ube were indeed extraordinary. After encountering the Ripper Warrior, they honestly gave up resistance and were imprisoned until now. It’s just that they look neither undead nor high-level at the moment-they are full of pure vitality, and their skin color is not as gray as what they had seen before. In addition to a few leaders, the remaining dozens are ordinary people, men, women and children. He was sitting on the floor and shrank into a ball, looking like a refugee. Higuain took a team of heavily armed tiger spirit hunters to guard, but it seemed completely redundant, and even scared a few half-old children. Richard wondered if this was really the core of the army of the undead, he believed that Abu was able to make a famous story that would last forever. Who are you guys anyway? The lord took off the blood-stained robe and threw it away, naturally someone reached out to catch it. He showed off his skills today, and played the magical effect of not touching a leaf in a tens of thousands of flowers. Obviously, the fight is endless, but there is not much blood stained on the body. This requires very clever control. Only himself and Elizabeth can try similar flowers in the entire Alpine Fort, and the others are still far away. The leader among the refugees stood up, a young man with a bright body, with dark green hair tied at random behind his head. Although it looks poor and ragged, it is not as good as the beggar in Coron. But Richard could feel that his strength was not weak, and this was the one who was so powerful at the beginning. With that hand, you can easily become a guest of the local lord wherever you go. People with real abilities are always respected. Even if he is as dirty as if he has just been fished out of a pile of mud, he cannot hide his essence as a young Toshihiko. As a result, the young Toshihiko just opened his mouth and stunned the lord on the spot-can he stutter first? He was holding his stomach and his face was very pale, and his grunts continued to echo in the quiet Lord’s