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dead are watchdogs or challengers who come to inquire about the situation. They have put their heads under the sword and may move at any time. As for the dead, of course, they are the troublemakers. Tulam focused his observation on neither the half-dead nor the deceased, because the former is very boring, while the latter can only bring such a little joy at death. What he likes most to see is the dying. In them, Tulam can see himself as a young man. At that time, he was the same as them, holding a sharp knife in his hand, in the blood-stained land envied by many clans, but his eyes were always looking at Iron Sand City. While waiting, courage, blood, and strength moved away from him a little bit, until someone replaced him and became the new owner of the little oasis. He wandered his tail and begged for mercy before allowing himself to survive. He became a part of the blood-stained land. Turn the dead into half-dead. Despite putting life under the blade, The dead may fly into the sky, such as breaking their cocoons and spreading their wings and being reborn from the fire. The half-dead will never have this opportunity and can only find some fun as comfort in the boring second half of their lives. For example, admiring these oasis passers-by or being buried in yellow sand, or becoming the new owner of this place. At this moment, one of his men opened the door and walked in and whispered a few words in his ear. “Oh? Are you sure you heard it right?” Turam was startled. “That’s what he said, and judging from the appearance of the woman next to him, it’s likely to be a goddess.” Turam groaned for a moment, and then showed a malicious smile, “Take them in, remember to take them away. Weapons, this guy is not easy to deal with.” “Yes.” Look, now there is a big fun coming up. There were two visitors. Although their bodies were hidden under loose robes, he still saw that the other party was a man and a woman. When the tall man took off his hood and showed his true face in front of him, Tulam couldn’t help but squinted hi