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ng 新西安夜网 in the woods?” Hagrid asked with a frown.

“The four of us went into the woods to pick snow 西安夜生活第一论坛网 mushrooms, which is the kind of delicious we found last year. Mushrooms.” Lee Jordan didn’t mean to hide Hagrid. He told the truth, but he only said half of it. He didn’t lie anyway. He spoke with confidence. This is what he learned from Albert.

“Fred What’s the matter with George just now, why did you scream 西安夜生活网 in such fright?” Hagrid asked in a puzzled manner.

“Of course…I was scared!” Lee Jordan felt that the corners of his mouth were out of control The earth convulsed, asking him to face the three-headed monster in front of him, and he would be frightened and scream.

“If I am not here today, I really don’t know what will happen!” Hagrid complained pretentiously. “It’s okay for you to die in the Forbidden Forest by yourself. The big deal is that I will come in another day to clean up the wreckage for you, but I don’t want to give Hogwarts a bad reputation because of your mess.”

Hagrid reached out and 西安耍耍网 put Lu Wei’s three heads aside, raised his hand and poked Lee Jordan’s chest and said, “Don’t talk nonsense when you go back. Also, you are not allowed to go into the woods anymore, otherwise I will let Professor McGonagall give you Severely deducted points, and 西安夜网论坛 closed for another month of confinement.”

“We know.” Lee Jordan said sincerely: “I promise there will be no next time.”

“At least, I won’t let you find out again next time. “He added in his heart. After

being severely taught by Hagrid, he stood there and listened to the nagging for several minutes. Lee Jordan regretted it very much . He had known that he would not be so curious anymore. Come back to see what pets Hagrid keeps?

Let me just say, the reading app I’m using recently, [\米\米\读\app\\] There are many books, all the books, and the update is fast! I

was dropped by that monster Half-dead, he was given a severe training by Hagrid, telling where the guy Albert was hiding. He was sure Albert knew about the monster, so he told



Irene was speechless for a while, thinking about explaining, “You can understand it as a club where geniuses who are good at transfiguration are concentrated.”

“Isn’t he just entering school?” Everyone was a little surprised.

Well, now everyone can guess that Charlie’s intentions are very good. This is a seeker who is going to leave a substitute for the team.

Although Charlie is a 西安夜生活网 seeker himself, he is about to graduate. After he graduates , If the team can’t find a suitable seeker, doesn’t it have a ready substitute?

Although Albert is busy transforming the club, if Wood really can’t find a good seeker, I believe Professor McGonagall I would definitely help persuade Albert to join the Quidditch team. After all, they all know that Professor McGonagall’s love for Quidditch is 新西安夜网 not worse than everyone else.

If Albert knows, he will definitely shake his head and slander: Don’t worry , When Charlie graduates, there will be a pig’s feet named Harry Potter to take over the spotter’s position.

Chapter 74 Homework


Before class, Professor McGonagall stood at the podium table and confronted the people in the classroom. The students said: “Read Gamp’s Basic Law of Transformation, 西安耍耍网 write a summary, and hand it in next Monday.” In the

classroom, everyone was whispering about the trick to turning matches into needles. Only a few people can do it, and most students only

Can make some changes in your matches. “You need to hurry up, next Monday we will practice turning stones into tea cups.” Professor McGonagall’s tone became severe, “If that time, who has not mastered 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the matches thoroughly If you become a needle, you will be confined. I hope you can have some refreshments in this area. The training time in class alone is not enough for you to master the transformation technique. I hope that no one needs to go to me to shut it down. Confined.” As

soon as Professor McGonagall left, the classroom was full of sorrows. Transfiguration was more difficult than everyone 西安夜网论坛 tho


at the threat of curse was approaching him, so the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor handed in Dumbledore’s resignation letter altogether. He didn’t want to be injured by the damn curse. Or lose his life inexplicably.

Albert naturally understands the reason why Professor Broad resigned early. The position of the Professor of Defense Against the Dark 西安夜生活网Arts is cursed. It is the wisest choice to resign before he gets injured.

“It’s good to resign.” Albert said, “It’s a wise decision to leave before cursing the door.”

“Shut up Anderson.” Katrina couldn’t help glaring at Albert.

“No, I actually agree with Mr. Anderson. “Professor Brod raised his hand to appease Katrina and said with a smile, “The curse of defense against the dark arts has always existed. I didn’西安耍耍网 t come here to teach because I wanted to be injured or die because of the curse.”

Katrina completely stunned, she almost could not believe Uncle Bud would say such a thing.

“…… If you can quit, DADA how to do it?” The girl or express their doubts.

” The knowledge I can teach you has already been taught to you in the previous courses. The rest of this semester is for review and final exams.” Professor Broad continued, “During the period before the exam, Deng Breddo will find someone to take the lesson.”

“It’s Snape?” Albert frowned slightly. Although Snape is an expert in the field of dark arts, Albert really doesn’t like that guy.

“Yes. Professor Snape.” Professor Brod corrected.

“Well, Professor Snape.” Albert thought of another thing, “What about the third part of Mr. McDoug’s 西安夜生活第一论坛网 “Advanced Magic Text” What?”

“Oh, you said that it was temporarily postponed.” Professor Broad’s understatement was like saying what to eat at noon today.


Albert was also taken aback, but he didn’t expect get this answer.

“Yes, delayed.” Professor Albert Broad looked at, “the last part of the rest, seems to have encountered some bottlenecks, Mogg decided to postpone the third part.”

said, Professor Browd took the su


ttle guilty when they mentioned this matter.

Ivan didn’t care,

after all, he was in Gryffindor College,

and he had more points! You can deduct it!

Anyway, Dumbledore will add it back by the end of the semester…

Ivan thought so, but soon realized By this year’s big boss Tom Riddle has been controlled by himself.

Harry has lost a thrilling adventure, and Dumbledore can’t seem to find a reason to give him extra points…

Is it possible that this year is really going to lose the Academy Cup?

Ivan scratched his hair, and there was no solution for a while.

After 西安夜网论坛 breakfast, Ivan packed up and went to today’s Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

In the middle of the journey, Ivan noticed that Harry seemed a little absent-minded, but he didn’t care too much, thinking that maybe Dumbledore had come to him for a conversation.

After class, Lockhart stood on the stage as always, performing the book story with Neville.

Today’s content is how he subdued a vampire hiding in the crowd on 西安耍耍网 Halloween,

but the little wizards below cast distrustful eyes on him, and some even talked loudly about Lockhart fainting. What happened on the Quidditch pitch immediately drew bursts of cheerful laughter.

The classroom was filled with joy for a while…

Lockhart tried to explain that he was only in poor condition yesterday, but unfortunately it attracted more ridicule from the crowd. This time even Hermione was reluctant 西安夜生活网 to help him defend.

Lockhart appeared calm and composed, but behind his back he was restless.

He really couldn’t bear this kind of life, so after the course, he found a reason to bring Ivan to his office.


Lockhart locked the office door with his backhand, then turned his head and said anxiously to Ivan.

“Halse, when will the things you mentioned 新西安夜网 be ready…”

“It will take a month at the earliest, and my materials have not yet been shipped.” Ivan said helplessly.

“But I can’t wait a month!” Lockhart paced around the office anxiously, almost fainting Ivan.

“Then add


e wizards, relatively speaking, the Red Hat does not have weapons in his hands, and the threat level is not high, so it is suitable as a target for actual combat practice.

“Halse, it’s up to you to demonstrate for everyone this time!” Lupin looked at Ivan and said.

Ivan nodded and walked to the center.

Lupin yelled to make everyone back, then waved his magic wand to untie 西安耍耍网 the rope that bound the red hat.

After this ugly, goblin-like strange creature broke free from the restraints, it screamed and screamed, and rushed towards the nearest Ivan.

For Ivan, such a small scene is naturally to deal with it calmly. After waiting for the red hat to get closer, Ivan raised his hand freely as the movement of the red hat was accurate.

“All petrification!”

The light of the 西安夜网论坛 spell immediately hit the red cap’s body, setting it in place, and the red cap’s face even retained a twisted and hideous look…

“Great petrification curse! Gran Five points for Fendor!” Lupin walked out with an applause and said to the people behind him. “Did you see it? As long as you stay calm, this thing is not that difficult to deal with!”

The little wizards who saw Ivan easily subdue the red hat were immediately eager to try, and couldn’t wait to deal with this magical creature personally.

Considering that this time the two colleges are attending classes together, and the number of people is relatively large, I am afraid that there will be no rounds until the end of the one-to-one.

Lupin asked Ivan to temporarily serve as his assistant, and was responsible for supervising the little wizards of Gryffindor against the Red Hat, so that two people could be on board at the same time.

Lupin is still very relieved of Ivan’s strength. Yesterday evening, he heard that Ivan had driven away hundreds of dementors who broke into the school and saved the entire school. You must know that many adult wizards have Can’t do this.

“Harry, Malfoy, it’s your turn now.” Lupin said.

The two people who were spotted stepped forward to



“Tomorrow? But didn’t you start school the day after tomorrow?” Dougert asked strangely.

Ivan didn’t explain, he just arbitrarily prevarication, he didn’t talk to Dougter about the time converter, lest he be guessed by Dougter that he bombed his home!

Nor did he The meaning of the questioning, waited until Ivan left, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 then asked Aysia.

“Should we discuss that matter with Ivan in advance?”

“No…” Aysia hesitated, and shook her head.

Since Ivan intends to return to Hogwarts, it’s better not to mention it, lest he gets distracted while studying.

Anyway, Fren and others are now greatly increasing their combat power, and Dougte has also summoned many friends to help. This is already an 西安夜网论坛 extremely large force in Knockdown Alley.

So it’s better to wait for Ivan to give him a surprise when he comes back!

Doug nodded his head and did not refute, but continued to ask another important question. “What about the funds? Have you thought about it?”

“Don’t worry about this. I asked Bok about the location of the store vault. There are tens of thousands of Wanjialong inside. Even if we recruit some more people, 西安耍耍网 it will take a short time. Don’t worry about funding.” Aysia explained.

It’s a pity that she can’t get the large sums of money that the Bok family has saved in Gringotts, but she can still find a way to take over the Bok business, and she won’t need to worry about the funds again if she takes over the wizard market in the future. There is a shortage.

“That’s good!” Dougt felt relieved immediately. Although his friends are all good at it, the asking price is not cheap.

“By the way, Dougt, do you have a way to take it down from the Bokimberk Magic Shop?” Aysia thought of the title deed brought back by Ivan.

She hadn’t paid attention to Bojinbok Magic Store before, because she didn’t want to cause trouble. After all, Bok was killed by them. If she participated in the fight for the ownership of the Magic 新西安夜网 Store, she might be caught by the Ministry of Magic.

But since Ivan has s


d, “Besides, what you make is not delicious.”


Oh, well, this is the so-called destiny choice.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

Elena nodded with a smile, so that even Dumbledore could no longer accuse her of abusing the elderly.

“It’s actually very simple to cast a spell without a stick. It was, “I

glanced at Gellert Grindelwald with a full face, the girl raised 西安耍耍网 her mouth, gestured with her hands in the air, her expression was very serious,” first choked, then pinged, and the curse was put on It’s coming out.”

“Chong, ping?”

Grindelwald’s eyes twitched.

“Yes, hacking, ping.”

Elena nodded, seriously, and gestured again.

Can’t laugh , To give the most basic surface respect to the 西安夜网论坛 first generation of the Dark Lord, the old predecessors of the magic world.

“Keep it, ping it?!”

Grindelwald held back his anger, looked at the little Lolita in front of him, and said in a bad tone. Repeated one sentence, “This is what you called the skill of using a rodless spell you learned at Hogwarts?”

“Yes, it’s just a bang, a ping. Then the Bright Curse will automatically be cast successfully. Hogwarts taught it. I realized this by myself. Why, 新西安夜网 is there any dissatisfaction?”

Elena tried to collapse the expression on her face not to laugh, intentionally or unconsciously waved her small white fist, then leaned gracefully, took the plate on the table and left the room, leaving Grindelwald with a beautiful background .

“Well, good-bye, grandfather.”

“Wait, you have nothing to say,”

realized that he has been put out of Grindelwald lips trembling with anger.

Elena stopped, revealing 西安夜生活论坛 a delicate Looking sideways, the lake-blue eyes glanced at Grindelwald behind him, and said in an old-fashioned tone, “Don’t rely too much on the experience of others, Mr. Gellert. There are some things that can only be understood by your own practice. ”

After finishing speaking, before the angry roar of the old man came, Elena spread her legs and ran 西安夜生活网 downstairs to pretend to be forced to run. It is really the most


at the professors around her, her lips curled up slightly, showing a cute smile like a little devil, it’s a pity that the time and place are right and the people are all right with her now.

Receive Irene With Na’s help eyes, Grindelwald, who had been leaning against the door frame, gave a light

cough and said first. “Ahem, Professor Snape, or let me say something”


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Chapter 311 Three-pointer, seven-pointer

“One semester, only this semester.”

Severus Snape raised his eyebrows indifferently Compromise, the expression looks quite annoyed.

This is not surprising, after all, anyone who is used to coax a child by a few hundred-year-olds, chattering, Rory chatting for a whole half. After many hours, it was difficult to maintain a good attitude.

“Now, may I leave? I have another afternoon class.”

Snape squinted and looked at the robe that was pulled by Grindelwald. The sleeves said stiffly. I

don’t know why, there is always a feeling of deja vu in this scene. Apart from the age and identity, it is exactly the same as Elena Kaslana. It is annoying and helpless. The

rest of the professors have already left the kitchen and returned to the auditorium to announce the 西安夜生活论坛 end of the meal, and the Hogwarts


“So it was you”

looking at the little silver-haired girl who suddenly appeared in front of him, the man in black couldn’t help but stunned.

Quirinas Quirrell, or Voldemort had never thought about playing with them back and forth before, and even almost knocked 西安耍耍网 Quirrell to the brink of death, the hateful opponent, actually this first-year girl .


the next second, black people did not hesitate to raise his wand again released a Shield Charm toward their side.

for the dining knifed shortly before the door was almost broken wooden door of the little girl auditorium , His impression was particularly deep. What was 西安夜生活网 more terrifying than the magic of this little girl was her strange power like a giant in childhood.


ignored the man in black who was facing a big enemy, Elena I walked to the seriously injured unicorn incomparably naturally, squatted down and stretched out his hands, a cloud of white healing light enveloped the deep and long wound, and gradually began to heal.

However, compared to The effect of human beings, such 西安夜生活论坛 as Nimowen, is obviously slower in curing magical animals.


Elena heard the cold, harsh, hoarse voice of the man in black, as if it were from a broken record player That kind of noisy sound sounds extraordinarily uncomfortable. There is no doubt that this is not Professor Quirrell’s original voice.

“For such a beast, it is really stupid and naive to take his own life, Albus. Most of the people that Dumbledore valued are such foolish idiots.”

The man in black said slowly, squinting his eyes and looking at the little girl who was squatting on the ground not far away, trying to treat the unicorn.

If you say that Ai was before Ai Linna is hidden in the dense forest. It is still a bit troublesome for him. When Elena appears in front of him, this threat is almost reduced to zero, 西安夜网论坛 whether it is the girl’s extraordinary power of the spell, or It is a terrible strange power. Once you are on guard, there is no danger in Voldemort’s eyes.


They tried to 西安夜网论坛 take this place, As long as they occupy the leader of Stuart, the local resources are enough for their follow-up troops to rest and reorganize, and even use this as a base to continue advancing inland of Inervig.

Therefore, the Earl of Stuart made a A bold decision, he did not listen to others, but

stuck to it. He is now a nail, nailing Gallunaro’s army to the Stuart collar firmly, and if they switch to other territories, 西安夜生活论坛 It will bring a huge burden of marching, and then the attack will fail, so the Earl of Stuart has not retreated and has stuck to this day.

They only sent their cronies to ride to other territories, and convey the news one by one, until the old platinum palace. In the midst of persistence, he has been waiting for support from other realms. The

knights once again defeated the enemy, knocking them out of the gap in the city wall, and 西安耍耍网 then more people came up for the damaged one. Gap reinforcement fortifications.

Count Stuart is too old, so old that he himself feels tired, sitting on the steps at will, his attendant in the shadow ran over cautiously. It

was a child who looked a little cowardly, he didn’t even dare to talk to him. The old man looked at each other and skillfully removed the armor from 西安桑拿网 his. Count Stuart exhaled, feeling that his entire soul was released.

How is the situation today, Navis

Navis He quickly removed the last armor, piled them together, and replied while working fluently.

got worse and worse. We were besieged for four days. Although the supplies were sufficient, everyone was

flustered , and seeing the hesitation of Naves, Earl Stuart laughed, the wrinkles of the years were twisted together like a dead tree.

He liked this attendant for a simple reason He is an innocent person. He will tell him all the bad and good news directly. He has never lied or betrayed. Although he is out of the farm, he has a noble soul.

Because I am old?

He smiled and faced his old age.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about, it was just a h