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by step? The hard work of the past four years is for this moment! We survived without the money to pay! We survived without using the name Fiorentina! We also survived after losing a crucial battle in the play-offs! Now, what is in front of us that can stop us Tell me, did you?”

“No!!” The answer was unanimous.

“Very well, nothing can stop us from returning to the first class! In the second half, tell the Turin team with practical actions that we will definitely upgrade in advance! Defeat them and defeat them!

” Oh!!”

This remark made everyone excited. Several people stood up from their seats, gearing up to rush out of Turin. Only Zhang Jun feels a little awkward, but professional football is like this. Who cares about how brilliant you were, you can’t do it now. When it’s time to succumb, you must not be soft. As a professional player, it is not 西安桑拿网 his turn to come. Make grievances for the opponent.

Rigano patted Zhang Jun hard: “Goal in the second half! We win!”

“Do you assist me?” Zhang Jun asked with a smile.

“I’ll give you an assist!” Rigano replied very seriously.

This moved Zhang Jun, because he was just joking. He stood up and said to Rigano: “Well, we both scored, 2:1, defeated them!”

“The Torino team played in the first half. They are very proactive. While defending steadily, they also have a sharp counterattack. They caught a mistake made by the Fiorentina team and scored a goal. Now the Torino team leads 1-0 at home. Fiorentina clearly did not in the first half. Entering the state, whether it is a forward or a defender, they seem to be heavy on their feet. Perhaps the Torino team’s home court has put them under tremendous 西安夜生活论坛 pressure. Today is a special day, and the Torino team desperately needs a victory more than ever. Maybe Florence ahead of intention to upgrade wasted ”

Di Livio pat hand, against Fiorentina players shouted at the players inside the channel:”!! the second half is the battle we can not lose even if it is on the road, we have to win! ”

side Turin team c


the fields of illusion and electromagnetics. It is a genius that has gone too far, memory. Only a few great arcanists have had similar experience, and is he good at astrology, or illusion and electromagnetic?

“After Roland accepted the theory of energy essence, he guessed that people’s thinking activities are essentially the dual effect of energy, current and magnetic field. Unfortunately, he has studied too many directions and there are too many loopholes in the theory of energy essence. The question 西安耍耍网 of the essence theory, he did not have time to study his human brain electromagnetic field theory.” The storm master calmly introduced some progress in this direction to the students, and it is obvious that he can hear his faint irony of Roland—he missed it. An opportunity to improve the current arcane system.

The essence of energy theory is not the point. The point is that when a theory has no direct evidence, experiments 西安桑拿网 and magic to verify it, when it has so many loopholes and so many things that cannot be justified, it is really stupid to insist blindly like this. .

After the introduction, Fernando, the master of the storm, looked at Lucian: “You will find that the process is described in detail. Many conclusions can be boldly assumed, but must be carefully verified.” When

discussing arcane arts, he had no humor or trivial temperament, his expression was serious, and his voice was serious. Do not rush or slow down, do not believe that the human brain does have special electromagnetic waves as soon as he hears Lucien’s speech, and it affects people’s emotions and actions, so he is required to explain in detail.

When he presided over the regular meeting, he didn’t worry at all that Asikana and other students would plagiarize Lucian’s achievements. As for him, whether it was his reputation in arcane art or his wealth, he was close to the peak, and he valued it more. The exploration of essence, the discovery of laws, and the understanding of the world rarely cares about the fame of arcane an


ew back to the Criminal Investigation Detachment.

Afterwards, he arranged for Qi Yuan to report these things to Su Ping, and gave 西安桑拿网 the video to the Map Investigation Department for a thorough investigation, and then brought Zhou Jincong and Zhou Daichang to the inquiry room.

Feeling that the atmosphere is not right, Zhou Daichang couldn’t help swallowing his saliva: “Comrade police and police, what’s the situation? Didn’t I

tell you everything, the knife was sold by me” “Tell me, these years, before and after After adding up, how much money was stolen? 西安夜生活论坛 Honestly, try to be lenient.”

“Ah?” Zhou Daichang didn’t react.

Zhou Jincong was also taken aback.

But soon, a little struggling appeared on his face.

Earlier at home, although the things he said were indeed angry, in the bottom of my heart, he did not have the idea of ??sending Zhou Daichang to prison.

Year after year, he really couldn’t bear Zhou Daichang.

When he was young, Zhou Daichang did take 西安夜生活网 care of him very much. He often took him out to play, stole his father’s money to buy him snacks, and

went to the playground. Speaking of which, he was also emotional.

But in the years after growing up, Zhou Daichang’s behavior really wiped out the feelings in his heart a little bit. The reason why he has been enduring it all the time is that on the one hand, he is still 西安夜网论坛 thinking about old love and relatives. The relationship is more, but I don’t want his dad to be too embarrassed.

At this moment Song Brother talked about this, and even said the words “Frank and lenient”, it was obvious that Zhou Daichang was about to be dealt with.

On the one hand, he was a little moved. After all, it is hard to guard against the thief, but on the other hand, he is also a little unbearable.

“Mr. Zhou,” Song 西安耍耍网 Ge saw Zhou Jincong’s hesitation, and couldn’t help but said: “The suspect Zhou Daichang has a large amount of money involved and has already reached the standard for criminal cases. Criminal cases are all public prosecution cases. The



falling from the sky fell on the magical protection of the inner city. Hooded.

The magic shield that caused everyone’s headaches before, has no resistance under the greater amount of magic power. After contacting the extinct thunder and lightning, it ruptured layer by layer, causing the huge thunder and lightning to directly smash into the inner city and many buildings. As it collapsed, dust in the sky was thrown up, and the earth began to tremble more 西安桑拿网 violently.

“You are ahead of me in everything.” Andy Barrett brought the warhammer to his cousin’s side. At this time, the second round of the artillery regiment had arrived. He looked at the artillery fire from the inner city, his eyes Was 西安耍耍网 insinuated to prosperous.

“I just tried my best to protect my people in the turmoil and give them the future I promised.”

“This” Andy Barrett’s eyes were stabbed with pain by the white light, but he still stared at the lightning power that seemed to be descended from a god. When the dust settled, he swallowed, and the warhammer in his hand almost slipped to the ground.

“This is just the simplest energy calculation.” Pedi explained: “The wizards calculated the mana energy of the inner city protection shield, and then displayed an attack that could just destroy it.” He felt the incoming from the inner city. Qi Lang, “Although the blow was less than five minutes ago, we have been preparing for it for nearly a month.”

“This is the’power of knowledge’!”

“The power of knowledge?” Andy muttered to himself.

Pedi glanced at his thinking cousin and then 西安夜生活网 walked two steps forward, feeling the vibration from the ground, looking at all the soldiers on the wall who had forgotten to continue fighting, and commanded to the left and right: “Order the artillery regiment, bombard the city. “The

messenger took the order, holding the flag and riding 新西安夜网 on the horse, galloping towards the artillery regiment’s position at the fastest speed.

Five or six minutes later, following the sound of breaking through the sky, the inner


.” Chief of Staff Bowen Wright was holding a huge magnifying glass and observing a huge map. This map was drawn by the Scout Brigade in three months. It shows in detail all the mountains 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and rivers in the southern area of ??Tyre, as well as every terrain after being destroyed.

Bipp frowned and said,

“Maybe give up the strategy of attacking Tyre at the time.” “There are so many’origins’ on the battlefield, and I don’t think there was anything wrong with the original decision.” Pedi interrupted Bipp and said. Looking around

there are very few people around him. Except for Prime Minister Bipp and 西安桑拿网 Chief of Staff Bowen Wright, the only ones left are the staff of the King’s Staff and the Command Staff.

“The construction team on the front line has already begun to set up, right?” Peidi dropped the boring documents he was looking through, and asked with an expression of interest.

“Yes.” Bowen Lair didn’t understand why the king suddenly became so listless. He could only answer 西安夜生活网 as carefully as possible: “It is estimated that the roads in this area will be built in three months.” He was speaking on the map. Several points are marked consecutively.

Pedi was very dissatisfied with the result. He frowned, “Where is the earth magician we asked for the assistance of Wings of Eternity? When will it be available?”

“This is not good.” This question is somewhat difficult for Bowen Wright. .

“What 西安夜网论坛 is Botley’s attitude?”

“In the Mage Tower, there has always been a force opposed to our war on the Sukh Plain.” Sir Bippe took the words of Bowen Wright, “We did not lead the war in Eluk. According to the original plan, this made the opposition power of the Mage Tower”

“I want to know the final opinion of the Mage Tower!” Peidi was losing patience.

“At present, the Mage Tower 西安桑拿网 has not responded to our request positively, but they recruited a group of magic apprentices and laborers.”

“I just read the list of assistance for the Mage Tower.” Peidi is very dissatisfied with the current state of the headquart


r guard? “

“Yes.” The corner of Song Ge’s mouth raised slightly, and he said with a chuckle: “Last night when he was changing the guard, his legs were a little swollen these days, and the pain was severe. So he planned to come to the detachment to have breakfast and then go to the Xun team. Team Su asks for a leave and go to the hospital to see.”

“Huh?” Qi Yuan was a little stunned: “Is it all right? How come the feet are swollen?”

“Maybe there is effusion, I am not very clear, I will see later. You can see.” He shrugged, and then asked: “How are you doing during this time? Are you busy? I heard that there was a police murder case in the middle? Has it been solved?”

“Detected.” Qi Yuan repeatedly nodded: “Su team 西安夜生活论坛 led us to detect. The murderer is really difficult to deal with, very difficult, and very cautious. However, let’s get rid of one hundred secrets, and finally fall into our hands.”

“It’s not a hundred secrets one sparse. , But doomed.” Su Ping’s voice rang from behind him, saying: “With the density of surveillance and criminal investigation techniques in these years, unless time is long and the evidence 西安桑拿网 is destroyed by time, it is unlikely that the outstanding cases of the past years will occur again. “After a

pause, Su Ping said again: “Therefore, smart murderers these days often do not how to design the murder process, but to deal with the corpse.

Because no matter how subtle the process is, once a crime is committed, it is very likely that we will be killed by us. Check it out. But if you don’t see people or corpses, you may have been confused by the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 murderer.

Even if your family members or colleagues report the disappearance, you also know that police resources are still very tight these days. The power invested in disappearance cases is actually quite limited. It is not the same as homicide cases. Homicide cases must be solved to this day. It is still politically correct, so you understand. That’s 西安夜生活网

why in disappearance cases, how many parties have died and how many


ther side, with the continuous sound of “KachaKacha”, the giant hand shattered in layers under the blow, and the burning green fire quickly faded under the action of the Holy Power.

“Roar” roared from the unclear soul of the rock puppet. 西安耍耍网

The rock puppet didn’t give up the attack because of the fragmentation of one arm. Almost when Pedi blocked its fist and fell, its other arm suddenly raised and fell quickly.

“Should be imprisoned!” Pedi roared, and his body sacred force pulled the sacred atom in the surrounding space. When the huge arm fell, all the surrounding areas centered on him were covered by the sacred power and spread quickly to the rock. The body of the puppet.

“Long live Your Majesty!” The knights of the guards cheered excitedly, as if their king had completed a legendary dragon slaying.

Pedi’s warhammer pointed at the garrison soldiers rushing up in front of him, “For the Kingdom of Kluria, advance!”

“Oh!” the morale soldiers shouted vigorously.

The staff’s conclusion passed to Pedi’s hands, and he 西安夜生活第一论坛网 almost cursed the staff of the command like a normal frontline commander. “Maintain the current offensive posture” seems to be a simple sentence, but the soldiers on the front line are hard to imagine.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, at the gate of Zhongyang Avenue.

But the key issue is the battle on the left side of the city gate, and now even the city wall cannot be climbed up.

In this way, the battle on Peidi’西安桑拿网 s side was very passive, and the record reported by the scouts on the battlefield ten minutes ago made Peidi almost angry in front of the soldiers. Because in less than five hours of battle ahead, two paladins and dozens of magicians have been killed on the left side of the city wall.

However, Ans Zola on the podium did not appear to be very anxious. While reorganizing the Paladins who had arrived through the teleportation formation, he constantly dispatched more soldiers to the right wall to relieve the pressure on the left battlefield.

As far as the podium is con


, Felipe re-read them, and the more they looked, the more solemn they became . : “It’s all about the particle flow of cathode rays? Negatively charged?”

The Glory Cathedral of Holm.

A secret message was sent to the retreat 西安夜生活网 room where the cardinals were.

Chapter 29. Conflict

As the church’s most recent strategic center, the Kingdom of Holm has gathered four legends, seven or eight golden knights, which is much stronger than the traditional diocese of Valorite, which is opposed to the church in the north. , So even if the retreat is in rotation, there are three cardinals.

Hearing a night watchman knocking on the door 西安夜生活论坛 with a prescribed signal, the three cardinals raised their heads at the same time, but one of them had already got up when he raised his head and walked towards the door.

“Is it the intelligence inside the Magic Council?” The cardinal didn’t have a trace of extra fat on his face. His blue eyes seemed pure, but they couldn’t see the bottom.

The night watchman took out a letter and respectfully saluted: 西安桑拿网 “Yes,

Lord Andrade.” After receiving the sealed letter, Andrade drew a cross on his chest: “The Lord will bless you of. ” ”

Only the truth forever! “solemn night watchman answered, reflexive leave.

“Andrade, what level of intelligence is it about, do you need to report to the cardinal?” another cardinal asked with concern.

Andrade heard the words and looked at the back of the envelope, where there 西安夜生活第一论坛网 are secret key words of intelligence written down. After several previous incidents, the church has asked the spies to briefly write the key words of intelligence on the back of the envelope when transmitting information. , If it involves destabilizing the doctrine and theological theory, it should be noted that the cardinals and cardinals can be psychologically prepared before reading the information, so as to avoid 新西安夜网 even the ascetic leader Valenhill from being shocked and injured like last time. .

“Holy spirit level, new particles, shaking, atomism.”

Four key words were re


his eyebrows, it was inconvenient for him to say anything. This was obviously a procrastination strategy, and Diana didn’t seem to notice it at all.

It is better not to dismantle yourself, and be a simple orangutan.

Su Ming looked at her helplessly, but Diana looked at him as if waiting for him to be sure, raising her eyebrows to show expectations.

He could only nod to her, but didn’t know what to say, so he 西安耍耍网 turned around and took off his cloak: “There is a man driving the magic circle nearby, pull it out.” The

cloak swerved in front of him and flew against the ground. After leaving, the mud underneath flew up and down, and the mud was thrown everywhere. 新西安夜网

Diana may think that there are no buildings here, and the fight will do little harm to the city, but it is probably forgotten that it hasn’t been long before the flood recedes. These flowers, plants and trees are soaked like duckweed on the swamp, and she has a hard time walking.

The monster’s corpse is mixed with the mud, like a mixture of purple sweet potato sauce and chocolate sauce, which looks disgusting. Now is not the time to gossip and correct mistakes. A group of monsters flew out of the woodland further away, flying towards several people quickly.

Su Ming clenched his fist, the yellow light suddenly lit up, and an anti-aircraft gun vehicle was revealed. He jumped back and fired violently at the monster group.

The golden light suddenly pierced the 西安桑拿网 night sky, leaving light and shadow on the retina, leaving a brilliant trajectory.

In this 西安夜生活第一论坛网 way, Diana only needs to be responsible for the slippery fish that rushes over, and most monsters can’t stand the attack of the lamp or energy.

In addition to providing Su Ming with the ultimate move of the ten commandments, Lantern Ring also gave him the ability to quickly clean up miscellaneous 西安夜网论坛 soldiers. In the face of dense and weak enemies, it is at least much faster than slashing with a sword. .

When no more monsters appeared, Su Ming also put away the manifestation and moved the bon


t is only what she let him know. That’s it.

Batgirl always has her own plan.

Chapter 22 Indian Mountain In the

huge bat cave, there is only Victor’s yelling voice. She 西安桑拿网 still continues her performance in front of the camera, and has decided to use today’s date as a lucky number in the future.

Not only did he survive the death knell, but he also saw many dark secrets that he hadn’t thought about before. The big news received today is the same as that of the past year. She is now in a very happy mood, and she has become more determined to engage in the news industry.

It’s a pity that on Barbara’s 西安耍耍网 side, she’s not so happy anymore.

She originally thought Batgirl was the hero of the city, but she turned out to be like this.

Batgirl has a dark heart, she doesn’t trust anyone, just listen to know what kind of life she is living.

Seeing this machine, as well as the surveillance behavior of everyone in the city, gave Barbara a sense of emptiness like an idol’s disillusionment.

Su Ming looked at her as if she was completely distracted, and now a few people were still waiting for her result, reaching out and shaking in front of her.

“I said, I want to change the time when I want to pay homage to my girl’s feelings. Shouldn’t I check the license plate number first? Gordon is still waiting for rescue.”

“Uh, wait.”

Barbara recovered and started. Enter the license plate engraved on 西安夜网论坛 Gordon’s glasses.

Yes, whatever the bat is, she is just one of the people wearing tights. She still regards her as the hope of the city. It’s silly

not to say whether the voyeurism of bat is normal, but her tracing program is indeed well-deserved. Almost immediately, the registration information of this car appeared on the big screen.

It doesn’t matter who the owner is. The name is likely to be a pseudonym. What is important is its trajectory today.

If it does not have today’s, then the past traces can also be used, such as where it has been parked, where to refuel, and areas that often appear. With these,