to hear a silent cry, which came from deep underground and rang directly in his mind.

This kind of feeling, Klein once had, that It was brought by the bronze door in the Honesty Hall.

He frowned slightly, stepped back several steps, ready to release the maintenance of the historical pore image.

At this time,新西安夜网 shriveled to a palm only skin and bones out of the probe does not shine bright darkness, caught at the edge of the cliff.

Then, a figure jump out and fall in Klein eyes.

He was wearing Wearing a pointed soft hat, wearing a classical black robe, and a monocle stuck in the eye socket of his right eye, it is the angel Amon.

But this Amon’s state is not too normal, like a skeleton covered with a skin.

Klein subconsciously After a few steps back, he watched Amon’s flesh and blood fill up quickly.

He pushed the monocle and said with a smile:

There are visitors.

Are you? The

level of Chapter 73,

I am about to be lifted. Klein, who maintained the historical pore image, was taken aback by Amon’s question.

He controlled himself, did not let his brows frown,西安耍耍网 and asked

instead : You are not Amon’s body? Amon

standing on the edge of the cliff. He took a step forward and smiled and said:

Of course not.

You seem to know my main body, or other clones?

Although Amon on the opposite side did not do anything, his step forward still brought unspeakable pressure to Klein. , It was hard to retreat without stress, exposing his own timidity.

He hummed, and replied in a low voice:

So I’m surprised that you don’t even know me.

Are you famous? This Am


f the Southern Continent.

He looked towards the city with distinct levels built on the hillside, and silently said in his heart: When

leaving here, there must be two secret puppets.

And before that, he has one more thing to do , That is to get rid of the secret followers arranged by the military.

The two gentlemen’s spying skills are actually quite good, but in Klein’s eyes, they are as vivid as fireflies in the dark, because no matter how they disguise and change their appearance, Klein will It can be recognized at a glance with the ability of the faceless person to observe and remember the characteristics of the human body and appearance.

The power of metaphysics in Chapter 175

Most of the houses in the city of Gulag are built along 西安桑拿网 the spiraling road. Occasionally there are relatively flat and open places, such as squares or markets.

Klein carried his luggage and, with the spiritual intuition of the fortuneteller, picked a direction at will, looking for a relatively lively bar along the way. The

carriage on the road is not too much. There are many, and it takes a long time to see one or two of the rental type. The most popular means of transportation in Dong Bailang is the coffin. This is derived from the custom of worshiping the god of death, and it is derived from the fact that people regard coffins as objects that can bring peace and peace. , Therefore, Klein can always see several people passing by carrying a black coffin, the lid is much thinner than normal, like a car door that can be opened at will.

Two people carry it, four people 西安夜生活网 carry it, eight people carry it, horses or alone The folklore of the horned sheep is a bit scary at night. Well, it’s not much better during the day. The whole city looks gloomy. Klein walked into a square while admiring the scenery by the roadside, with a storm on his left. The Lord’s church, on the right are restaurants, bars and other shops. When

he stopped, the coffin carried by four people happened to be put down by the road.

As the lid


o doubt Gehrman Si. Paro has a Level 1 Sealed Artifact on his body, which is equivalent to a demi-god item!

He did not show his shock or astonishment, and did not dare to do more temptations. Instead, he asked:

Do you plan to go to that primitive island now ?

of course, Klein replied calmly.

it is late at night, it was Dawn. Tangtai Si sleep, no one will bother, but to the day, he would have showed up.

of course, in order to guard against fires and other unforeseen circumstances, Klein also summoned the magic mirror Arrods, so that it would always pay attention to the mirror illusion here, and respond if necessary.

That is to say, the 西安夜生活网 night church’s dream treatment for the rich man is over, otherwise I must postpone this time. Action Klein couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

Alger looked at himself and found that he couldn’t get any magical objects in a short time, so he took out a spike-like black iron ring and placed it. Put it on the thumb of his left hand.

Enduring a convulsive headache, he gently nodded and said:

Happy cooperation.

Then, he saw Gehrman Sparrow walking over without any expression and reached out to grab his shoulder. At

this moment, Alger’s first reaction was that the other party wanted to attack him, and instinctively wanted to avoid him, but he immediately remembered his previous guess. As his thoughts flashed quickly, he forcibly controlled his subconscious actions and let the crazy adventurer’西安耍耍网 s palm fall. To the left shoulder.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed that Gehrman Sparrow’s left hand became transparent, as if carrying the reflection of the spirit world.Then, the black in front of his eyes became more intense, the red moon became more vivid, and the various colors were clearly stacked on top of each other. Together.

Countless almost invisible figures retreated to the rear. With the help of Gehrman Sparrow, 西安夜生活第一论坛网Alger quickly shuttled through the spirit world. The

creeping hunger teleportation turned out to be like this when he just had similar t


e can definitely tell I have the extraordinary ability of’Lightning Strike’, so I will not use’Dark Wings’ when evading and encounter lightning

However, in this way, he can’t find the abnormality, and it is difficult to avoid it in advance.My’lightning strike’ can directly hit him, and things will be much simpler.

From this perspective, no matter what, as long as I respond without errors, I will definitely be able to kill. He and they are really weak, so I am already so strong.

No wonder the ancestors asked me to join the Tarot Society. This is a party prepared to meet the doomsday and save their respective races. It is many times higher than other 新西安夜网 hidden organizations! Emlyn slightly raised his chin, The corners of his mouth curled up uncontrollably.

He immediately heard footsteps coming back and forth outside the door, but no one approached.

Argos’ screams shocked the surrounding residents, but they were afraid to come in, afraid of trouble, for sure. Someone has already gone to the police. I have to deal with the scene quickly, and leave Emlyn to take back the gaze looking at the door, walk to the side of Galis Kevin’s body, and pick up a fist from the pool of blood that ran out. A large and small item.

It is bright red all over, like a heart, which is slightly inflating and contracting. The surface is translucent, and there is faint liquid flowing inside.

It is the extraordinary characteristic left by the vampire of Pharmacist Path Sequence 西安耍耍网 7. This is my trophy. Mlin was still a little uncomfortable for a while, so he settled on the Extraordinary characteristics and Galis. Kevin’s head was wrapped in old newspaper and stuffed into the wooden box. After

putting the wooden box in, he tore down Argo Si festered to the point where he could barely see his original head, and then took out another bottle of potion and spilled it on every corner 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of the room. In

the process, Emlyn did not panic at all, and seemed not to worry about the official Extraordinary of the Eastern District. Arri


manding a huge steel golem and placing blocks of huge enchanted bricks. together. Whenever a new brick is added, Then there will be a mage who casts a spell to merge the newly added masonry with the masonry below, and the entire base is completely natural. Master Horace, the chief designer of the Magic Tower, hovered in the air, holding drawings in his hand, flying around, directing the staff to adjust the angle. Below the platform, the city wall of Metropolis is also under construction. The tall troll unloaded the ground walking dragon, loaded the large cyan rock in the net bag, moved the rock to the corner of the city wall, and placed it neatly, and then the other trolls handed the stone to the dwarf on the wall. The 西安桑拿网 dwarves use adhesive materials to stack regular rocks together to build the walls of the capital. Under the command of the Jackal, the Earthwalking Dragon, which had no rocks on its body, set foot on a broad road full of rubble, which stretched from the city wall to the distant mountains. Among the mountains, an infinitely powerful ogre is brandishing a special 西安耍耍网 mining pick, mining the rocks in the mountain. Above the sky, the harpy flew around carrying huge packages. In addition to delivering messages, they also took on the task of transporting small items. The harpy flew over the verdant forest and leaped over the wide snow-painted river. On the sparkling water of the Snow Painted River, a team of murlocs with copper-backed snapping turtles carrying supplies came upstream to the construction site. The food carried by the transport team was the main source of food for the monsters working on the construction site. . Ok? ! Lord White Dragon suddenly discovered that besides supplies, there was a human on the back of the copper-backed snapping turtle. There is no shortage of food in Baibao, and it is forbidden to feed on intelligent creatures. The White Dragon Lord felt a little curious. 西安全城安排网 It didn’t think that the murloc had the guts to defy his orders, and that the human was not restrained


trustworthy. , Led the team to let go of the roadblock. Go to the logistics office to pick up a few bottles of wine and give my name. When Bederik crossed the roadblock, he said hello in an air, and the patrolmen cheered. Bedry Richard snapped his fingers and motioned for the troops to follow. Call me Baker, not my full name, especially without the suffix of your Highness. I don’t like to hear those stinky and long titles. The two entourages around Bedrick and Richard were also old acquaintances, and they raised their hands awkwardly to say hello. Okay, Baker. 西安耍耍网 The lord shrugged and said as he walked: I saw the priests of the Ice Goddess Church in the barracks. Didn’t I say that I was having trouble with them? Isn’t it affected? How could it not be affected. Bedrick shook his head and said: In previous years, a legion 西安全城安排网 would be accompanied by 20 priests. This year, the Ice and Snow Church said that the training of talents was not good, and there were only ten. In fact, it is not just unhappy. I don’t know what the old man thinks, I’m really crazy, and I have to give the church eye drops at this time. Naturally, the old man in his mouth can only be one person, and that is His Majesty Sagre, King of Pompeii. This time, with half of the priests, the battle is difficult to fight. Richard just listened without saying a word, and didn’t know whether he was really stupid or pretending to be stupid. As a political force, the Ice Goddess Church was obviously too independent, and it had exceeded the tolerance limit of a secular king. The conflict was inevitable. Bedrick led the Alpine Fort team around the barracks, and finally stopped in front of a wooden fence. Our dragon’s claws are here. Chapter 114 Banner Thousand-man team captain is about to have a pre-war meeting, remember to bring the team flag when that time comes. Bederick urged Richard to leave in a hurry. This time he brought a total of 800 elite Qingqi and fifty tiger guards. As the captain, he also had to go back to prepare for the meeting. 西安桑拿网 understo