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and power comes from the vast land and people. If even the ancients, foreign races, and even the devil were on your side, wouldn’t it? Doesn’t it mean that the power we can share can also extend to regions outside of humanity? Cole took a deep breath, apparently stunned by this statement. “The little nobleman who manages a village can call out the name of each hustleman; but the lord of a town can hardly do this. The more complex the inhabitants of the territory, the larger the territory. As for the king who brought the foreign race under the rule, there has never been a king. Since the reason for leaving the North at the beginning is that the land of the duke is too narrow, why is it now? Worry about this kind of thing? Kerr stood there, and it took a long time before he came back to his senses, “but” “but they are different from us after all, right?” “Edith’s lips curled up, “As long as your Majesty is in a dominant position, he will do what he wants to do at that time.” Cole seemed to feel a little bit of chill in the heated room. “Then then, it’s your turn to pay back,” Beidi Pearl narrowed his eyes and pointed to the long skirt and said word by word, “put on Show it to me. Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty One Sand Road, Wolf Heart This is a long dream. A dream that Luo Jia knew was a dream. The moment the four-winged eagle fell to the ground, the body has deeply remembered the reaction and pain at that moment, her legs were crushed, and her bone head was grains of wheat under the stone turntable. Although she had never planted wheat before, she had seen how the tribesmen were. Deal with this food purchased from the north. Without a doubt, let alone fighting, she couldn’t even stand up for the rest of her life. But now, she is still standing. So this is a dream. Only in dreams can reality be reversed. Luo Jia took a deep breath and looked forward. There is a sandy road with no end in sight. Every time she walks, she can meet an opponent. That’s right, the opponents she has defeated in her life are now walki