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gman family, Bell is a real figure who has lived in fine clothes and food since childhood, and has been accustomed to dignity since 西安桑拿网 childhood.

The Junker nobles and the Teutonic nobles are also different. Most of the children of the Teutonic nobles received rigorous martial arts training and rigorous military education from an early age. They were even thrown into the army at the age of twelve or thirteen. It was an iron man who had survived the storm, the wind and the waves.

Junker 西安夜生活网 nobles… they are all small pigs raised in the splendid pile!

Delicate and tender, all ten fingers do not touch the sun!

Bell froze in the velvet mattress, his screams hoarse, his white face instantly turned blue-gray.

He looked around in horror, especially for a long time on the long knife in Big Ivan’s hand.

Big Ivan grinned’chuckling’, rubbing the flint in his hand harder and harder, releasing more and more brilliant sparks, 新西安夜网 illuminating the dark night around him.

Bell almost fainted.

His memory still remains after dinner. He chose two charming little maids, and after a profound exchange with them, he entered the deepest dream with indescribable comfort and comfort. .

But suddenly awakened by the severe cold, he actually came to this ghost place like a hell of ice. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

There was no light in the sky.

There was the sound of mighty water around him.

There are dozens of cruel men with big cows and horses and big faces all around.

Bell’s body trembled violently, his eyes moved up and down with the flint in Big Ivan’s hand, he opened his mouth with difficulty, and stammered: “I…I…you…what… People…”

“Your Excellency Bell, long time no see… Thanks to your concern, let me stay in the blood 西安夜网论坛kapok for a while… Thanks to your love, I lost a lot, a lot, a lot… and brought me more In a huge trouble!”

Joe turned and walked two steps forward, barring his teeth and smiling at Bell.

Bell’s pupils suddenly condensed.

With the light from the sparks from the flint, he could see Joe’s face clear


shouts were all washed away by 西安桑拿网 the heavy rain.

On the road leading from Old Pier No. 2 to Palm Street, Joe’s half of his body came out of the carriage window, letting the storm beat himself wet.

“Hurry up, Uncle Ya, hurry up… Damn Palm Street, I have a grudge with it, and I declare that I have a grudge with it. Don’t let me find a chance in the future, otherwise I will put it on Palm Street All of his houses were demolished!”

Just now in the warehouse No.9, Qiao Zheng was very interested, wanting to appreciate the legendary Golden Oak Church purification ritual and to see the methods of Archbishop Laurent purifying heretics.

As a result, while Archbishop Laurent was still preparing various artifacts, someone from the Caban’s Manor sent information.

Fu Del finally spoke and asked him to help meet and hide these heretics. 西安耍耍网 It was Zahir von Schiller, the editor-in-chief of the “Tulum Post”. The Grimace Shopkeeper immediately told Joe that Zahir had spent the night at 99 Palm Street every night for more than a year.

The power of the “Sparrow Gang” is undoubtedly unfolding again, because an orphan adopted by the Grimace Shopkeeper that year is now a small helper at No. 99 Palm Tree Street, who is responsible for taking care of the furnace water room at night.

Duke Ross just pointed to Joe lightly. Joe, who was about to watch the excitement, set off again with his team to arrest Zahir at 99 Palm Street.

Because of the heresy involved, Archbishop Laurent also appointed several high-ranking priests to accompany him.

The torrential rain was loud, and Joe finally took the team and visited Palm Street for the third time 新西安夜网 in just two days.

“Ninety-seventh, ninety-eighth…” Qiao muttered to the house number of a house on the side of the road. Suddenly at this moment, he heard two gunshots from the violent storm and thunder.

“Be alert! Be alert!” Joe raised his throat and yelled suddenly.

Chapter 80 Taunting

Joe’s movements were so fast, and as soon as he heard the gunshots, he kicked th



The glazed violin shone dreamily. Bain held the piano, put the bow on the strings, 西安夜生活网 and exhaled an irritable breath in his chest:

“It’s time for them to do the real exam questions.”

Amid the faintly faint music, his eyes were dark.

In the examination room, Ye Qingxuan whispered and sang the hymn, and wrote the last question smoothly.

After rechecking the roll and all the answers, he nodded in satisfaction: it was perfect.

If you don’t do the questions seriously, you will simply live up to 新西安夜网 such a big backdoor that the academy has shown yourself! I’m so embarrassed to let everyone take care of me

like this. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but want to laugh three times when he thought of this. But considering that it was still an examination room, I had to sullen my face and did not laugh.

Finally, he looked down at the only blank test paper, and couldn’t help but wonder: 西安夜网论坛 What exactly was this test paper without any questions written on? The

time was approaching the afternoon, and there was the noise of cicadas in the distance. The voice came. Ye Qingxuan couldn’t help but yawned, feeling a little blurred.


In the hands of the blank papers seem vaguely flashed a silver pattern, he stunned a next, looking down, they found a piece of paper on top of that is really in the pattern. The fine 西安桑拿网 and inconspicuous complex patterns are like watermarks, and the stripes slowly appear from the examination paper like tangled thorns. The complex makes people dizzy.

Ye Qingxuan looked carefully, but found that his sight seemed to be swept away by those patterns, and he involuntarily fell into it, falling into the depths, deeper, and deepest

in the blur, and a series of low voices sounded in his ears. The examinees fell on the table as if sleepy.

Immediately afterwards, he knew nothing.

In the examination room that was once full of pain and confusion, it seemed that there was a sudden silence at this moment. Everyone was silent and fell into a sudden deep sleep.

In front of them, a slight silver li


er, was abruptly beaten out of the demonized state, restored to his original appearance, and fell 西安耍耍网 violently to the sky.

Ye Qingxuan stepped on his broken chest, pressing his cane against his face, and his voice was cold:

“You lose, Naberis.”

In the pool of blood, the bloody Nabelis struggled to open the remaining eyes, narrowed his pupils and stared at the boy, distinguishing his patterns.

When he heard the voice of the boy, he couldn’t help 西安桑拿网 but laugh. Broken to the heart twitching, vomiting blood, the laughter was particularly embarrassing and stern.

Also extraordinarily mocked.

“You haven’t understood yet.” In the

slit in his throat, he could see the vocal cords trembling hard and bloodshot. “For a hundred eyes, I am just a clown. Mr. Holmes, who can

Pin the victory on the clown?”

“Have you forgotten something?” Naberis squeezed a self-deprecating smile on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his bare broken bones, and laughed at Ye Qingxuan: “The real winner is one step earlier. Going up the tower. And the Royal Orchestra that you have given high hopes, I am afraid that the entire army has been

killed by now.” Ye Qingxuan was stunned, and his expression was furious.

Seeing Ye Qingxuan’s anger, Naberis laughed and sprayed bleeding foam in his mouth: “We have already held our power in our hands hahaha, hahahahahaha!!!” Amidst the

wild laughter, his heart suddenly shattered with blood. The mist gushed out, melted his body, and melted into the cracks in the floor with his laughter.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t have time to stop the change in a flash.

――This bastard still has a retreat until now!

But he was completely unable to stop him. He dropped most of the medicines and bandages for 西安夜生活网 the wounds, and he didn’t even have time to take care of the badly wounded butcher.

He was already distraught.

The butcher just waved his hand, motioned him to ignore himself, took apart the broken armor, and skillfully gave himself emergency bandaging treatment.

Ye Qingxuan had already pushed the door and rushed all the way.



t is not stable enough. School is also not suitable for you.”

The examiner who has been looking gloomy 西安桑拿网 glanced at Ye Qingxuan and said lightly: “Your frequency is not enough to meet the basic requirements of our change school, I am afraid you can’t get started.”

“The royal school requires more than ten years. Cultivation, you are not qualified.” The old man finished, and turned to look at the veiled woman beside him: “Perhaps you can consider music theory?” The


veiled woman frowned. She didn’t want to participate in this thing. But these guys actually kicked the ball to themselves. She doesn’t care about the contradiction between the noble faction and the musician’s faction, she just came to watch the excitement anyway. If in the past, maybe she would just slap her face to these guys, and then accept it.

Thinking of this, she waited for Bain fiercely, a little annoyed.

“Little devil, you are too 西安夜生活网 late.” She shook her head: “The music theory department is full this year, otherwise”

“I know.” The

boy’s voice interrupted her, making all examiners stunned.

They said so much, but Ye Qingxuan looked at Sidney’s face from the beginning to the end.The face that had been dealing with was full of seriousness, but the one that couldn’t hide was gloating, and there were still eyes. disdain.

Maybe they didn’t think about letting themselves pass the test from the beginning?

The anger in his heart was replaced by loss, which was a kind of powerlessness that made him a little tired.

He didn’t want to be true anymore, maybe he really should follow the priest’s arrangement and go to Trinity Theological Seminary for further study. At least there, no one cares whether this white-haired child is a 西安夜生活论坛pariah, or the so-called blood of glory.

Thinking of the descendants of glory, he laughed softly, maybe he shouldn’t return to this one who once abandoned himself. In the city.

“so be it.”

Ye Qingxuan said softly, standing up on a chair, “That’s it.”

He stopped talking and stopped. Pay attention to those who still


ouse was opened, and Isobel walked briskly. Stepping in, it looks like he should have just returned from outside the castle.

“Faster than expected, it seems that Gryffindor has won.” Albert said without looking up. ”

How did you know Gryffin Many teams have won?” Katrina couldn’t understand where Albert’s confidence came from. The Hufflepuff team is not weak. 西安耍耍网

“The Gryffindor team did win.”

Isobel sat in Albert’s Next, I took out the thermos cup from my backpack, poured myself a cup of freshly brewed milk tea, and poured a cup each for Albert and Katrina.

“Would you like a cake?” she asked.

“No, I haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Albert took a sip of the milk tea, but did not eat the cake provided by the other party. “You will test this for me later.”

Then, he 西安桑拿网 handed a quill pen. To Isabel.

“Is this the automatic quill pen you mentioned to me last time?” Isabel took the quill pen that Albert handed over and looked at it carefully. It feels like a normal quill pen.

However, she may be able to guess how to use this thing, the manufacturing principle Albert once told her.

“This thing is still a semi-finished product.”

Albert cleaned up the parchment on the table, and 西安夜生活网 continued to read the book for a while, approaching At twelve o’clock, he closed the book in his hand and prepared to go to the kitchen for lunch.

Albert had some food and asked the house elves to prepare some cakes before leaving. Fred and George were sure after the game. They will come to the kitchen to grab some food to celebrate the victory of the game. The

two find a remote place 西安夜生活论坛 and use the time converter together to return to the hour before, which is the time when everyone is going to the Quidditch Stadium to watch the game.

Professor McGonagall Doesn’t it mean that the time converter cannot be abused outside of study?”

Katrina was stunned by Albert’s skillful operation, shouldn’t you not be discovered by others?

“You are not worried about…” Before Katrina could finish her words, she was 西安夜网论坛 blocked by Albert.


rt in shock and couldn’t help muttering, “How idle are

you !” “Is there a problem with your concern? “Albert was speechless.

“It was hatched from a…toad from a male egg?” George felt very strange.

“Well, the basilisk is a magical creature made by a dark wizard. The power is amazing. I heard that the basilisk’s stare can kill people. Anyone who is caught by its gaze will die immediately.” 西安桑拿网 Albert deliberately widened his eyes, “Like this.”

“The basilisk can stare to death. The three obviously don’t believe it.

“Probably! I’m not sure.” Albert continued, “That’s the information I found last time when I checked the Eight-Eyed Giant Spider. The Basilisk likes to eat spiders. It’s an Eight-Eyed Giant Spider. The natural enemy.”

“Do you think that the big squid is also a magical creature made by wizards?” Lee Jordan understood what Albert meant.

“Well, I think the big squid might be a magical creature made by the Big Four. They placed it in The Black Lake serves as a strong line of defense for Hogwarts.” Albert thought for a while and said, “If someone wants to cross the lake to attack Hogwarts, they will be attacked by big squids on the lake and capsized, all sinking to the bottom 西安夜网论坛 of the lake. Feed the fish.”

“Why do you think that?” George asked curiously.

“The eight-eyed giant spider was created to protect the residence or treasure of the wizard, and other monsters usually created by magic are also for this purpose. . ”

” well, do not be fooled us in. “Fred could not help but rolled his eyes, we do not think that at the meeting when a face.

” you did not find the terrain 西安耍耍网 around Hogwarts castle easy to defend and difficult Attack?” Albert also knew that the three of them didn’t pay much attention to these things, so he just told them about it as a joke.

“There are still a lot of knight statues and knight armors in the castle. When necessary, Wizards can use magic to drive them and turn these things into the most loyal soldiers to resist invasion from the outside world.”


hone Support!

Albert noticed that there was a person sitting there, and walked over with the cat. It was a little girl in a pink dressing gown.

西安夜生活论坛”Don’t sleep here. Be careful of colds, Miss Granger.”

Hermione listened. When the ringing sounded, he raised his head in confusion and was a little flustered when he looked at Albert.

Albert looked at the little girl in front of him. This was the first time he had carefully observed the legendary Hermione Granger. Normal, it’s no different from the little girl next door.

“You don’t quarrel with your roommate?”

“No!” Hermione said dryly.

“Then go back and rest!” Albert glanced at the side The oil lamp said calmly, “Don’t hide here to be scary, or are you planning to go out for a night tour?”


Hermione smelled the faint fragrance of the body lotion on Albert’s body, a little bit uncomfortable, fortunately The surrounding darkness concealed the change on the girl’s 西安桑拿网 face.She hesitated for a moment, but told Albert that she overheard Harry and Ron were going to a duel with Malfoy.

“This fits the character of Gryffindor very well.” Alberta took a chair, sat down next to Hermione, put Tom on her knees, and helped it smoothly. “So, you want to stop them. . ”

” Yes, wander at night in the school, if they are caught, how many points will make Gryffindor lose ah, and I think they’ll be caught Filch, who I heard administrator The sir knows all the secret roads in the school.”

“I dare say that they will definitely tell you: this matter has nothing to do with you.” Albert looked at the change in the expression on the girl’s face, nodded, and said again, “Don’t I care too much, Gryffindor’s students have this character, and they have never regarded school rules as a thing.”


Hermione opened her mouth and stared blankly at the boy with a faint smile in front of her. “Should you not stop them?”

“Stop? It’s hard to stop them, unless you are Professor McGonagall. However, you are obviously not.” Albert shook his head and said, “Don’t expect t



“About one hundred and fifty points less.” Albert raised his hand. Stop Fred’s death and calmly stated his own speculation: “Probably last night, when someone was walking around in the castle, Filch was caught by Filch, which led to a large number of deductions for our college.

” Do you know anything? I remember that you seemed to go out on a date last night, maybe you were caught by Filch!” Fred, George, and Lee Jordan all looked suspiciously at Albert. Te. They don’t believe that Albert will be caught by Filch, but this guy must know what caused Gryffindor to be deducted a lot of points.

“Well, last night, many students wandered around the castle. “Albert spread his hands helplessly, “Okay,

let ‘s go, go to breakfast.” “Are you not angry at all?” Fred muttered: “We are finally going to defeat Slater again. Lin won the Academy Cup this year.”

“Not angry.” Albert said indifferently, “It doesn’t make any difference to me whether to win or not.”

This morning was desperate for the Gryffindor students. ! In

just one night, all hopes of Gryffindor to win the Academy Cup were destroyed.

All the Gryffindor students found out that their 西安桑拿网 academy had been inexplicably deducted one hundred and fifty points, and they instantly fry.

How could their college suddenly be one hundred and fifty points less than yesterday?

What happened last night ?

Everyone was looking around for the reason, until Percy Weasley bit the bullet and asked Professor McGonagall. Found the reason why their academy lost one hundred and fifty points in one night.西安夜生活论坛

You mean, Harry and two other students wandered in the castle at night, causing the college to lose so many points?

“Last night, why didn’t you help Harry?” The three roommates were complaining about Albert Most of the students expect their college to win the glory of the College Cup.

“They were caught by Filch because of carelessness.” Albert said helplessly, “Sometimes, it’s really not a question of help. ”

This incident soon spread slowly in Hogwarts


ouse elves have never eaten chocolate, at least they have never eaten chocolates given by wizards.

Seeing that the box of chocolates was divided up, and some house elves did not eat it, Albert took out another box and opened it. For those house elves who have never eaten. The house elves 新西安夜网

cried bitterly on the spot.

“You eat slowly, then I won’t bother you.”

Albert took Tom and got up to leave. Several house elves started to leave. The elf enthusiastically brought the freshly baked pie to Albert and asked him to take some back to eat.

Chapter 375 Witcher Card Version 1.1

Wood decided to keep Harry’s participation in the Quidditch game strictly confidential and kept him As a secret weapon of 西安夜网论坛 the Gryffindor team, it is ready to catch opponents off guard during the game.

Yes, a secret weapon, but the secret always spreads like wildfire.

Become the first Gryffindor seeker in Harry The next day, all the teachers and students in the school knew that Harry was going to be a seeker.

For this reason, Wood was so angry that he chased the twins with a broomstick. He believed that the two had leaked the secret.

Some 西安夜生活论坛 people said Harry would play very well.

Great, some people say that they will have to hold the mattress and run underneath Harry to prevent him from falling. In short, Harry Potter’s pressure has become very heavy, especially when a group of people are going to see him together The jokes during training were mainly Slytherin students.

“Gryffindor Academy has never had any 西安桑拿网 secrets.” Albert smiled and comforted Wood, who was still annoyed. “And congratulations on finding an excellent seeker.”

Wood muttered constantly, ” This is not a good thing.”, “I don’t want to put too much pressure on Harry.”

Albert shook his head, found a chair next to him, sat down, and opened the letter from home, Niya Everything was fine in school. She made new friends very smoothly, and the letter also wrote about what 西安夜生活网 happened in school.

As Albert expected, his sister was still unwilling, but in sc