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Albert noticed that there was a person sitting there, and walked over with the cat. It was a little girl in a pink dressing gown.

西安夜生活论坛”Don’t sleep here. Be careful of colds, Miss Granger.”

Hermione listened. When the ringing sounded, he raised his head in confusion and was a little flustered when he looked at Albert.

Albert looked at the little girl in front of him. This was the first time he had carefully observed the legendary Hermione Granger. Normal, it’s no different from the little girl next door.

“You don’t quarrel with your roommate?”

“No!” Hermione said dryly.

“Then go back and rest!” Albert glanced at the side The oil lamp said calmly, “Don’t hide here to be scary, or are you planning to go out for a night tour?”


Hermione smelled the faint fragrance of the body lotion on Albert’s body, a little bit uncomfortable, fortunately The surrounding darkness concealed the change on the girl’s 西安桑拿网 face.She hesitated for a moment, but told Albert that she overheard Harry and Ron were going to a duel with Malfoy.

“This fits the character of Gryffindor very well.” Alberta took a chair, sat down next to Hermione, put Tom on her knees, and helped it smoothly. “So, you want to stop them. . ”

” Yes, wander at night in the school, if they are caught, how many points will make Gryffindor lose ah, and I think they’ll be caught Filch, who I heard administrator The sir knows all the secret roads in the school.”

“I dare say that they will definitely tell you: this matter has nothing to do with you.” Albert looked at the change in the expression on the girl’s face, nodded, and said again, “Don’t I care too much, Gryffindor’s students have this character, and they have never regarded school rules as a thing.”


Hermione opened her mouth and stared blankly at the boy with a faint smile in front of her. “Should you not stop them?”

“Stop? It’s hard to stop them, unless you are Professor McGonagall. However, you are obviously not.” Albert shook his head and said, “Don’t expect t



“About one hundred and fifty points less.” Albert raised his hand. Stop Fred’s death and calmly stated his own speculation: “Probably last night, when someone was walking around in the castle, Filch was caught by Filch, which led to a large number of deductions for our college.

” Do you know anything? I remember that you seemed to go out on a date last night, maybe you were caught by Filch!” Fred, George, and Lee Jordan all looked suspiciously at Albert. Te. They don’t believe that Albert will be caught by Filch, but this guy must know what caused Gryffindor to be deducted a lot of points.

“Well, last night, many students wandered around the castle. “Albert spread his hands helplessly, “Okay,

let ‘s go, go to breakfast.” “Are you not angry at all?” Fred muttered: “We are finally going to defeat Slater again. Lin won the Academy Cup this year.”

“Not angry.” Albert said indifferently, “It doesn’t make any difference to me whether to win or not.”

This morning was desperate for the Gryffindor students. ! In

just one night, all hopes of Gryffindor to win the Academy Cup were destroyed.

All the Gryffindor students found out that their 西安桑拿网 academy had been inexplicably deducted one hundred and fifty points, and they instantly fry.

How could their college suddenly be one hundred and fifty points less than yesterday?

What happened last night ?

Everyone was looking around for the reason, until Percy Weasley bit the bullet and asked Professor McGonagall. Found the reason why their academy lost one hundred and fifty points in one night.西安夜生活论坛

You mean, Harry and two other students wandered in the castle at night, causing the college to lose so many points?

“Last night, why didn’t you help Harry?” The three roommates were complaining about Albert Most of the students expect their college to win the glory of the College Cup.

“They were caught by Filch because of carelessness.” Albert said helplessly, “Sometimes, it’s really not a question of help. ”

This incident soon spread slowly in Hogwarts


ouse elves have never eaten chocolate, at least they have never eaten chocolates given by wizards.

Seeing that the box of chocolates was divided up, and some house elves did not eat it, Albert took out another box and opened it. For those house elves who have never eaten. The house elves 新西安夜网

cried bitterly on the spot.

“You eat slowly, then I won’t bother you.”

Albert took Tom and got up to leave. Several house elves started to leave. The elf enthusiastically brought the freshly baked pie to Albert and asked him to take some back to eat.

Chapter 375 Witcher Card Version 1.1

Wood decided to keep Harry’s participation in the Quidditch game strictly confidential and kept him As a secret weapon of 西安夜网论坛 the Gryffindor team, it is ready to catch opponents off guard during the game.

Yes, a secret weapon, but the secret always spreads like wildfire.

Become the first Gryffindor seeker in Harry The next day, all the teachers and students in the school knew that Harry was going to be a seeker.

For this reason, Wood was so angry that he chased the twins with a broomstick. He believed that the two had leaked the secret.

Some 西安夜生活论坛 people said Harry would play very well.

Great, some people say that they will have to hold the mattress and run underneath Harry to prevent him from falling. In short, Harry Potter’s pressure has become very heavy, especially when a group of people are going to see him together The jokes during training were mainly Slytherin students.

“Gryffindor Academy has never had any 西安桑拿网 secrets.” Albert smiled and comforted Wood, who was still annoyed. “And congratulations on finding an excellent seeker.”

Wood muttered constantly, ” This is not a good thing.”, “I don’t want to put too much pressure on Harry.”

Albert shook his head, found a chair next to him, sat down, and opened the letter from home, Niya Everything was fine in school. She made new friends very smoothly, and the letter also wrote about what 西安夜生活网 happened in school.

As Albert expected, his sister was still unwilling, but in sc


wever, most of them are for one kind of creature. Only the last kind of blood fusion potion developed with hemolytic grass as the core is compatible with all magical creatures… 西安桑拿网

“Huh…” See here, Ivan He exhaled and murmured. “Is this what the forerunner means?”

Ivan understood why Salazar Slytherin claimed to be a great forerunner.

Slytherin may not be the first wizard in the magical world to start studying blood fusion, but it is probably the most in-depth research at that time, and indeed can be called a pioneer and pioneer in the field of blood fusion.

The most important thing is that Salazar 西安夜生活第一论坛网Slytherin’s ambition is not only here, after he has made a fusion potion that can fuse all bloodlines.

The rest of the contents of the sheepskin scrolls are all studying another topic-the method of fusing multiple bloodlines.

Even the corresponding potion has been improved, but it has never been able to perfectly solve the conflict problem caused by the fusion of multiple bloodlines.

So while giving the method, Salazar Slytherin wrote on the 西安夜生活论坛 parchment to remind the successor not to try lightly before finding a way to resolve the conflict.

And based on the previous fusion experiment, Slytherin also made a bold guess.

Even if a wizard can fuse multiple bloodlines, it must have an upper limit.

And this maximum limit is probably…seven!

It took Ivan several hours to read all the information. 西安桑拿网

I have to sigh, although Salazar Slytherin is a bit narcissistic, he always adds greatness as an adjective to the password to open the door.

But this research result alone is worthy of his usual boasting.

Ivan put down the last chapter of the parchment scroll, and two system prompts sounded in his mind one after another.

[Ding, after a period of study, your potions proficiency has been greatly improved, first level 4 (1512/16西安夜生活第一论坛网 00)]

[Ding, the mystery of the mission bloodline, progress update…

Mission goal: find a blend of multiple bloodlines Method

Current task progress: 100%

task rewa


ke there was nothing in front of her, but she touched 西安夜生活论坛 a thin layer of leather, with bones in it, which was very hard.

Hermione was experiencing this magical feeling.

Suddenly, both of them felt something was licking their hands, and the back of their hands felt slippery.

Hermione was startled at first, but fortunately she quickly realized that this was Ye Qi’s tongue, guessing that the other party might be showing goodwill to them.

It seemed that this creature was not as terrifying as Ivan had said before, Hermione thought to herself.

“Okay, I’ve touched it, let’s go.” Ivan withdrew his hand, stared at the empty surroundings, and said.

“Yeah, it has been delayed for so long! Harry and Ron, they were still cars do.” Also realize that Hermione looking for a change, quickly took Ivan’s arm and ran toward the castle …

first Chapter 西安桑拿网 One Hundred Sixty-Nine Why didn’t we think about driving a car?

Ivan took Hermione all the way back to the castle, and met Professor McGonagall who was welcoming the freshman. Hermione hurried forward and reported the matter anxiously.

“What? You said Porter and Mr. Weasley drove a Muggle car and were about to fly to school?” Professor McGonagall was surprised, almost thinking that Hermione was joking.

As far as she knew, Muggle cars could not fly!

But noticing that the worried look on Hermione’s face did not seem to be fake, Professor McGonagall immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

“I think Harry Ron may be in some trouble, so that he missed the train and drove over in a Muggle car .” Ivan added.

“That’s not okay. If you miss the train, you can send a letter and 西安夜生活网 let us find someone to pick it up. How can they do such a dangerous thing?” Professor McGonagall rebuked, his lips trembling uncontrollably.

What if the Muggle car that Harry and Ron drove had a problem, or it crashed halfway?

Thinking of this, Professor McGonagall said anxiously.

“I’m going to your principal Albus now and ask him if he can do anything.”

“As for you,


d, “Besides, what you make is not delicious.”


Oh, well, this is the so-called destiny choice.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

Elena nodded with a smile, so that even Dumbledore could no longer accuse her of abusing the elderly.

“It’s actually very simple to cast a spell without a stick. It was, “I

glanced at Gellert Grindelwald with a full face, the girl raised 西安耍耍网 her mouth, gestured with her hands in the air, her expression was very serious,” first choked, then pinged, and the curse was put on It’s coming out.”

“Chong, ping?”

Grindelwald’s eyes twitched.

“Yes, hacking, ping.”

Elena nodded, seriously, and gestured again.

Can’t laugh , To give the most basic surface respect to the 西安夜网论坛 first generation of the Dark Lord, the old predecessors of the magic world.

“Keep it, ping it?!”

Grindelwald held back his anger, looked at the little Lolita in front of him, and said in a bad tone. Repeated one sentence, “This is what you called the skill of using a rodless spell you learned at Hogwarts?”

“Yes, it’s just a bang, a ping. Then the Bright Curse will automatically be cast successfully. Hogwarts taught it. I realized this by myself. Why, 新西安夜网 is there any dissatisfaction?”

Elena tried to collapse the expression on her face not to laugh, intentionally or unconsciously waved her small white fist, then leaned gracefully, took the plate on the table and left the room, leaving Grindelwald with a beautiful background .

“Well, good-bye, grandfather.”

“Wait, you have nothing to say,”

realized that he has been put out of Grindelwald lips trembling with anger.

Elena stopped, revealing 西安夜生活论坛 a delicate Looking sideways, the lake-blue eyes glanced at Grindelwald behind him, and said in an old-fashioned tone, “Don’t rely too much on the experience of others, Mr. Gellert. There are some things that can only be understood by your own practice. ”

After finishing speaking, before the angry roar of the old man came, Elena spread her legs and ran 西安夜生活网 downstairs to pretend to be forced to run. It is really the most


silently picked up the lesson plan, and floated into the wall behind the classroom without looking back, and there seemed to be a faint loose sound in the classroom. 西安桑拿网 To

make matters worse

, the four Elena learned from the chats of the senior students that the few lessons in the history of magic at Hogwarts in the afternoon, Bing Professor Si did not show up. They spent the first time in the entire self-study.

Because, since Professor Bins finished their class, he has disappeared and disappeared.


Chapter 402 Substitute for the History of Magic Professor (first more, please vote!)

The position of the course on the history of magic at Hogwarts is a bit strange. Although it is an extremely important required course in theory, basically, in Professor Bins’s class, all All of the students are distracted.

So in general, before this, the magic history of the Hogwarts wizards mainly came from homework, self-taught, and a handful of survivors’ class 西安夜网论坛 notes.

But Even so, Professor Bins is still recognized as one of the most authoritative professors of the history of magic in the magical world. For the

time being, no matter how the knowledge is stored as a ghost without substance, and how he thinks as a ghost, just rely on the guest. Professor Si was able to know all the knowledge that occurred after his death that could still be regarded as 西安夜生活论坛 “history”, which is already very remarkable. He worked

hard, hardworking, not asking for

rewards , and he was just like “Hogwar” after his death. Professor Bins of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Intangible Cultural Heritage” has long become an iconic representative of this castle and school, even if it is such as Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snee The new generation of wizards like Pu also maintained absolute respect for the old professor and colleagues.

Therefore, when he heard that Professor Bins had disappeared, almost all the professors at Hogwarts took action and took the initiative to search for Bins in the cas


at the professors around her, her lips curled up slightly, showing a cute smile like a little devil, it’s a pity that the time and place are right and the people are all right with her now.

Receive Irene With Na’s help eyes, Grindelwald, who had been leaning against the door frame, gave a light

cough and said first. “Ahem, Professor Snape, or let me say something”


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Chapter 311 Three-pointer, seven-pointer

“One semester, only this semester.”

Severus Snape raised his eyebrows indifferently Compromise, the expression looks quite annoyed.

This is not surprising, after all, anyone who is used to coax a child by a few hundred-year-olds, chattering, Rory chatting for a whole half. After many hours, it was difficult to maintain a good attitude.

“Now, may I leave? I have another afternoon class.”

Snape squinted and looked at the robe that was pulled by Grindelwald. The sleeves said stiffly. I

don’t know why, there is always a feeling of deja vu in this scene. Apart from the age and identity, it is exactly the same as Elena Kaslana. It is annoying and helpless. The

rest of the professors have already left the kitchen and returned to the auditorium to announce the 西安夜生活论坛 end of the meal, and the Hogwarts


“So it was you”

looking at the little silver-haired girl who suddenly appeared in front of him, the man in black couldn’t help but stunned.

Quirinas Quirrell, or Voldemort had never thought about playing with them back and forth before, and even almost knocked 西安耍耍网 Quirrell to the brink of death, the hateful opponent, actually this first-year girl .


the next second, black people did not hesitate to raise his wand again released a Shield Charm toward their side.

for the dining knifed shortly before the door was almost broken wooden door of the little girl auditorium , His impression was particularly deep. What was 西安夜生活网 more terrifying than the magic of this little girl was her strange power like a giant in childhood.


ignored the man in black who was facing a big enemy, Elena I walked to the seriously injured unicorn incomparably naturally, squatted down and stretched out his hands, a cloud of white healing light enveloped the deep and long wound, and gradually began to heal.

However, compared to The effect of human beings, such 西安夜生活论坛 as Nimowen, is obviously slower in curing magical animals.


Elena heard the cold, harsh, hoarse voice of the man in black, as if it were from a broken record player That kind of noisy sound sounds extraordinarily uncomfortable. There is no doubt that this is not Professor Quirrell’s original voice.

“For such a beast, it is really stupid and naive to take his own life, Albus. Most of the people that Dumbledore valued are such foolish idiots.”

The man in black said slowly, squinting his eyes and looking at the little girl who was squatting on the ground not far away, trying to treat the unicorn.

If you say that Ai was before Ai Linna is hidden in the dense forest. It is still a bit troublesome for him. When Elena appears in front of him, this threat is almost reduced to zero, 西安夜网论坛 whether it is the girl’s extraordinary power of the spell, or It is a terrible strange power. Once you are on guard, there is no danger in Voldemort’s eyes.


They tried to 西安夜网论坛 take this place, As long as they occupy the leader of Stuart, the local resources are enough for their follow-up troops to rest and reorganize, and even use this as a base to continue advancing inland of Inervig.

Therefore, the Earl of Stuart made a A bold decision, he did not listen to others, but

stuck to it. He is now a nail, nailing Gallunaro’s army to the Stuart collar firmly, and if they switch to other territories, 西安夜生活论坛 It will bring a huge burden of marching, and then the attack will fail, so the Earl of Stuart has not retreated and has stuck to this day.

They only sent their cronies to ride to other territories, and convey the news one by one, until the old platinum palace. In the midst of persistence, he has been waiting for support from other realms. The

knights once again defeated the enemy, knocking them out of the gap in the city wall, and 西安耍耍网 then more people came up for the damaged one. Gap reinforcement fortifications.

Count Stuart is too old, so old that he himself feels tired, sitting on the steps at will, his attendant in the shadow ran over cautiously. It

was a child who looked a little cowardly, he didn’t even dare to talk to him. The old man looked at each other and skillfully removed the armor from 西安桑拿网 his. Count Stuart exhaled, feeling that his entire soul was released.

How is the situation today, Navis

Navis He quickly removed the last armor, piled them together, and replied while working fluently.

got worse and worse. We were besieged for four days. Although the supplies were sufficient, everyone was

flustered , and seeing the hesitation of Naves, Earl Stuart laughed, the wrinkles of the years were twisted together like a dead tree.

He liked this attendant for a simple reason He is an innocent person. He will tell him all the bad and good news directly. He has never lied or betrayed. Although he is out of the farm, he has a noble soul.

Because I am old?

He smiled and faced his old age.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about, it was just a h