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er, was abruptly beaten out of the demonized state, restored to his original appearance, and fell 西安耍耍网 violently to the sky.

Ye Qingxuan stepped on his broken chest, pressing his cane against his face, and his voice was cold:

“You lose, Naberis.”

In the pool of blood, the bloody Nabelis struggled to open the remaining eyes, narrowed his pupils and stared at the boy, distinguishing his patterns.

When he heard the voice of the boy, he couldn’t help 西安桑拿网 but laugh. Broken to the heart twitching, vomiting blood, the laughter was particularly embarrassing and stern.

Also extraordinarily mocked.

“You haven’t understood yet.” In the

slit in his throat, he could see the vocal cords trembling hard and bloodshot. “For a hundred eyes, I am just a clown. Mr. Holmes, who can

Pin the victory on the clown?”

“Have you forgotten something?” Naberis squeezed a self-deprecating smile on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his bare broken bones, and laughed at Ye Qingxuan: “The real winner is one step earlier. Going up the tower. And the Royal Orchestra that you have given high hopes, I am afraid that the entire army has been

killed by now.” Ye Qingxuan was stunned, and his expression was furious.

Seeing Ye Qingxuan’s anger, Naberis laughed and sprayed bleeding foam in his mouth: “We have already held our power in our hands hahaha, hahahahahaha!!!” Amidst the

wild laughter, his heart suddenly shattered with blood. The mist gushed out, melted his body, and melted into the cracks in the floor with his laughter.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t have time to stop the change in a flash.

――This bastard still has a retreat until now!

But he was completely unable to stop him. He dropped most of the medicines and bandages for 西安夜生活网 the wounds, and he didn’t even have time to take care of the badly wounded butcher.

He was already distraught.

The butcher just waved his hand, motioned him to ignore himself, took apart the broken armor, and skillfully gave himself emergency bandaging treatment.

Ye Qingxuan had already pushed the door and rushed all the way.



own at him, and repeated:

“I want that.”

This time, he pointed with a knife.

In the mountains where no one is left. Sometimes, the identity of hunters and robbers is always so 西安夜生活网 vague.

But in front of the blade, the boy who was supposed to have no face was stunned and smiled: “This is good, I like it too, I want this.”

A minute later, the boy was riding a horse, carrying a knife, and humming from Ava. Long’s minor tune, set foot on the road again.

Two hours later, Ye Qingxuan’s biggest feeling was: The horse is really hard to ride, and the butt hurts

Even if he controlled 西安夜生活论坛 the horse to cooperate with him carefully, his lower body was still going to be numb. Had it not been for Ren Du’s armor to still support his body, he would have slipped off the bumpy horseback.

Fortunately, the generous hunter provided a good horse, otherwise so many thorns and obstacles along the way, I am afraid he will be half-life.

The lesson for Ye Qingxuan from this incident is: Don’t overestimate your physical strength, especially 西安夜生活第一论坛网 when you are a weak chicken that can’t even run a marathon.

Fortunately, it finally arrived.

The brown horse hissed and stayed in front, unwilling to move on.

In the front place, the dense forest has disappeared. The vegetation is sparse, and there is a faint tendency of crystallization in the dark soil, and the more you move forward, the more obvious 西安夜网论坛 the tendency.

The entire area where soil and dust crystallized is hundreds of kilometers long.

Between the layers of hills, on this plain, fine crystal particles can be seen scattered almost everywhere.

And in the most central place, is a huge cave.

The pitch-black cave is no bottom, only huge crystals criss-crossed. It is like a moist tree hole for growing mushrooms, except that what grows out of it is transparent and beautiful crystals.

A wind lantern was thrown down and rolled in the dark. The dim light was 新西安夜网 refracted on the edges of those huge columnar crystals, which then reflected the magnificent light.

The color


ifteen Fei Lian surrounding them, hiding in the wind, constantly attacking the awakened mud puppets.

“Only fifteen? Come a little more.” Ye Qingxuan curled his lips: “I’ve seen musicians who can summon a pack of wolves. 新西安夜网All of them are lively and powerful, don’t want them! And they can hide in the air. “

“Do you think Eudemons are mass-produced? I’m not the kind of guy who converted to a type of Eudemons. It’s already amazing to be able to raise 15 types of Fei Lian with such violent temperaments!”

Barlow’s face was red, almost A mouthful of old blood

spurted out: “Don’t compare me to the kind of metamorphosis that must have written the chapter of fate and advanced the scepter!”

” Really ?” Ye Qingxuan laughed dryly: “You just say you can’t do it. ”

Baluo really spit out a mouthful of blood, and stared at him bitterly: “Ye Qingxuan, if one day I really get to the level of a scepter, everyone whose mouth owes you like you will die!”

Barlow is angry, and the blessings in the instrument are not free to use. In an instant, the speed of the fifteen Fei Lian was more than three times faster, and there was almost no sound when it broke through the air, but when it attacked, it turned into a crossbow and axe, too fast for people to react.

Barlow roared and played three accents.

Immediately afterwards, Fei Lian gathered and turned into a vortex of death, toward the mud puppets that were constantly attacking and approaching. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

There was a muffled sound, and even the cracking sound was chopped by Fei Lian’s wings.

Immediately afterwards, the four burly and huge mud puppets quickly collapsed and fell to the ground. The red light in their eyes went out and turned into fragments on the ground.

Seeing that the statue like a work of art shattered like this in front of him, Ye Qingxuan’s eyes twitched, and he felt distressed from the bottom of his heart:

Stop lightly, forget it, when I didn’t say it!” Ye Qingxuan His face was distressed, but he wanted to say nothing.

Ye Qingxuan really di


e class, Professor McGonagall began to talk about the theory of deformation, and they wrote down carefully. A lot of complicated notes.

Albert opened his skill list, and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 it turned out that the deformation theory appeared in it. He spent 98 points of experience to upgrade the deformation theory to level 1.

From the very beginning, he has been staring at the content of the Beginner’s Guide to Transformation, pretending that he is reading the book carefully, in fact, he is looking up the extra knowledge of the deformation theory in his head.

After the theoretical explanation, 新西安夜网 Professor McGonagall began to send it to them Everyone handed out a match and started to let everyone try to turn the match into a needle.

“Mr. Anderson?” Professor McGonagall stared at the boy who was in a daze, frowning slightly. She still had an impression of the boy, after all, Anyone who sees others open the door of their own office will still remember it, not to mention how long it has been.

“Eh. 新西安夜网 Professor, what’s the matter?” Albert immediately returned to his senses and looked confused. Professor McGonagall asked.

“Everyone is practicing transfiguration, why don’t you try it?” Professor McGonagall looked over Albert and looked at Fred next door. “Mr. Weasley, if I were You, you will concentrate before chanting the spell.”

Fred looked innocent, and Professor McGonagall was standing next to him, 西安耍耍网 putting him under a

lot of pressure. Albert glanced at Fred and started talking nonsense with his eyes open. “I just think before waving his wand, still remember some of the important things.”

However, Professor McGonagall did not intend to leave immediately, but continued to eye on Albert look back, ready to watch his spell.

“Keke !” Albert coughed slightly, raised his wand and pointed it at the 西安夜网论坛 match on the table, while chanting: “VeraVerto.” The

match quickly changed and turned into a slender silver needle.

“Very good, everyone look, Mr. Anderson was successful, “said Professor McGonagall let the class watch


ive, and people are more important.” McDouger said calmly.

“So, I became one of you in advance? Albert asked curiously after putting the lobster covered with cheese on the seafood surface 新西安夜网 into his mouth and swallowing it.

“You can say so.” Professor Brod smiled and nodded.

“Can you tell me, what made you make such a change?” After Albert finished speaking, he listened carefully while continuing to wipe out the seafood noodles.

“A while ago, I visited an old friend and he told me , The Mars that can bring war is still shining brightly above us.” Tiberus Ogdenwin said softly.

“Prophet?” Albert put down 西安夜生活网 his fork, wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, and looked at Tiberius. Bellus asked, “This is a hint that fighting will break out again soon.”

“Yes, he is very good at stargazing and divination.” Ogden sighed, “He told me that in the past ten years, there have been There are indications that people in the wizarding world are only spending a brief period of peace 西安夜生活第一论坛网 between the two wars.”

“I have also heard some wind noises recently, related to mysterious people.” Albert said calmly: “It is said that mysterious people Stared at the Sorcerer’s Stone, and that stone is now at Hogwarts?”

“That’s not good news.” McDoug frowned. “It’s hard to imagine Dumbledore would do that.”

“Porter enrolls in this year . “Yes.” Professor Brod reminded, “Everyone calls him the savior. I think something 西安耍耍网 might happen between them.”

“Yes, your guess is correct, and I also think something will happen between them. “Albert peeled off the lobster tongs that had been broken.

“As the heir to Wild Smith, you hope you can take your safety seriously.” Gerber Smith was not killed by Albert because of his grandson. And produce other negative emotions towards him.

Sometimes, Albert feels incredible.

“Oh, of course I will protect 西安夜生活论坛 myself, after all, I haven’t lived enough.” Albert said seriously. At the

dinner, they talked a lot of things. the first war shaman, the magical world of things even before t


ng 新西安夜网 in the woods?” Hagrid asked with a frown.

“The four of us went into the woods to pick snow 西安夜生活第一论坛网 mushrooms, which is the kind of delicious we found last year. Mushrooms.” Lee Jordan didn’t mean to hide Hagrid. He told the truth, but he only said half of it. He didn’t lie anyway. He spoke with confidence. This is what he learned from Albert.

“Fred What’s the matter with George just now, why did you scream 西安夜生活网 in such fright?” Hagrid asked in a puzzled manner.

“Of course…I was scared!” Lee Jordan felt that the corners of his mouth were out of control The earth convulsed, asking him to face the three-headed monster in front of him, and he would be frightened and scream.

“If I am not here today, I really don’t know what will happen!” Hagrid complained pretentiously. “It’s okay for you to die in the Forbidden Forest by yourself. The big deal is that I will come in another day to clean up the wreckage for you, but I don’t want to give Hogwarts a bad reputation because of your mess.”

Hagrid reached out and 西安耍耍网 put Lu Wei’s three heads aside, raised his hand and poked Lee Jordan’s chest and said, “Don’t talk nonsense when you go back. Also, you are not allowed to go into the woods anymore, otherwise I will let Professor McGonagall give you Severely deducted points, and 西安夜网论坛 closed for another month of confinement.”

“We know.” Lee Jordan said sincerely: “I promise there will be no next time.”

“At least, I won’t let you find out again next time. “He added in his heart. After

being severely taught by Hagrid, he stood there and listened to the nagging for several minutes. Lee Jordan regretted it very much . He had known that he would not be so curious anymore. Come back to see what pets Hagrid keeps?

Let me just say, the reading app I’m using recently, [\米\米\读\app\\] There are many books, all the books, and the update is fast! I

was dropped by that monster Half-dead, he was given a severe training by Hagrid, telling where the guy Albert was hiding. He was sure Albert knew about the monster, so he told



Irene was speechless for a while, thinking about explaining, “You can understand it as a club where geniuses who are good at transfiguration are concentrated.”

“Isn’t he just entering school?” Everyone was a little surprised.

Well, now everyone can guess that Charlie’s intentions are very good. This is a seeker who is going to leave a substitute for the team.

Although Charlie is a 西安夜生活网 seeker himself, he is about to graduate. After he graduates , If the team can’t find a suitable seeker, doesn’t it have a ready substitute?

Although Albert is busy transforming the club, if Wood really can’t find a good seeker, I believe Professor McGonagall I would definitely help persuade Albert to join the Quidditch team. After all, they all know that Professor McGonagall’s love for Quidditch is 新西安夜网 not worse than everyone else.

If Albert knows, he will definitely shake his head and slander: Don’t worry , When Charlie graduates, there will be a pig’s feet named Harry Potter to take over the spotter’s position.

Chapter 74 Homework


Before class, Professor McGonagall stood at the podium table and confronted the people in the classroom. The students said: “Read Gamp’s Basic Law of Transformation, 西安耍耍网 write a summary, and hand it in next Monday.” In the

classroom, everyone was whispering about the trick to turning matches into needles. Only a few people can do it, and most students only

Can make some changes in your matches. “You need to hurry up, next Monday we will practice turning stones into tea cups.” Professor McGonagall’s tone became severe, “If that time, who has not mastered 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the matches thoroughly If you become a needle, you will be confined. I hope you can have some refreshments in this area. The training time in class alone is not enough for you to master the transformation technique. I hope that no one needs to go to me to shut it down. Confined.” As

soon as Professor McGonagall left, the classroom was full of sorrows. Transfiguration was more difficult than everyone 西安夜网论坛 tho


at the threat of curse was approaching him, so the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor handed in Dumbledore’s resignation letter altogether. He didn’t want to be injured by the damn curse. Or lose his life inexplicably.

Albert naturally understands the reason why Professor Broad resigned early. The position of the Professor of Defense Against the Dark 西安夜生活网Arts is cursed. It is the wisest choice to resign before he gets injured.

“It’s good to resign.” Albert said, “It’s a wise decision to leave before cursing the door.”

“Shut up Anderson.” Katrina couldn’t help glaring at Albert.

“No, I actually agree with Mr. Anderson. “Professor Brod raised his hand to appease Katrina and said with a smile, “The curse of defense against the dark arts has always existed. I didn’西安耍耍网 t come here to teach because I wanted to be injured or die because of the curse.”

Katrina completely stunned, she almost could not believe Uncle Bud would say such a thing.

“…… If you can quit, DADA how to do it?” The girl or express their doubts.

” The knowledge I can teach you has already been taught to you in the previous courses. The rest of this semester is for review and final exams.” Professor Broad continued, “During the period before the exam, Deng Breddo will find someone to take the lesson.”

“It’s Snape?” Albert frowned slightly. Although Snape is an expert in the field of dark arts, Albert really doesn’t like that guy.

“Yes. Professor Snape.” Professor Brod corrected.

“Well, Professor Snape.” Albert thought of another thing, “What about the third part of Mr. McDoug’s 西安夜生活第一论坛网 “Advanced Magic Text” What?”

“Oh, you said that it was temporarily postponed.” Professor Broad’s understatement was like saying what to eat at noon today.


Albert was also taken aback, but he didn’t expect get this answer.

“Yes, delayed.” Professor Albert Broad looked at, “the last part of the rest, seems to have encountered some bottlenecks, Mogg decided to postpone the third part.”

said, Professor Browd took the su


wever, most of them are for one kind of creature. Only the last kind of blood fusion potion developed with hemolytic grass as the core is compatible with all magical creatures… 西安桑拿网

“Huh…” See here, Ivan He exhaled and murmured. “Is this what the forerunner means?”

Ivan understood why Salazar Slytherin claimed to be a great forerunner.

Slytherin may not be the first wizard in the magical world to start studying blood fusion, but it is probably the most in-depth research at that time, and indeed can be called a pioneer and pioneer in the field of blood fusion.

The most important thing is that Salazar 西安夜生活第一论坛网Slytherin’s ambition is not only here, after he has made a fusion potion that can fuse all bloodlines.

The rest of the contents of the sheepskin scrolls are all studying another topic-the method of fusing multiple bloodlines.

Even the corresponding potion has been improved, but it has never been able to perfectly solve the conflict problem caused by the fusion of multiple bloodlines.

So while giving the method, Salazar Slytherin wrote on the 西安夜生活论坛 parchment to remind the successor not to try lightly before finding a way to resolve the conflict.

And based on the previous fusion experiment, Slytherin also made a bold guess.

Even if a wizard can fuse multiple bloodlines, it must have an upper limit.

And this maximum limit is probably…seven!

It took Ivan several hours to read all the information. 西安桑拿网

I have to sigh, although Salazar Slytherin is a bit narcissistic, he always adds greatness as an adjective to the password to open the door.

But this research result alone is worthy of his usual boasting.

Ivan put down the last chapter of the parchment scroll, and two system prompts sounded in his mind one after another.

[Ding, after a period of study, your potions proficiency has been greatly improved, first level 4 (1512/16西安夜生活第一论坛网 00)]

[Ding, the mystery of the mission bloodline, progress update…

Mission goal: find a blend of multiple bloodlines Method

Current task progress: 100%

task rewa


, Bok looked better than he thought. It’s even more tricky!

“That kid must still be here, do everything to find him!” Bok 西安夜生活第一论坛网 turned his head and shouted at the black-robed wizards who were still at a loss.

After speaking, Bock released the exploration magic, and the powerful magic wave swept through the entire reception hall, but found nothing…

Ivan in the invisibility cloak wandered freely in the chaotic battlefield, seeing a A black-robed sorcerer concentrated on the over-control patron saint, and suddenly approached a few steps, and a curse 西安夜生活网 was suddenly thrown on it!

“Shen Feng Wuying!”

Unseen magic Blade lasing out, that moment will be the name of a black robe wizard wand right arm to cut down,

the next moment, a shrill screams rang up in the drawing room,

that The black-robed wizard held his right arm in pain and knocked down a cabinet behind him, then tumbled and fell to the ground.

The reaction of Bok and others was not unpleasant. The moment Ivan made a sound, he locked his position. Without any hesitation, the colorful spell light had already hit.

There is also a warning sign in Ivan’s heart under the invisibility cloak. Of course, the protective ring is not enough to resist so many spells at the same time!

But fortunately, he still has a magic ring!

Ivan almost has no reservations to store the magic 西安桑拿网 ring in the ring. The power of was released, a powerful wave of magic power spread in all directions, the curse that had not been close was annihilated, and a dark wizard who was closer was knocked out.

Ivan fled from the previous position in a tumble, and disappeared in front of them again with the help of invisibility cloak.

Bok was about to be blown up with anger. To him, Ivan looked like a mouse running around, which 新西安夜网 was disgusting.

However, the failure of the previous exploration magic has also made Bok vigilant, knowing that Ivan is not wearing an ordinary invisibility cloak, otherwise it would never be as powerful.

“I’m going to see when you can hide!” Although