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Irene was speechless for a while, thinking about explaining, “You can understand it as a club where geniuses who are good at transfiguration are concentrated.”

“Isn’t he just entering school?” Everyone was a little surprised.

Well, now everyone can guess that Charlie’s intentions are very good. This is a seeker who is going to leave a substitute for the team.

Although Charlie is a 西安夜生活网 seeker himself, he is about to graduate. After he graduates , If the team can’t find a suitable seeker, doesn’t it have a ready substitute?

Although Albert is busy transforming the club, if Wood really can’t find a good seeker, I believe Professor McGonagall I would definitely help persuade Albert to join the Quidditch team. After all, they all know that Professor McGonagall’s love for Quidditch is 新西安夜网 not worse than everyone else.

If Albert knows, he will definitely shake his head and slander: Don’t worry , When Charlie graduates, there will be a pig’s feet named Harry Potter to take over the spotter’s position.

Chapter 74 Homework


Before class, Professor McGonagall stood at the podium table and confronted the people in the classroom. The students said: “Read Gamp’s Basic Law of Transformation, 西安耍耍网 write a summary, and hand it in next Monday.” In the

classroom, everyone was whispering about the trick to turning matches into needles. Only a few people can do it, and most students only

Can make some changes in your matches. “You need to hurry up, next Monday we will practice turning stones into tea cups.” Professor McGonagall’s tone became severe, “If that time, who has not mastered 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the matches thoroughly If you become a needle, you will be confined. I hope you can have some refreshments in this area. The training time in class alone is not enough for you to master the transformation technique. I hope that no one needs to go to me to shut it down. Confined.” As

soon as Professor McGonagall left, the classroom was full of sorrows. Transfiguration was more difficult than everyone 西安夜网论坛 tho


ouse elves have never eaten chocolate, at least they have never eaten chocolates given by wizards.

Seeing that the box of chocolates was divided up, and some house elves did not eat it, Albert took out another box and opened it. For those house elves who have never eaten. The house elves 新西安夜网

cried bitterly on the spot.

“You eat slowly, then I won’t bother you.”

Albert took Tom and got up to leave. Several house elves started to leave. The elf enthusiastically brought the freshly baked pie to Albert and asked him to take some back to eat.

Chapter 375 Witcher Card Version 1.1

Wood decided to keep Harry’s participation in the Quidditch game strictly confidential and kept him As a secret weapon of 西安夜网论坛 the Gryffindor team, it is ready to catch opponents off guard during the game.

Yes, a secret weapon, but the secret always spreads like wildfire.

Become the first Gryffindor seeker in Harry The next day, all the teachers and students in the school knew that Harry was going to be a seeker.

For this reason, Wood was so angry that he chased the twins with a broomstick. He believed that the two had leaked the secret.

Some 西安夜生活论坛 people said Harry would play very well.

Great, some people say that they will have to hold the mattress and run underneath Harry to prevent him from falling. In short, Harry Potter’s pressure has become very heavy, especially when a group of people are going to see him together The jokes during training were mainly Slytherin students.

“Gryffindor Academy has never had any 西安桑拿网 secrets.” Albert smiled and comforted Wood, who was still annoyed. “And congratulations on finding an excellent seeker.”

Wood muttered constantly, ” This is not a good thing.”, “I don’t want to put too much pressure on Harry.”

Albert shook his head, found a chair next to him, sat down, and opened the letter from home, Niya Everything was fine in school. She made new friends very smoothly, and the letter also wrote about what 西安夜生活网 happened in school.

As Albert expected, his sister was still unwilling, but in sc


ttle guilty when they mentioned this matter.

Ivan didn’t care,

after all, he was in Gryffindor College,

and he had more points! You can deduct it!

Anyway, Dumbledore will add it back by the end of the semester…

Ivan thought so, but soon realized By this year’s big boss Tom Riddle has been controlled by himself.

Harry has lost a thrilling adventure, and Dumbledore can’t seem to find a reason to give him extra points…

Is it possible that this year is really going to lose the Academy Cup?

Ivan scratched his hair, and there was no solution for a while.

After 西安夜网论坛 breakfast, Ivan packed up and went to today’s Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

In the middle of the journey, Ivan noticed that Harry seemed a little absent-minded, but he didn’t care too much, thinking that maybe Dumbledore had come to him for a conversation.

After class, Lockhart stood on the stage as always, performing the book story with Neville.

Today’s content is how he subdued a vampire hiding in the crowd on 西安耍耍网 Halloween,

but the little wizards below cast distrustful eyes on him, and some even talked loudly about Lockhart fainting. What happened on the Quidditch pitch immediately drew bursts of cheerful laughter.

The classroom was filled with joy for a while…

Lockhart tried to explain that he was only in poor condition yesterday, but unfortunately it attracted more ridicule from the crowd. This time even Hermione was reluctant 西安夜生活网 to help him defend.

Lockhart appeared calm and composed, but behind his back he was restless.

He really couldn’t bear this kind of life, so after the course, he found a reason to bring Ivan to his office.


Lockhart locked the office door with his backhand, then turned his head and said anxiously to Ivan.

“Halse, when will the things you mentioned 新西安夜网 be ready…”

“It will take a month at the earliest, and my materials have not yet been shipped.” Ivan said helplessly.

“But I can’t wait a month!” Lockhart paced around the office anxiously, almost fainting Ivan.

“Then add


, Bok looked better than he thought. It’s even more tricky!

“That kid must still be here, do everything to find him!” Bok 西安夜生活第一论坛网 turned his head and shouted at the black-robed wizards who were still at a loss.

After speaking, Bock released the exploration magic, and the powerful magic wave swept through the entire reception hall, but found nothing…

Ivan in the invisibility cloak wandered freely in the chaotic battlefield, seeing a A black-robed sorcerer concentrated on the over-control patron saint, and suddenly approached a few steps, and a curse 西安夜生活网 was suddenly thrown on it!

“Shen Feng Wuying!”

Unseen magic Blade lasing out, that moment will be the name of a black robe wizard wand right arm to cut down,

the next moment, a shrill screams rang up in the drawing room,

that The black-robed wizard held his right arm in pain and knocked down a cabinet behind him, then tumbled and fell to the ground.

The reaction of Bok and others was not unpleasant. The moment Ivan made a sound, he locked his position. Without any hesitation, the colorful spell light had already hit.

There is also a warning sign in Ivan’s heart under the invisibility cloak. Of course, the protective ring is not enough to resist so many spells at the same time!

But fortunately, he still has a magic ring!

Ivan almost has no reservations to store the magic 西安桑拿网 ring in the ring. The power of was released, a powerful wave of magic power spread in all directions, the curse that had not been close was annihilated, and a dark wizard who was closer was knocked out.

Ivan fled from the previous position in a tumble, and disappeared in front of them again with the help of invisibility cloak.

Bok was about to be blown up with anger. To him, Ivan looked like a mouse running around, which 新西安夜网 was disgusting.

However, the failure of the previous exploration magic has also made Bok vigilant, knowing that Ivan is not wearing an ordinary invisibility cloak, otherwise it would never be as powerful.

“I’m going to see when you can hide!” Although



“Tomorrow? But didn’t you start school the day after tomorrow?” Dougert asked strangely.

Ivan didn’t explain, he just arbitrarily prevarication, he didn’t talk to Dougter about the time converter, lest he be guessed by Dougter that he bombed his home!

Nor did he The meaning of the questioning, waited until Ivan left, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 then asked Aysia.

“Should we discuss that matter with Ivan in advance?”

“No…” Aysia hesitated, and shook her head.

Since Ivan intends to return to Hogwarts, it’s better not to mention it, lest he gets distracted while studying.

Anyway, Fren and others are now greatly increasing their combat power, and Dougte has also summoned many friends to help. This is already an 西安夜网论坛 extremely large force in Knockdown Alley.

So it’s better to wait for Ivan to give him a surprise when he comes back!

Doug nodded his head and did not refute, but continued to ask another important question. “What about the funds? Have you thought about it?”

“Don’t worry about this. I asked Bok about the location of the store vault. There are tens of thousands of Wanjialong inside. Even if we recruit some more people, 西安耍耍网 it will take a short time. Don’t worry about funding.” Aysia explained.

It’s a pity that she can’t get the large sums of money that the Bok family has saved in Gringotts, but she can still find a way to take over the Bok business, and she won’t need to worry about the funds again if she takes over the wizard market in the future. There is a shortage.

“That’s good!” Dougt felt relieved immediately. Although his friends are all good at it, the asking price is not cheap.

“By the way, Dougt, do you have a way to take it down from the Bokimberk Magic Shop?” Aysia thought of the title deed brought back by Ivan.

She hadn’t paid attention to Bojinbok Magic Store before, because she didn’t want to cause trouble. After all, Bok was killed by them. If she participated in the fight for the ownership of the Magic 新西安夜网 Store, she might be caught by the Ministry of Magic.

But since Ivan has s


d, “Besides, what you make is not delicious.”


Oh, well, this is the so-called destiny choice.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

Elena nodded with a smile, so that even Dumbledore could no longer accuse her of abusing the elderly.

“It’s actually very simple to cast a spell without a stick. It was, “I

glanced at Gellert Grindelwald with a full face, the girl raised 西安耍耍网 her mouth, gestured with her hands in the air, her expression was very serious,” first choked, then pinged, and the curse was put on It’s coming out.”

“Chong, ping?”

Grindelwald’s eyes twitched.

“Yes, hacking, ping.”

Elena nodded, seriously, and gestured again.

Can’t laugh , To give the most basic surface respect to the 西安夜网论坛 first generation of the Dark Lord, the old predecessors of the magic world.

“Keep it, ping it?!”

Grindelwald held back his anger, looked at the little Lolita in front of him, and said in a bad tone. Repeated one sentence, “This is what you called the skill of using a rodless spell you learned at Hogwarts?”

“Yes, it’s just a bang, a ping. Then the Bright Curse will automatically be cast successfully. Hogwarts taught it. I realized this by myself. Why, 新西安夜网 is there any dissatisfaction?”

Elena tried to collapse the expression on her face not to laugh, intentionally or unconsciously waved her small white fist, then leaned gracefully, took the plate on the table and left the room, leaving Grindelwald with a beautiful background .

“Well, good-bye, grandfather.”

“Wait, you have nothing to say,”

realized that he has been put out of Grindelwald lips trembling with anger.

Elena stopped, revealing 西安夜生活论坛 a delicate Looking sideways, the lake-blue eyes glanced at Grindelwald behind him, and said in an old-fashioned tone, “Don’t rely too much on the experience of others, Mr. Gellert. There are some things that can only be understood by your own practice. ”

After finishing speaking, before the angry roar of the old man came, Elena spread her legs and ran 西安夜生活网 downstairs to pretend to be forced to run. It is really the most


rmione Granger frowned, quickly raised his hand in disbelief breath and asked, “So over the years, do not have a magic of their own community on the magic era it?”

“Might have been There have been, but they are just a flash in the pan.” Professor Bins said in a somewhat annoyed tone.

“History has proven that not so many wizards are willing to spend their energy to create a set, and can 新西安夜网 only use the dating system of two or three generations at most. Under the circumstances, Muggles who are less talented are more likely to continue the tradition even if it is the wrong calendar year, and the precipitation of time will gradually replace the real history.”

With Professor Bins’s dry, 西安夜生活网 hurried voice, the body of the old wizard Vaguely it seemed to have become more transparent again, and a faint sigh sounded again in the classroom, but the students who were immersed in the question and answer did not care.

Hearing Professor Bins’s answer, Elena did not act. There are too many accidents.

The chronology system in history is not the same as magic spells and potions.

Its formation and development require more than just a subtle idea or an outstanding genius, it needs to go through dozens of generations, even hundreds of people. The inheritance of generations continues, and it expands to enough people and regions to be truly formed.

Undoubtedly, with the expansion of religion in the Middle Ages, the AD era from the Holy See was spread to all corners of the world through the army and ships, and it has become so far. The most widely-covered 西安夜生活第一论坛网 universal chronology so far.

However, this is not the basis for the magical world to obey and use this chronological method, just like even today, whether it is a currency exchange system or a daily metric, the magical world still uses it. (For more details, click here to view →)

“Well, so far, these are the changes that have occurred a long time ago.” Professor Bins clumsily opened the notes and said, “Let’s continue to learn About the history of the dem


t’s message, at least he knew the existence of Elena directly.

After all, the first sentence of the handwriting that opened the title page is (just use this Lanna book gave Elena Castro, hoping to fog history of magic for her.)

so of course, it only out of politeness, Elena should also write a letter to express his thanks.

Not to mention 西安夜生活网 , In today’s magical world, there are few people who can match Bathilda Bagshot in the field of magic history.

If you say that some of the articles in the next few issues of “Singing the Tune” will be affected by this If authoritative figures interpret and agree, the doubts and pressures Elena will face afterwards will be much smaller.

As for the possibility of Ms. Bagshot’s rejection, Elena is not worried at all, as long as Bahida Bagshot opened the envelope and read the first sentence. According to the character of the witch, he would be very happy to help.

“Dear Mrs. Baghida Bagshot, my great grandma, grandpa has already written the book “A History of Magic “Hardcover Collector’s Edition” was transferred to me, I like it very much”

Elena bit the end of the quill pen, leaned down and wrote on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the parchment without thinking.

A quarter of an hour later, Elena took the parchment in her hand and checked it again, and nodded with great satisfaction.

After experiencing the correspondence with Lovegood’s family, she faced this way of communication between wizards. At that time, she has become more and more proficient, both in terms of decent writing and tone

, she has been smooth and 新西安夜网 smooth. In the letter, she emphatically expressed her gratitude to Bathilda Bashat and her current learning I have encountered some confusion and troubles, and considering that Ms. Bagshot is very old, the “intimate little padded jacket Elena” even wrote at the end of the letter that if grandma feels that there is any problem or inconvenience in communication with the letter, she You can also ask your grandfather to accompany 西安桑拿网 you to your grandma’s residence and talk


egging for dinner, and the new book is asking for recommended votes for support, hey! I am confident to ask for tickets. After eating, continue to write a chapter)

PS: Actually I’m thinking, wait for me to code “Attack of Salted Fish Girl” or “Hogwarts on the Bite of the Tongue”. Let me vote for it, I will come back after eating~ Meow~)

Chapter 11 Money is OK Earn more money, but 西安桑拿网

quietly in the abandoned classroom, the sun setting sun happened to pass through the clouds and reflected from the window, and the orange afterglow suddenly spilled over half of the classroom, covering the silver-haired girl with the grand piano.

Elena sat on the leather sofa and stool, lowered her eyes, and concentrated on digging a spoonful of lemon ice cream in the cup, as if the meaning of the whole world was in her palm.

Dumbledore took a look. She became a cute little silver-haired girl like a cat. She shook her head with a wry smile. She didn’t expect that the prompt that Professor McGonagall brought back worked. The

old wizard raised the wand in his right hand and shook dexterously, and moved the wooden desk and stool at the back of the classroom Moved to the front, used magic to remove the dust, stood up and sat down.

“Hello, Elena, introduce myself again. I am Professor Dumbledore, the principal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Elena Nodded slightly, indicating that she was listening to Dumbledore’s words, and she murmured silently in her heart. Fortunately, she didn’t follow the character card of the chocolate frog, otherwise she really had to reconsider the average IQ of the magical 新西安夜网world. (Click here for details)

Deng Bledo cleared his throat and looked at Elena sincerely and continued.

“About the magical world and Hogwarts, I don’t think I need to explain it again. This time I invite Miss Elena to visit our school. The main purpose is I want to send you an admission invitation again.”


The metal spoon in Elena’s hand poked on the porcelain plate, making a crisp sound,


is better than the small street shop.

Then why am I here?

Lorenzo raised 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his head as he said, but looked at the other himself, reflected in the ice sea.

Because the height was not enough, Seleu stepped on a chair with one leg and half-kneeled on the table with the other leg. , Tried to get close to him, and then looked at Lorenzo’s eyes carefully.

Some people say that the eyes 西安桑拿网 are the window of the soul, and Seleu’s posture is like opening the skylight, dragging the strange soul out from the inside to take a good look. .

Lorenzo first reaction is to look away, the Seleucids eyes like magic, like, no one can hide behind the idea that in sight, she would easily see through you, to find she wants.

If not plug There has never been any erosive reaction on Ryukyu, and Lorenzo sometimes even 新西安夜网 thinks whether this hapless child is some undiscovered new kind of monster.

Lorenzo hates to look at each other, or to be seen through, this feels As if someone opened your roof and pulled you out of the bed, he tried to look away, but was directly held by a pair of cold hands.

Seleu’s two hands fixed Lorenzo firmly, forcing He looked at himself and looked at this familiar and unfamiliar face carefully.

We said yes, Seleuc.

Lorenzo 西安夜生活网 fled from sight, but he refused.

The one who agreed with me is a detective, not a demon hunter. People

, squeezing Lorenzo’s face forcefully, like he was ravaging a big furry dog, twisting out strange watches.

Do you know that you will be ripped off by me as soon as I use force?

Lorenzo threatened.

At this moment, Seleu’s focus has 西安耍耍网 been placed on him. As long as Lorenzo retreats, Seleu will fall on the dining table.

Oh? So Yawei heard the noise and walked in. Did you know that I fell on the table? Lorenzo, since you moved in, Yahweh hasn’t left the gun. His opinion of you is really big.

Like a dangerous villain, Seleu’s somewhat indifferent face is full of mockery.

Lorenzo I fell into an awkward silence for a while.

So be honest, the Demon Hunter. He