itory, so Tulam named it as “Sk

f the First Army. If anyone dares to stop in front of your Majesty, just crush them all into powder. “M. . Text Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Four The man of revenge. Tulam’s favorite thing to do is to sit on the second floor of the tavern and admire the customers downstairs. This is his tavern and his territory, so Tulam named it as “Skull Wineglass” according to his own preferences, and re-decorated it, and also hung a series of incomplete skulls at the entrance. Pub logo. Although it was not called by this name five years ago. What was it called at that time? Fairy Forest or Fairy Garden? Regardless of him, it didn’t matter anyway, Turam took a sip of the spirits filled with cape gooseberry, letting the spicy flavor fill the tongue. Such a weak name is not suitable for the blood-stained place. There are no fairies or fairies like women here, but there are as many bones. After each battle, there will be a pile of corpses left outside of Iron Sand City. He prefers bones baked in hot sand, especially the skull, compared to the perishable flesh. First of all, it has a deterrent effect, allowing those who come to borrow alcohol to make troubles to understand what exactly is here. Secondly, it can indeed hold wine, so you can buy fewer wine glasses. After all, the former is not effective for everyone. There are always some idiots with deformed heads who think that everything is like his own backyard, and his opponents are no different from women who can only cry. In a place where troublemakers are frequent, fragile pottery and glass are not ideal containers. Looking at each customer is a habit that Tulam has developed in recent years. People who enter and leave here can generally be divided into three categories, half-dead, dying, and deceased-he prefers to distinguish people this way over identity. The purpose of the half-dead here is very simple, drinking, gambling, and playing with women; as long as they maintain their current behavior, they can basically complete the remaining half of the journey. Most of the