tch a fast-moving rider

the side can only show that the location of the killer is on the sand dune on one side. And every time the impact point is the torso, not the mount. what does this mean? Not only can the opponent catch a fast-moving rider on a dim night, but it can also determine where the target will arrive before firing. With the unpredictable cold wind on the desert, this hand can almost be called a god. Almost its skill. Is there such a good player in the military? Is precise The members of the shooting team, like themselves, were selected by His Majesty and given a new type of bolt gun. Danny suppressed his excitement and accelerated his hand movements. He didn’t want to lose to the other side. Especially in front of malt. “There is one left on the right, two hundred and fifty meters from the defense line.” “He is mine.” By midnight, the thunder gradually subsided, but Tulam never heard the cheers of the returning samurai. Although he was caught off guard, judging from the number of torches, there were nearly two thousand watchdogs. Regardless of victory or defeat, there must be news, right? But after the thunder subsided, there was no more movement in the night, like the big mouth of an abyss behemoth, swallowing all the two thousand people, not even spit out a bone. The flames that ignited in the oasis gradually diminished, and all the clansmen who came to the savior were sent to put out the fire. This was something Iron Axe asked him to do. Turam didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad. The watchdog’s oppression of other people has not stopped for a day. He dreams that one day they will fall into bad luck, such as offending the big clans in the city, or being killed by a rising challenger. In short, the disaster is the most pleasant thing for him. But the new challenger is Iron Axe. And he also plans to drag himself into this storm of fighting for the head of the clan. Perhaps he should persuade him to occupy the blood-stained land first, and then carefully consider the next move? The golden pupil goddess behind hi