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dunked the ball!
There was a burst of cheers at the scene.
James this dunk is still domineering!
The camera was given 西安桑拿按摩网 to the judges, and the judges gave points one after another.
49 points!
Thompson, gave another 9 points!
Sun Hao, a little confused.
Thompson, is this going to be a “9-point man”?
But this also proves Thompson’s requirements for dunking, he prefers to look at creativity.
Although 49 points is not a perfect score, it is almost the same as a perfect score.
Unless Sun Hao deducts two full marks, James still has great hopes of winning.
It is not easy for Sun Hao to get a full score again, after all, he has already used both technology and creativity in the first round.
If he relies solely on creativity, he will lose as much as last year.
In the curious eyes of the fans, Sun Hao appeared on the stage.
Well, O’Neal also played with him.
Somewhat similar to last year, Sun Hao’s dunk action is gradual.
It’s like O’Neal’s appearance in the preliminaries is an introduction.
O’西安夜桑拿网 Neal brought the props to play again this time.
However, unlike the preliminaries, the props can be seen at a glance.
He brought a stool.
He took the stool and sat two steps away from the free throw line.
By this time, the fans had probably guessed what Sun Hao’s first 西安洗浴网buckle was in the final.
This is going to leap O’Neal dunk!
At this moment, the scene could not help but began to agitate.
Leaping over O’Neal, even if it is sitting O’Neal, this is already exciting enough!
Moreover, this is not the most exciting.
After O’Neal sat down, he asked the staff to give him the ball.
This is not just a leap, but an air-to-air leap!
Even Owen, the judge seat, couldn’t help but move his hips and sat up straight.
This dunk hasn’t started yet, but it has completely mobilized people’s appetite!
Sun Hao, after making gestures with O’Neill, he started to rush!
He stepped into the air from the free throw line.
O’Neal’s pass was also passed almost at the same time.
The various

走近冬奥|陈巍5个四周跳夺花滑世锦赛三连冠 羽生结

ife, a dribble guard, and a spot shooter?
In fact, Dougreeves has always felt wronged by Popovich’s criticism. As Ron Howard’s elder brother, he has always reused Ron Howard as a cronies.
Dogreaves felt that he was using it right, and sometimes he kept complaining in his heart. You have the ability to use Ron better than me?
Although Dougreaves didn’t explicitly say it outside, that was what he meant all the time.
Ron Howard finally came to Popovich this season. I have 西安夜生活论坛 to say that Popovich is looking at Ron Howard and he really has something.
At the very least, everyone agrees that it was a waste of the Magic to make Ron Howard a dribble guard and spot shooter on offense last season.
Ron Howard can be a jammed version of Jordan on offense.
Well, after all, the Spurs’ little gang leader, Joe’s leaning back after the three laps from the left and three laps of ecstasy is very distinctive.
It’s just that, even if Dougrives knows Ron Howard has this offensive potential, I am afraid that he would not dare to use him in the Magic.
After all, the Magic was McGrady’s team last season. How can there be room for you to give you a rookie and let McGrady accompany you in circles?
Of course, Ron Howard’s offensive potential is really not seen by anyone except Popovich.
Even at Marquette University, Ron Howard has never been used like this.
At Marquette University, Ron Howard has more organizational responsibility and rebounding responsibility than when he was in the Magic, and he is not like a jammed version of Jordan playing in the Spurs now.
So, seeing Popovich use Ron Howard in this way, Dogreaves was actually 西安洗浴网 convinced. He felt that he wanted to break his head, and he would never have thought that Ron could be used in this way.
Indeed, Ron’s IQ, the ball quotient, the ball-handling ability, the height, the wingspan, and preventing him from going round and round on the court is really a waste of his talents.
In this matter, Popovich did have an idea, his eyes were like a torch


id that there was no chance of shooting. Because Messina attached him very tightly, he could catch the football. Not bad, but maybe he changed his mind after the football was padded in the chest. In short, he finished an unexpected shot in this way, which completely exceeded the defensive player’s expectations. And goalkeeper Tozo was also lost by Messi. Na and Brandt blocked the sight and didn’t see Gao Zheng’s shot. He waited until the football flew over and then it was too late.”
Gao Zheng’s goal did not destroy Icardi’s fighting spirit, on the contrary it made him more active. .
His activeness also paid off in the second half of the game. He also scored twice to help his red team chase the score to 2:3.
Because it is not a regular game, it is just a team game, so the game time is not strictly set in accordance with the ninety minutes, and the second half is only 20 minutes each.
Then the two sides fell into a stalemate, it seems that no one can do anything.
Both Icardi and Gao Zheng have been closely guarded by defensive players, and it is not so easy to score goals.
Icardi is like an angry bull, still on 西安桑拿夜网 the line of defense, looking for opportunities to score.
In comparison, Gao Zheng is much calmer. He is not obsessed with shooting. If he passes the ball to his teammate, he will pass it to his teammate.
Just looking
at this comparison, it is really inevitable that people wonder if Icardi is wishful thinking. When the game is about to end, the blue team’s midfielder Luca Franchini suddenly dribbled through the front of the penalty zone and scored. restricted area.
Facing the opponent’s interception, he passed the football to Gao Zheng, who was just near the penalty spot, and then continued to move forward.
Gao Zheng was facing the offensive direction at the time. Judging from Frankini’s movements after passing the ball, this is a very typical way of trying to hit the wall with two-to-one coordination.
Gao Zheng also really 西安耍耍论坛 m


This kid!
He stole the limelight again!
“Good shot! Beautiful!! Good!!” The commentator Duan Haoran shouted continuously, forgetting about it.
He was still worried about glory before, and he had long been thrown out of the sky!
Let all those worries go to hell!
He played five minutes on his debut and scored such a wonderful goal. What is there to worry about in his future? !
“This is not the first goal scored by a Chinese player in the five major leagues. This is not even the first goal scored by a Chinese player in the Bundesliga, but it is definitely the most beautiful goal scored by a Chinese player in Europe!! Perfect Turned around 360 degrees, and wiped out the virtue of defending him in a way that ordinary people can’t predict and imagine! Isn’t his physical confrontation good? Yes, but he doesn’t give you a physical confrontation at all!”
Duan Haoran Obviously a bit too excited, his volume simply can not be suppressed.
But no one blamed Duan Haoran for losing the calmness and objectivity of a commentator.
Chinese commentators need to be objective, because they have long commented on games that have nothing to do with them. But now that there is such a Chinese player in the European arena, if he remains calm and objective, it would be an abomination.
Now in front of the TV and in front of the computer, many fans are more excited than Duan Haoran!
“Fuck me! How did Rongguang do it just now?!”
“The ten 西安足浴spa best football in the world is ranked first!”
“Rongguang! What a kid! The first time I watched his live game, it was awesome. No wonder they can be the main core in Sao Paulo and win the Libertadores Cup!”
“It’s a beautiful goal! I don’t 西安耍耍网 lose to those world-class stars!”
“World wave! Absolute world wave!!” ”
This is too fast! The son of the wind! No! The son of the light! The son of the light!”
Chinese fans are much more excited than the commentators.
“This” is in the media gallery, all reporters, whether they are Chinese. , Still from Germany, before the goal


there is nothing worthy of special attention.” Minnie Vatu shook her head, “In the past half month, the undead legion, even the void communication has become extremely small, and the space node 新西安夜网 has no response.”

“What do you think about this?” Peidi looked at his cousin.

Andy Barrett shrugged, “I can only plan, not explain the problem.”

Pedi frowned and turned his gaze to Brook.

“This is the fifth time you asked this question this morning!” Andy Barrett looked up and down the emperor, “Are you nervous?”

“Of course!” Pedi did not deny, “Once our plan 西安夜生活网 begins, we will invest in the alliance. Almost all of the army’s strength failed.”

“If we fail, we can still retreat. The big deal is to abandon the Feld leader and stick to the Manwis Canyon.” Andy Barrett interrupted his cousin, “Although this will change our future wars. It’s extremely difficult.”

“I have just been crowned, my dear cousin.”

“I just want to have a good breakfast.” Pedi also stood up, picked up the 西安夜生活论坛hot ale on the wooden table next to him and drank it in one breath, put the toasted soft bread on the plate, and turned to look. To Brooke Chief of Staff, “pass on the order.”

December 1, the first day of the last month of 1220.

“My crown is equal to this war!” Pedi seemed to be joking, but the topic was very serious, “Why do you think the Allied forces can be gathered together?”

西安夜生活第一论坛网 “So what is your plan?” Andy Barrett Wrapped in a towel in his hand, he tore off the grilled sausage, and he glanced at the knife, fork and porcelain plate on the cabinet next to him, and took a bite.

“Oh, it’s hot! But it’s delicious!” Andy quickly swallowed his food, looked at his cousin and said, “Do you want to give up?”

“No, I just complain, you know, as the emperor, I There are not many people who can complain!”西安夜网论坛

“The front line is still waiting for your order, Your Majesty!” Andy stood up and saluted the emperor with a greasy mouth, “If the time is too long, our plan is likely to be all Exposure.” The

sky over Fort Serek was as g


h the rampant pirates, the Hoko Islands, the Tower of the Mage, and the large chambers of the Sukh Plain, it was difficult for the economic conditions of the Kluo to win the ocean trade. .”

“Although the ocean trade was started by your ancestors.” When Derrick Danny said here, he stopped to take a breath and looked at the emperor’s expression. He saw that the emperor hadn’t paid too much attention to this issue before continuing: ” But at that time the best ocean trade was the wealthy Hoko Islands and the aristocratic merchants in the Sukh Plain, because Kruel was very poor 西安耍耍网 at the time, and the chamber of commerce engaged in ocean trade was also very weak.”

“The merchant who discovered this problem was named Ao. Elden Mara, the ancestor of Sir Syke Mara, and the founder of the Baran Town Chamber of Commerce Union. Sir Alden used the opportunity to meet at the New Year’s party to report this to the Duke of Yorksaw Reagan at the time. He claimed that if he did not want to increase the competitiveness of Crew’s ocean trade, Crew’s overall interests would be impaired and would even be kicked out of ocean trade by other regional chambers of commerce.”

“Sir Alden is an owner. A visionary businessman.” Peidi couldn’t help commenting.

“Yes, Sir Alden not only has a vision, but he is also a wise businessman.” Derrick Denny continued after his heartfelt praise: “He suggested to the Duke 西安夜生活网 of Yorksaw Reagan that a powerful company should be established. The Creeling Union Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the entire Creeling spice trade with the Western Continent. This way, not only can the malicious competition between the Chamber of Commerce be avoided, but also the common interests of the businessmen can be guaranteed.”

Pedi nodded. The reason those 西安夜网论坛 chambers of commerce opposed was because at that time the Reagan family had an absolute advantage in ocean trade in the Western Continent. Other chambers of commerce objected to fear that after the establishment of the United Chamber of Commerce, th


was so angry that they said the girls were outward, which was correct.

Anyway, right? For the first two years, I was angry when I watched him. I didn’t even bother to 新西安夜网 care about how they met. Later, I gradually changed my mind to him. It didn’t matter how I met him. I didn’t ask. My wife probably knows.”

“Then. Do you know what your daughter does?”

“What do you do? Isn’t it a model, the kind of taking pictures of people.” Zhao Zhishan didn’t know what he thought of, and frowned: “Don’t think about it, she took pictures. All serious photos!西安夜生活第一论坛网 ”

“Ahem,” Brother Song gave a dry cough: “Later she quit, do you know?”

“I know, it’s good, shouldn’t my daughter stay at home and enjoy her happiness? Why are you tired of working hard?” Zhao Zhishan rolled his eyes.

The corner of Song Ge’s mouth twitched, and he glanced at Qi Yuan unconsciously, and saw that he also had the same weird expression.

This Zhao Zhishan is a daughter.

Pursing his lips, Brother 西安夜生活论坛 Song went on to ask: “Do you know why she resigned?”

“I don’t know, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, so what are they doing?” Zhao Zhishan said as expected: “The kid’s income is not high, But it’s fine. It’s enough to support the family. As long as they can eat, wear, warm, and take good care of the ocean, then they can let them chant, and if they 新西安夜网ask too much, it will be annoying.”

This is a sensible daughter. control.

Song Ge thought secretly.

Indeed, in many cases, caring is too much and it is quite annoying, so Zhao Zhishan always chooses to care behind his back, give silently, try not to disturb his daughter’s husband and wife life, only care about whether she is wronged, and leave nothing else.

But thinking about it from another angle, his behavior 西安夜生活第一论坛网 is actually too extreme, leading to a lack of understanding of his daughter.

But how many men of that generation are not good at communicating with their children?

The reason why most families are strict fathers and mothers, a large part of th


.” Chief of Staff Bowen Wright was holding a huge magnifying glass and observing a huge map. This map was drawn by the Scout Brigade in three months. It shows in detail all the mountains 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and rivers in the southern area of ??Tyre, as well as every terrain after being destroyed.

Bipp frowned and said,

“Maybe give up the strategy of attacking Tyre at the time.” “There are so many’origins’ on the battlefield, and I don’t think there was anything wrong with the original decision.” Pedi interrupted Bipp and said. Looking around

there are very few people around him. Except for Prime Minister Bipp and 西安桑拿网 Chief of Staff Bowen Wright, the only ones left are the staff of the King’s Staff and the Command Staff.

“The construction team on the front line has already begun to set up, right?” Peidi dropped the boring documents he was looking through, and asked with an expression of interest.

“Yes.” Bowen Lair didn’t understand why the king suddenly became so listless. He could only answer 西安夜生活网 as carefully as possible: “It is estimated that the roads in this area will be built in three months.” He was speaking on the map. Several points are marked consecutively.

Pedi was very dissatisfied with the result. He frowned, “Where is the earth magician we asked for the assistance of Wings of Eternity? When will it be available?”

“This is not good.” This question is somewhat difficult for Bowen Wright. .

“What 西安夜网论坛 is Botley’s attitude?”

“In the Mage Tower, there has always been a force opposed to our war on the Sukh Plain.” Sir Bippe took the words of Bowen Wright, “We did not lead the war in Eluk. According to the original plan, this made the opposition power of the Mage Tower”

“I want to know the final opinion of the Mage Tower!” Peidi was losing patience.

“At present, the Mage Tower 西安桑拿网 has not responded to our request positively, but they recruited a group of magic apprentices and laborers.”

“I just read the list of assistance for the Mage Tower.” Peidi is very dissatisfied with the current state of the headquart


r guard? “

“Yes.” The corner of Song Ge’s mouth raised slightly, and he said with a chuckle: “Last night when he was changing the guard, his legs were a little swollen these days, and the pain was severe. So he planned to come to the detachment to have breakfast and then go to the Xun team. Team Su asks for a leave and go to the hospital to see.”

“Huh?” Qi Yuan was a little stunned: “Is it all right? How come the feet are swollen?”

“Maybe there is effusion, I am not very clear, I will see later. You can see.” He shrugged, and then asked: “How are you doing during this time? Are you busy? I heard that there was a police murder case in the middle? Has it been solved?”

“Detected.” Qi Yuan repeatedly nodded: “Su team 西安夜生活论坛 led us to detect. The murderer is really difficult to deal with, very difficult, and very cautious. However, let’s get rid of one hundred secrets, and finally fall into our hands.”

“It’s not a hundred secrets one sparse. , But doomed.” Su Ping’s voice rang from behind him, saying: “With the density of surveillance and criminal investigation techniques in these years, unless time is long and the evidence 西安桑拿网 is destroyed by time, it is unlikely that the outstanding cases of the past years will occur again. “After a

pause, Su Ping said again: “Therefore, smart murderers these days often do not how to design the murder process, but to deal with the corpse.

Because no matter how subtle the process is, once a crime is committed, it is very likely that we will be killed by us. Check it out. But if you don’t see people or corpses, you may have been confused by the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 murderer.

Even if your family members or colleagues report the disappearance, you also know that police resources are still very tight these days. The power invested in disappearance cases is actually quite limited. It is not the same as homicide cases. Homicide cases must be solved to this day. It is still politically correct, so you understand. That’s 西安夜生活网

why in disappearance cases, how many parties have died and how many


ther side, with the continuous sound of “KachaKacha”, the giant hand shattered in layers under the blow, and the burning green fire quickly faded under the action of the Holy Power.

“Roar” roared from the unclear soul of the rock puppet. 西安耍耍网

The rock puppet didn’t give up the attack because of the fragmentation of one arm. Almost when Pedi blocked its fist and fell, its other arm suddenly raised and fell quickly.

“Should be imprisoned!” Pedi roared, and his body sacred force pulled the sacred atom in the surrounding space. When the huge arm fell, all the surrounding areas centered on him were covered by the sacred power and spread quickly to the rock. The body of the puppet.

“Long live Your Majesty!” The knights of the guards cheered excitedly, as if their king had completed a legendary dragon slaying.

Pedi’s warhammer pointed at the garrison soldiers rushing up in front of him, “For the Kingdom of Kluria, advance!”

“Oh!” the morale soldiers shouted vigorously.

The staff’s conclusion passed to Pedi’s hands, and he 西安夜生活第一论坛网 almost cursed the staff of the command like a normal frontline commander. “Maintain the current offensive posture” seems to be a simple sentence, but the soldiers on the front line are hard to imagine.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, at the gate of Zhongyang Avenue.

But the key issue is the battle on the left side of the city gate, and now even the city wall cannot be climbed up.

In this way, the battle on Peidi’西安桑拿网 s side was very passive, and the record reported by the scouts on the battlefield ten minutes ago made Peidi almost angry in front of the soldiers. Because in less than five hours of battle ahead, two paladins and dozens of magicians have been killed on the left side of the city wall.

However, Ans Zola on the podium did not appear to be very anxious. While reorganizing the Paladins who had arrived through the teleportation formation, he constantly dispatched more soldiers to the right wall to relieve the pressure on the left battlefield.

As far as the podium is con