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ings… You, you… You are…”

A low-end, third-rate inn The bosses of, the sailors and coolies with the lowest status on the wharf are the ones who usually communicate with each other. In terms of management, they must not touch some shady gray areas.

However, the top days are things 西安耍耍网 like fighting, hurting people, and lending money to usury. The old Tuozi has no courage and does not have the strength to do more evil deeds.

On weekdays, at most there are patrolmen coming to rant and rant, and Lao Tuozi can easily fool these policemen. Everyone eats food at the docks, bowing their heads and not seeing the people who are looking 西安夜生活论坛 up. As long as there is nothing serious, who will be all right?


Old Tuozi dared to swear with the heads of all his ancestors that all the shameful deeds he did in the past would not allow his inn to be surrounded by the imperial team!

Not to mention… Surrounded by these royal knights in gorgeous costumes!

Especially, they also played the Hydra shield pennant that represents the will of the royal family… The old camel really wanted to cry and cry in front of 西安耍耍网everyone present-did he offend the royal family members? Even if he has the courage, he must have this opportunity!

Here is a muddy pond. On weekdays, there are countless kinds of frogs, toads, tortoises, and old tortoises, but members of the royal family…that are all high white swans. How could he come here to make him offend and Opportunity to offend?

Joe coughed.

The old Tuozi was about to bend lower, and he said with trepidation, “Sir, what do you want, just tell me… even if it’s broken, I’ll do it for you.”

Joe looked at the people around him.

The centurion of the Daedra Knights and the centurion of the Royal Knights who were next to Joe, both of them had their heads drooped, motionless, silent, and even a little reddened. .

Joe sighed…I can’t say that.

In front of so many 西安夜生活第一论坛网 people, can he say something like-‘Please hand over the imperial crown prince’?

Qiao sighed, and the old Tuozi


shouts were all washed away by 西安桑拿网 the heavy rain.

On the road leading from Old Pier No. 2 to Palm Street, Joe’s half of his body came out of the carriage window, letting the storm beat himself wet.

“Hurry up, Uncle Ya, hurry up… Damn Palm Street, I have a grudge with it, and I declare that I have a grudge with it. Don’t let me find a chance in the future, otherwise I will put it on Palm Street All of his houses were demolished!”

Just now in the warehouse No.9, Qiao Zheng was very interested, wanting to appreciate the legendary Golden Oak Church purification ritual and to see the methods of Archbishop Laurent purifying heretics.

As a result, while Archbishop Laurent was still preparing various artifacts, someone from the Caban’s Manor sent information.

Fu Del finally spoke and asked him to help meet and hide these heretics. 西安耍耍网 It was Zahir von Schiller, the editor-in-chief of the “Tulum Post”. The Grimace Shopkeeper immediately told Joe that Zahir had spent the night at 99 Palm Street every night for more than a year.

The power of the “Sparrow Gang” is undoubtedly unfolding again, because an orphan adopted by the Grimace Shopkeeper that year is now a small helper at No. 99 Palm Tree Street, who is responsible for taking care of the furnace water room at night.

Duke Ross just pointed to Joe lightly. Joe, who was about to watch the excitement, set off again with his team to arrest Zahir at 99 Palm Street.

Because of the heresy involved, Archbishop Laurent also appointed several high-ranking priests to accompany him.

The torrential rain was loud, and Joe finally took the team and visited Palm Street for the third time 新西安夜网 in just two days.

“Ninety-seventh, ninety-eighth…” Qiao muttered to the house number of a house on the side of the road. Suddenly at this moment, he heard two gunshots from the violent storm and thunder.

“Be alert! Be alert!” Joe raised his throat and yelled suddenly.

Chapter 80 Taunting

Joe’s movements were so fast, and as soon as he heard the gunshots, he kicked th


s pouring.

“It’s raining?”

Above the wasteland, the old woman stretched out her hand blankly, looked at the wet traces in her palm, and pressed her head up against the sky in disbelief. A drop of rain fell 西安耍耍网 on her face, washed away the turbidity in her eyes, and slipped like tears.

“It’s raining!”

She danced and shouted vigorously: “It’s raining! It’s finally raining!”

Chapter 321 The true meaning of this

Oz, in a desolate village.

“It’s raining! It’s raining!” The

ragged villagers screamed, worshipping the panting young man like a god.

The young man had short hair, sharp edges and dark skin.

He stared at the torrential rain falling in the sky, and sat down in the dust on the ground with all his strength, the mud splashed all over him.

“What are you doing so happily and poorly? From the movement of “The Tempest Sonata”, I only learned something that is not in the essence. This rain consumes the water vapor in the sky, and can only last for a few hours. Water is stored in things.” The

villagers were taken aback, suddenly scattered, ran to the house and started looking for pots and pans.

There was only the young man left in the very lively clearing just now.

“Hey, help me up anyway.” The

young man murmured and got up with difficulty from the ground.

When I saw the complex and huge alchemy matrix around, my expression twitched, distressed: it was enough to buy the 西安夜生活论坛 chanting supplies for such a whole village, and it was all consumed for this rain.

But seeing these people as if they were redeemed, he didn’t know how to withdraw money.

“Sure enough, as the teacher said, doing things at a loss for a while, but a painful life. Why did the borrowed money disappear in a blink of an eye?”

He patted the mud on his body, and soon the mud dried and fell off, and his clothes Clean as new. The torrential rain fell on him and turned into faint mist. Disappeared without a trace.

“Fortunately, only half a day is left from Auschwitz. Otherwise, I am afraid


ed a lot of money.”

Edmund blew off the lingering cold air at his fingertips, and chuckled softly: “Next, I will let you and the bastards outside know who is the talent. It’s the master here.”

Ye Qingxuan stared at his palm silently, and after confirming that he had not made a mistake, his eyes finally became more cautious.

“Instant notes?”

He muttered to himself softly.

“The leaves are bad this time.”

Off the court, Charles’ brows slowly frowned: “The opponent started to hit people with money.”

“You mean 西安夜生活网 runestones?” Bai Xi finally reacted.

“You know?” Charles’s expression was surprised: “Fortunately, I have prepared a lot of commentaries!”

“”Bai Xi didn’t even bother to turn his eyes to him.

Runestones, one of the products in the dark world. There are different opinions on its source, but there are only two main ways of output. One is to dig ground veins in areas that are too thick, and use super-large detection equipment to find traces of runestones.

The other is the favorite way of many pioneering musicians in the dark world


In the etheric frenzy area, most of the living creatures would be killed by the rioting ether, but a small part of the creatures were not killed, but survived.

The surviving creatures became stronger, more violent, and hideous under the erosion of the 新西安夜网 ether. Like the heirs of the mother of darkness, they degenerate into demons.

After some monsters are killed, there is a certain probability that they will be found in their bodies.

The so-called runestones are ether crystals with rune structures formed in the natural state. Because of its stable structure and pure nature, it can be preserved under special conditions.

This kind of stone, which has the power of musical notes, is one of the important 西安耍耍网 alchemy materials, and the power of many alchemy equipment comes from it. Of course, there is also a more luxurious method-melting meditation.

The musician and the’runestone’ are in the same tune, and by consuming the power in the runestone, they rapidly inc


er, was abruptly beaten out of the demonized state, restored to his original appearance, and fell 西安耍耍网 violently to the sky.

Ye Qingxuan stepped on his broken chest, pressing his cane against his face, and his voice was cold:

“You lose, Naberis.”

In the pool of blood, the bloody Nabelis struggled to open the remaining eyes, narrowed his pupils and stared at the boy, distinguishing his patterns.

When he heard the voice of the boy, he couldn’t help 西安桑拿网 but laugh. Broken to the heart twitching, vomiting blood, the laughter was particularly embarrassing and stern.

Also extraordinarily mocked.

“You haven’t understood yet.” In the

slit in his throat, he could see the vocal cords trembling hard and bloodshot. “For a hundred eyes, I am just a clown. Mr. Holmes, who can

Pin the victory on the clown?”

“Have you forgotten something?” Naberis squeezed a self-deprecating smile on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his bare broken bones, and laughed at Ye Qingxuan: “The real winner is one step earlier. Going up the tower. And the Royal Orchestra that you have given high hopes, I am afraid that the entire army has been

killed by now.” Ye Qingxuan was stunned, and his expression was furious.

Seeing Ye Qingxuan’s anger, Naberis laughed and sprayed bleeding foam in his mouth: “We have already held our power in our hands hahaha, hahahahahaha!!!” Amidst the

wild laughter, his heart suddenly shattered with blood. The mist gushed out, melted his body, and melted into the cracks in the floor with his laughter.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t have time to stop the change in a flash.

――This bastard still has a retreat until now!

But he was completely unable to stop him. He dropped most of the medicines and bandages for 西安夜生活网 the wounds, and he didn’t even have time to take care of the badly wounded butcher.

He was already distraught.

The butcher just waved his hand, motioned him to ignore himself, took apart the broken armor, and skillfully gave himself emergency bandaging treatment.

Ye Qingxuan had already pushed the door and rushed all the way.



e class, Professor McGonagall began to talk about the theory of deformation, and they wrote down carefully. A lot of complicated notes.

Albert opened his skill list, and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 it turned out that the deformation theory appeared in it. He spent 98 points of experience to upgrade the deformation theory to level 1.

From the very beginning, he has been staring at the content of the Beginner’s Guide to Transformation, pretending that he is reading the book carefully, in fact, he is looking up the extra knowledge of the deformation theory in his head.

After the theoretical explanation, 新西安夜网 Professor McGonagall began to send it to them Everyone handed out a match and started to let everyone try to turn the match into a needle.

“Mr. Anderson?” Professor McGonagall stared at the boy who was in a daze, frowning slightly. She still had an impression of the boy, after all, Anyone who sees others open the door of their own office will still remember it, not to mention how long it has been.

“Eh. 新西安夜网 Professor, what’s the matter?” Albert immediately returned to his senses and looked confused. Professor McGonagall asked.

“Everyone is practicing transfiguration, why don’t you try it?” Professor McGonagall looked over Albert and looked at Fred next door. “Mr. Weasley, if I were You, you will concentrate before chanting the spell.”

Fred looked innocent, and Professor McGonagall was standing next to him, 西安耍耍网 putting him under a

lot of pressure. Albert glanced at Fred and started talking nonsense with his eyes open. “I just think before waving his wand, still remember some of the important things.”

However, Professor McGonagall did not intend to leave immediately, but continued to eye on Albert look back, ready to watch his spell.

“Keke !” Albert coughed slightly, raised his wand and pointed it at the 西安夜网论坛 match on the table, while chanting: “VeraVerto.” The

match quickly changed and turned into a slender silver needle.

“Very good, everyone look, Mr. Anderson was successful, “said Professor McGonagall let the class watch


ouse was opened, and Isobel walked briskly. Stepping in, it looks like he should have just returned from outside the castle.

“Faster than expected, it seems that Gryffindor has won.” Albert said without looking up. ”

How did you know Gryffin Many teams have won?” Katrina couldn’t understand where Albert’s confidence came from. The Hufflepuff team is not weak. 西安耍耍网

“The Gryffindor team did win.”

Isobel sat in Albert’s Next, I took out the thermos cup from my backpack, poured myself a cup of freshly brewed milk tea, and poured a cup each for Albert and Katrina.

“Would you like a cake?” she asked.

“No, I haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Albert took a sip of the milk tea, but did not eat the cake provided by the other party. “You will test this for me later.”

Then, he 西安桑拿网 handed a quill pen. To Isabel.

“Is this the automatic quill pen you mentioned to me last time?” Isabel took the quill pen that Albert handed over and looked at it carefully. It feels like a normal quill pen.

However, she may be able to guess how to use this thing, the manufacturing principle Albert once told her.

“This thing is still a semi-finished product.”

Albert cleaned up the parchment on the table, and 西安夜生活网 continued to read the book for a while, approaching At twelve o’clock, he closed the book in his hand and prepared to go to the kitchen for lunch.

Albert had some food and asked the house elves to prepare some cakes before leaving. Fred and George were sure after the game. They will come to the kitchen to grab some food to celebrate the victory of the game. The

two find a remote place 西安夜生活论坛 and use the time converter together to return to the hour before, which is the time when everyone is going to the Quidditch Stadium to watch the game.

Professor McGonagall Doesn’t it mean that the time converter cannot be abused outside of study?”

Katrina was stunned by Albert’s skillful operation, shouldn’t you not be discovered by others?

“You are not worried about…” Before Katrina could finish her words, she was 西安夜网论坛 blocked by Albert.


rt in shock and couldn’t help muttering, “How idle are

you !” “Is there a problem with your concern? “Albert was speechless.

“It was hatched from a…toad from a male egg?” George felt very strange.

“Well, the basilisk is a magical creature made by a dark wizard. The power is amazing. I heard that the basilisk’s stare can kill people. Anyone who is caught by its gaze will die immediately.” 西安桑拿网 Albert deliberately widened his eyes, “Like this.”

“The basilisk can stare to death. The three obviously don’t believe it.

“Probably! I’m not sure.” Albert continued, “That’s the information I found last time when I checked the Eight-Eyed Giant Spider. The Basilisk likes to eat spiders. It’s an Eight-Eyed Giant Spider. The natural enemy.”

“Do you think that the big squid is also a magical creature made by wizards?” Lee Jordan understood what Albert meant.

“Well, I think the big squid might be a magical creature made by the Big Four. They placed it in The Black Lake serves as a strong line of defense for Hogwarts.” Albert thought for a while and said, “If someone wants to cross the lake to attack Hogwarts, they will be attacked by big squids on the lake and capsized, all sinking to the bottom 西安夜网论坛 of the lake. Feed the fish.”

“Why do you think that?” George asked curiously.

“The eight-eyed giant spider was created to protect the residence or treasure of the wizard, and other monsters usually created by magic are also for this purpose. . ”

” well, do not be fooled us in. “Fred could not help but rolled his eyes, we do not think that at the meeting when a face.

” you did not find the terrain 西安耍耍网 around Hogwarts castle easy to defend and difficult Attack?” Albert also knew that the three of them didn’t pay much attention to these things, so he just told them about it as a joke.

“There are still a lot of knight statues and knight armors in the castle. When necessary, Wizards can use magic to drive them and turn these things into the most loyal soldiers to resist invasion from the outside world.”


ive, and people are more important.” McDouger said calmly.

“So, I became one of you in advance? Albert asked curiously after putting the lobster covered with cheese on the seafood surface 新西安夜网 into his mouth and swallowing it.

“You can say so.” Professor Brod smiled and nodded.

“Can you tell me, what made you make such a change?” After Albert finished speaking, he listened carefully while continuing to wipe out the seafood noodles.

“A while ago, I visited an old friend and he told me , The Mars that can bring war is still shining brightly above us.” Tiberus Ogdenwin said softly.

“Prophet?” Albert put down 西安夜生活网 his fork, wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, and looked at Tiberius. Bellus asked, “This is a hint that fighting will break out again soon.”

“Yes, he is very good at stargazing and divination.” Ogden sighed, “He told me that in the past ten years, there have been There are indications that people in the wizarding world are only spending a brief period of peace 西安夜生活第一论坛网 between the two wars.”

“I have also heard some wind noises recently, related to mysterious people.” Albert said calmly: “It is said that mysterious people Stared at the Sorcerer’s Stone, and that stone is now at Hogwarts?”

“That’s not good news.” McDoug frowned. “It’s hard to imagine Dumbledore would do that.”

“Porter enrolls in this year . “Yes.” Professor Brod reminded, “Everyone calls him the savior. I think something 西安耍耍网 might happen between them.”

“Yes, your guess is correct, and I also think something will happen between them. “Albert peeled off the lobster tongs that had been broken.

“As the heir to Wild Smith, you hope you can take your safety seriously.” Gerber Smith was not killed by Albert because of his grandson. And produce other negative emotions towards him.

Sometimes, Albert feels incredible.

“Oh, of course I will protect 西安夜生活论坛 myself, after all, I haven’t lived enough.” Albert said seriously. At the

dinner, they talked a lot of things. the first war shaman, the magical world of things even before t


ng 新西安夜网 in the woods?” Hagrid asked with a frown.

“The four of us went into the woods to pick snow 西安夜生活第一论坛网 mushrooms, which is the kind of delicious we found last year. Mushrooms.” Lee Jordan didn’t mean to hide Hagrid. He told the truth, but he only said half of it. He didn’t lie anyway. He spoke with confidence. This is what he learned from Albert.

“Fred What’s the matter with George just now, why did you scream 西安夜生活网 in such fright?” Hagrid asked in a puzzled manner.

“Of course…I was scared!” Lee Jordan felt that the corners of his mouth were out of control The earth convulsed, asking him to face the three-headed monster in front of him, and he would be frightened and scream.

“If I am not here today, I really don’t know what will happen!” Hagrid complained pretentiously. “It’s okay for you to die in the Forbidden Forest by yourself. The big deal is that I will come in another day to clean up the wreckage for you, but I don’t want to give Hogwarts a bad reputation because of your mess.”

Hagrid reached out and 西安耍耍网 put Lu Wei’s three heads aside, raised his hand and poked Lee Jordan’s chest and said, “Don’t talk nonsense when you go back. Also, you are not allowed to go into the woods anymore, otherwise I will let Professor McGonagall give you Severely deducted points, and 西安夜网论坛 closed for another month of confinement.”

“We know.” Lee Jordan said sincerely: “I promise there will be no next time.”

“At least, I won’t let you find out again next time. “He added in his heart. After

being severely taught by Hagrid, he stood there and listened to the nagging for several minutes. Lee Jordan regretted it very much . He had known that he would not be so curious anymore. Come back to see what pets Hagrid keeps?

Let me just say, the reading app I’m using recently, [\米\米\读\app\\] There are many books, all the books, and the update is fast! I

was dropped by that monster Half-dead, he was given a severe training by Hagrid, telling where the guy Albert was hiding. He was sure Albert knew about the monster, so he told