ikes this kind of game the most.” “

ation they know is pitiful. If you can, I hope you and Zeluo can rush to the front line immediately.” “Don’t worry. Now that we are here, it’s impossible to let go of an important enemy,” Isabella said, “As for the trial, I can’t stop her. Or, you can act as a spectator by the way. It won’t take long anyway. “Same as before?” “Well, the rules are basically the same,” she smiled, “Zero likes this kind of game the most.” “Let’s get started then.” Damn, Mayne’s face was expressionless, in his heart. But annoyed. It is more appropriate to call it a trial game than a cat catching a mouse. Captives must escape from the opponent’s designated area or defeat the witch in order to gain a glimmer of life-and this life is extremely slim, but it is just a bait used to lure mice to fight hard, it seems not difficult to do, in fact it is out of reach. He dispersed the trial army who was responsible for protecting and monitoring the pure, and his intention is also here-this process is not fair and just, and the actions of the other party are not compatible with purity, see. Much more, I am afraid it will shake their faith in the church. When they take over as the Pope, they must be taught the importance of obeying orders. At this moment, Zeluo had already untied the ropes on the prisoner’s body, and at the same time spread her hands, indicating that she was not carrying any weapons. A long sword, a machete, and a light crossbow were placed in front of the prisoner. “Come on, fight or run, follow your own heart,” she said, her tone still gentle, “only the gods can make a ruling.” One of them gritted his teeth and suddenly picked up the crossbow from the ground and approached directly. The Purity who was close at hand shot it, and then, regardless of whether it hit or not, the other hand had already grabbed the long sword and slashed forward. The whole action was done in one go, obviously not the skill of the militia. However, the sword edge didn’t cut anything, and the Pure took two steps backwards, easily avoiding the surpris