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imself to himself, “Where are you going? I don’t want to be alone in such a big room. It’s so boring.” “At first it was. You asked to buy a big house. Even if it seems to me, five hundred golden dragons are not a small number, but you think it is too big now?” Edith asked coldly. “No, I’m very satisfied without it,” Cole nearly dropped his clothes on the floor in fright. “Waiting for next summer, the third brother will come to Neverwinter City, and then you will have company.” She looked at each other’s eyes, and unexpectedly discovered that the skirt covering Cole actually matched him very well. I couldn’t help but raise an interesting thought, “As for where I am going, it is the secret of Neverwinter City. I can’t tell you, but according to the old rules, you have to pay a certain price.” Cole hesitated for a moment. He is not unfamiliar with the mini-games, and received a lot of teasing, but in the end curiosity still overwhelmed the trace of fear in his heart, “I want to listen.” Edith raised the corner of her mouth, “Western Snowy Mountains, the same The army moves together.” He was surprised, “Are you talking about the source of Chishui River? What’s there?” “Unknown hybrid monsters, or alien enemies, it’s not unusual to encounter anything,” she said in the meeting. The information provided by the survivors of Taqila briefly recounted, “And we also have a group of tentacles allies. Monsters are really looking forward to monsters.” “Wait, wait.” Cole opened his mouth and stammered. Said, “Aren’t you scared at all? Your Majesty actually got into dealings with monsters. Even the devil will not grow up like you said!” “So what?” Edith spread out indifferently Hand, “Isn’t it a good thing?” “Good thing?” Cole couldn’t believe his ears, “Sister, are you okay?” “Huh?” “No, I mean,” She sighed. “Do you remember our purpose in serving His Majesty the King?” “Because of higher power?” Cole replied cautiously. ” It’s not accurate enough, but it can’t be calculated wrong.” Edith looked at him with scorching eyes, “