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xpanded by His Majesty and turned into the primary school of Neverwinter City. However, most of the houses inside are still wooden structures instead of the red bricks and cement used in the community. At this time, the flame has already been extinguished. Judging from the blackened exterior wall, the location of the fire should be on the second floor of the main teaching building, and part of the wall has fallen off, and there is still a pile of glass fragments scattered on the ground, which is probably the sound. Caused by the explosion. Everyone waited underground for a while, confirming that no one was in or out of the academy, and the entire building was empty, before Maggie was allowed to control the Ark and surfaced next to the teaching building. Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Three The truth reproduced a group of people crept into the building and climbed to the second floor. The smell of burnt wood still remains in the aisle, and scattered books and papers can be seen everywhere, probably left by the students who evacuated in a panic. Looking for the smell of coke, everyone quickly found a classroom near the end of the aisle where the incident occurred. Walking into the room, Lily noticed that a corner of the room had become pitch black, the wall was cracked, and the crack continued to the floor. The area of ??fire is not large, and the obvious range of fire intensity can be seen. The charred wood spreads like ripples from deep to shallow, which is not at all caused by natural arson. But it was the cracks that worried her most. They were almost as if they were cut out with an axe, the gaps were completely carbonized, and when you put your fingers in, you can still feel the faint residual temperature. “It should be right here,” Miyue turned around the corner, “Axia, I’ll leave it to you next.” “Well, if someone comes, you remember to interrupt me,” Axia walked to the classroom Central, display the ability of retrospective. Since the explosion time was determined and the distance has not been more than on